Barbara Walters on Jenny McCarthy: ‘I Think the Criticism About Her Was Unfair’

Barbara Walters on Jenny McCarthy: 'I Think the Criticism About Her Was Unfair'

MediaBuzz/Fox News Channel

Legendary journalist will appear on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz” to talk about “The View” and her legacy

Barbara Walters will appear on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz” on Sunday to talk about her long career, including “The View” and “20/20.”

“The View's” newest addition Jenny McCarthy got a mention, too.

Walters told Howard Kurtz: “I think the criticism about her was unfair and it was criticism that had to do with very personal views” — including McCarthy's belief that autism and vaccines are linked.

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“I think it was at the root of some of the criticism,” Walters said. “It's not a subject that we have discussed on ‘The View.'”

The longtime “20/20” host also talked a bit about how that program has changed since her reign, saying it's “not the news magazine that it was.”

“It's very popular but it's much more theme and crime oriented, and so the news magazine per se doesn't exist,” Walters said. “So that the kinds of interviews I did, I would probably put them on ‘Good Morning America.’ We don't have the same programs and we don't have the same need for those in-depth political interviews that we used to have.”

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That was part of the reason why, Walters said, she decided to leave her anchor duties on the weekday version of the show in 2004: “I had done '20/20' for 25 years and I did feel that from what I wanted to do it was not the same show.”

The full interview airs Sunday, Nov. 3 at 11 a.m.

  • vibe4

    It's *unfair* to observe that Jenny McCarthy preaching about serious stuff she appears to know little about is dangerous?


    • ANB2013

      McCarthy's “personal beliefs” crossed into action long ago, as when she yelled “bullshit” at a pediatrician during an appearance on The Larry King Show. She is still president of Generation Rescue, arguably the best-funded anti-vaccine organization in the country, and once boasted that she has “an angry mob” on her side. Walters is either in the middle stage of dementia, or lying through her false teeth.

  • patty

    @vibe4.Right..”it's unfair” to observe that Jenny McCarthy preaching about a shot (MMR?) causing her son's autism? If the subject wasn't so sad, I would laugh. You hit the nail on the head/RIDICULOUS.
    There has been many scientific studies done throughout the years and present on this very subject (VACCINATIONS) and not any of the studies confirm that the vaccination (s) causes autism, anything! McCarthy's PREACHING A SERMON/HER CRUSADE that HER SON GOT AUTISM FROM A SHOT OF WHICH SHE HAD/HAS NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF/EVIDENCE, IS DEFINITELY DANGEROUS. Not to forget to mention this woman was a big time/heavy drug user (of which she had admitted on The View) during the period of time her son was diagnosed with autism from his vaccination. Ding, dong, no one at home.. Claims to be clean and sober and I wish her well if true. These “nut cases” that blame any type of vaccinations causing autism, whooping cough, measles, mumps, polio children dieing, etc. apparently don't do any indepth scientific research. MULTIPLE SCIENTIFIC STUDIES that give “numbers and statistics” on vaccinations verses non vaccinations should be enough to prove/show that it isn't vaccinations that is the problem. IT IS NON VACCINATIONS! SHOWS THEIR IGNORANCE, THEIR LOGIC, THE LACK OF SCIENTIFIC PROOF. Apparently they haven't done their home work and haven't read about the 1800's, 1900's before vaccinations THE EPEDEMICS and the thousands and thousands of death from whooping, cough, measles, mumps, POLIO, ETC. AND don't seem to saavy that the epedemics are next to nothing. AND WHEN THERE ARE EPEDEMICS AS IN WHOOPING COUGH in some states in past couple years. The articles showed that statistics/numbers the majority of those “who got whooping cough” came from parents who “did not believe in vaccinations.” A SMALL NUMBER HAD THE SHOT AND CAME DOWN WITH WHOOPING COUGH HENCEFORTH THE CDC, DOCTORS HAVE AND AGAIN RECOMMENDING THE IMPORTANCE OF VACCINATIONS that those having had shots needed BOOSTER shots as by the time they reach approx. 12 yrs. of age or so the shots given as you children are no longer effective. and encouraged the non believers to get shots.
    I'LL TELL YOU WHO IS THE PROBLEM…IT IS THE NAIVE AND THE IGNORANT,RELIGIOUS BELIEFS LACKING IN EDUCATING THEMSELVES AND CHOSING TO BELIEVE “THE SNAKE OIL SALESMEN” MAKING RIDICULOUS CLAIMS THEIR NATURAL VITAMINS CAN CURE ALL..Worst of all claiming they have the cure for their cancer! Many of the Naturopathic doctors make/produce their own supplements and sell to patients or over the internet. My dearest friend has a good friend who only sees a Naturopathic Dr. (and only uses supplements for illnesses, diseases, etc) found a small lump in her breast. TO CHA (cover her ass) avoid a possible law suit down the road, wisely sent her to a MD/and had an ultra sound and he recommended she have a lumpectomy at that time. She elected to cure her problem with natural supplements. After taking a multitude of supplements she went back 3 months later for a second ultra sound to find that the lump that could have been removed had turned into a Stage 3+ breast cancer! Henceforth a mastectomy/refusing chemo and radiation, continuing the natural supplements and year and a half later cancer had spread to her other breast, lungs and spine..Go figure. I am a believer in vaccinations..Gave them to all my HEALTHY, HAPPY CHILDREN (now adults in their 40's) and MYSELF. I will claim the 5th on telling my age :) I definitely believe in vitamin supplements but use common sense. Definitely not for any significant health problems..Calcium, Vitamin E, D, C,etc..
    As far as Babba Walter's THE VIEW. It is dead in the water/time to go bye, bye. Especially since Joy (the comedian) and Elisabeth left the show. Mainly Elisabeth. Like her or not she had facts and figures, statistics to back up her arguments and Whoopi and Sherri both racists talked out of the sides of their mouth (an old saying “they didn't know shit from shinola”) and is so far left it is a wonder they didn't fall out of their chairs.. Joy, strictly a comedian with being Whoopi's STOOGE..Your choice/ Laurel and Hardy or Stan and Ollie. Wasn't it “special” when Bill O'Reilly was their guest and Ebony (Whoopi) and Ivory (Joy) walked out of Bill O'Reilly because he out smarted them??? Walter's is a left winger and think she is fooling people and can't believe the lack of professionalism, the rudness, the ignorance they showed O'Reilly who was man enough to take them on..Walter's ego is so big she thinks her running the show is going to give them higher ratings/DAH/NOT! Also time for her to go bye bye.

    • Parent of An Autistic Son

      You have no idea what you're talking about.

    • bufny1

      McCarthy has admitted to rampant drug use in her youth (she described her freshman year in college as one big “drug crazed blur”). She is more responsible for her son's autism than any vaccination–she is just looking for someone to blame to take the guilt off of her conscious

      • john smith

        not really.

    • john smith

      There is also no single study that proved that HIV causes AIDS. Yet people believe it (even if many scientists do not).
      Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
      Just because no one dares see the truth, it does not mean that vaccines are safe. They are not, especially the way they are produced today – with full knowledge of all kinds of dangerous impurities such as cancer causing viruses. But when a child gets cancer, people blame God, not their false gods – doctors.
      And then idiots and morons like you jump on the bandwagon, or should I say – gravy train, and spew garbage, based on imagination.
      Here is one fact: most cancers today contain DNA from SV40. Care to explain to audiences what SV40 is? No, because you never even heard of it, and believe the party line that “sv40 was there years ago, but not any more”… as if it does not spread horizontaly AND vertically… and as if children today do not have it…
      And that's just one deadly disease PROVEN to be caused by vaccines. How many others are there???
      Bottom line: LONG TERM SAFETY OF VACCINES WAS NEVER PROVEN AND NO STUDIES WERE EVER DONE (For a simple reason that preliminary investigations reveal terrible results).
      Churchil said it best: “Most people stumble upon truth, but manage to pick themselves up and continue like nothing happened”

  • Bonnie Fairlee

    The View has changed. It has gotten to silly and not enough news is discussed. Some fun parts are ok, but they are trying to hard to be popular or something. I don't know. It is more like a variety show now than a news and current events show. Maybe that is why Barbara is leaving.

  • psychedelicspell

    The view is a left wing cheerleading machine. And Jenny the reinsurance of
    diseases is on her because she made money and got attention over junk science.
    More like she was not in the best of health her genetics & party girl
    habits. And could not accept it so it just had to be the vaccinations. But had
    no trouble making money on books loaded with junk science.

    So yes this was a perfect match for the view. Misinformation at a high
    cost. Other peoples children. Making money and going for ratings on controversy.
    Is what the view is all about. If they cannot get it that way. They just get up
    and walk away.

    • john smith

      No junk science there, but lot of junk in your post. Actually all of what you wrote is junk.
      Care to explain what you know about SV40?
      Or about long term studies about vaccines safety?

      • john smith

        Yup, I didn't think you do or have anything smart to say about safety of vaccines.

  • Brian

    Those vaccinations did cause autism! This is one of the biggest cover-ups in American history. It shows, once again, that big money controls everything.

    • Ray Fischer

      Brian is a liar. Vaccinations save lives. They do not cause autism. The actual scientific evidence is VERY clear.

      • john smith

        It is as clear as your imagination, because there is not a single long term study about safety of vaccines. So the only “clear” thing is that you and idiots like you are going on blind fate.

        • Ray Fischer

          Smith is lying. Vaccines have been in widespread use for over a hundred years.

          • john smith

            So you are actually admitting that there have NEVER been long term studies about vaccine safety? Is that all you have: “they have been in widespread use for over hundred years”???
            You know, illegal drugs have been in use for thousand years too. Does that make them safe? And just like vaccines, it appears that for the most part people who use illegal drugs are just fine… I mean, you couldn't tlell anything was wrong just by looking at some of them – just like you can't tell with most vaccine users.

  • Jann Scherarth

    Jenny is trying too hard to fit in. She is,according herself to a show pony as the housewives franchise does. We do not need that franchise. What are we thinking? Ms Walters please be more selective. I suspect Jenny had more issues than you would imagine based upon he” light up” bush stuff with Oprah. OK, She was on Oprah speaking of her first photo shoot with Playboy and spoke of the consternation of the photographers re her bush being so big. She's a bright girl working it like a stripper. JES. PS The vaccination issue is a fait tu complait. She is statistically uninformed.

    • ANB2013

      Fait accompli. ;-)

  • patty

    @JANNSCHEARTH.. I definitely support your comments about Jenny McCarthy being “statistically uninformed” regarding autism. THE VIEW has been a BOMB, BIG MINUS FOR SEVERAL YEARS. I stopped watching as like you, it became a day time COMEDY CENTRAL/but CORNY.. @BONNIEFAIRLEE..When Walter's retires you will see a pink elephant flying over your house. That woman's ego is too big to keep her face off television. Frankly, I'm tired of her and seeing her 25 year old face on an almost 90 year old woman. Yes, Jann, not only Jenny McCarthy as well as many others are definitely “statistically uninformed” regarding autism and believing any kind of vaccinations being deadly. But if parents blaming themselves for giving their child vaccinations bring them comfort by imposing and living with unnecessary guilt, what can I say. The living with “if only they “hadn't” given their child the shot they would be healthy. As the Psychatrist and Physchologist say..THE SHOULDA, WOULDA, COULDAS guilt doesn't solve pain, a problem. I know I sound harsh..I lost my dear son/my little boy about 15 years ago. For four years I did everything I could that I thought was in “his best interest.” I did absolutely everything I could to save him, even a few illegal things and failed. But I choose to find comfort in knowing I fought hard, I did my best until the day he died. I am at peace but I still miss him terribly/children shouldn't die before mom and dad.. I feel it is most important for vaccination supporters/believers to be just as loud and voicetress as do the anti vaccination people with those who chose to be statistically uninformed. @BRIAN ..You say the vaccinations cause AUTISM?? Show me where you found statistics to prove? As you say big money controls. I take daily vitamin supplements like C, D, E.. If you want to talk about BIG MONEY/COVER UPS, it sounds like you need to be ware/warned about the PHONY PROMISES OF “SNAKE OIL SALESMEN who make their own vitamin supplements. Make phony promises /deliberately knowingly and lieing. MAKING PROMISES OF CURES from cancer to diabetis, gallbladder, blindness, infections, etc. with their supplements. They are making millions and million of dollar off the ignorant and naive. I remember the polio epedemic with people in iron lungs, left crippled for life, dieing until two scientists in the late 50's, Sabin and Salk (sp) discovered vaccines and irradicated polio. Still an occasional few cases but not had the vaccine. Recent whooping cough epedemics in a few states have shown that the majority of those getting it (children and adults) had not been vaccinated!! and a few that had been vaccinated got whooping cough. Whereby the CDC, and doctors again continuing to recommend the importance of vaccinations along with “booster shots” for older people and children at around 12 years of age, give or take a few.

  • ciaparker2


    My email told me what you had said, but I don't know how to find it
    here. You said that all children should be mandated to get the hep-B shot, so
    it wouldn't matter that they gave it to mine and thousands of others without
    permission. Read Dr. Sears’ The Vaccine Book. He found the sources to show that
    before 1991, when the criminal vaccine was ordered to be given to all newborns,
    not just the ones in danger who were born to infected mothers, there were only
    360 children a year diagnosed with hep-B, most born to infected mothers. While
    it is more dangerous when it occurs in newborns, it is unheard of for it to
    occur among them unless their mother was infected. In older babies and
    children, as in adults, it is a disease from which the vast majority recover
    fully. Dr. Sears shows that the researchers postulated that they thought it
    might be occurring in 30,000 children a year, with no proof of this. (cont'd)

  • ciaparker2

    Leadsled, part two:

    Since many grown-ups with hep-B
    denied having unsafe sex or using illegal drugs (gee, I wonder why they would
    do that) they said Well, dang, it must be that children are getting it by
    previously unsuspected vectors, even though they have no symptoms for decades.
    Inspired, of course, by the mega-bucks to be made by this unsavory practice. A
    congressional hearing in 1999 found that it was a dangerous vaccine that should
    never be given with mercury (but it's dangerous even without mercury), and so
    hospitals placed a moratorium on the mercury-containing hep-B vaccines for a
    few months, and then resumed using them until they were used up, unfortunately
    using one of them on my newborn baby, who reacted with encephalitis.

  • ciaparker2

    Leadsled, part three: You say she had no bad consequences from the
    vaccine. She has autism as a result. She is thirteen, is the lowest verbal
    student in her special autism class at middle school. She cannot say complete
    sentences, can communicate only at a very basic level. She has no friends,
    although she would like them. She, like 85% of autistic kids, has autistic
    enterocolitis. I've been a vegetarian for decades, but have been making
    specific carb diet dishes for her, basically Paleo (grain-free, casein and
    lactose-free, sugar-free), since autistic kids with the vast yeast and
    bacterial overgrowth in their gut can't even eat the long-fermented homemade
    goat yogurt, or the hard cheeses that the SCDiet allows. The Paleo craze is
    because so many people have had their GI tract messed up by vaccines, not just
    autistic kids.

  • ciaparker2

    Leadsled, part four: Expensive supplements, expensive
    digestive enzymes, expensive coconut yogurt for the probiotics. She is unlikely
    to marry or live independently, but the case manager said two weeks ago that
    the city has no idea what to do with the large number of autistic kids that
    have suddenly appeared in the last fifteen years when their parents die. He
    said that at this time the parents are keeping them at home, and no one has any
    idea what the longterm plan is going to be. He said that many of the parents of
    the kids he's responsible for say that it was their reacting to vaccines that
    caused their autism. Are those consequences of her vaccine encephalitis from the hep-B vaccine (and the DTaP which erased her only two words) not bad enough for you?

  • Ray Fischer

    If anything the criticism of McCarthy was too nice. She is probably responsible for the deaths of some children with her anti-vaccination stupidity.

    • guest

      McCarthy is right. I do believe in Dtap, MMR and Polio but that's it! Hep B is the cause of autism and all the others. Just how stupid are you people. I'm a Grandmother raised 6 kids and never heard the word autism until these other shots came out. Did you know they're now treating BABIES with shingles bc of the chicken pox shot???? DO YOUR HOMEWORK> Being stupid is not an excuse!

      • Ray Fischer

        Listen up, grandma – unless you have a medical degree or a degree in epidemiology, your claim is malicious, deadly, garbage. Not everything you see on the web is true. Just because you're too stupid to have heard of autism doesn't mean it didn't exist and doesn't excuse your lying.

        The actual science shows NO correlation between vaccinations an autism. But it does show a correlation between not getting vaccinated and dying.

        • john smith

          The actual science shows no proof that you have a brain.
          Should we believe it?
          As for vaccines, you have nothing other than big mouth to spew garbage. Get educated.
          Study SV40 and then get back to us.

    • john smith

      “probably” is the right word, because in truth she is not responsible for anything like that. American doctors are responsible for more deaths than most diseases combined!
      Get your facts straight. Jenny McCarthy cannot force anyone to do anything. Doctors can, and they do, with NO bases in facts.
      Vaccines never had a long term study, never, not even one, to prove their safety. But we do have long term data about their lack of safety, it is just never published – case in point, Simian Virus 40 whose DNA is found in most cancers today.
      Who would have thought that such great invention as vaccine would be the reason behind sudden increase in cancer rates!

      • Ray Fischer

        Smith is one of those crazy cult nut who ignores a hundred years of vaccine usage in order to cling to his lies

        • john smith

          Ray Fischer is one of those delusional types (probably with direct financial interest in destroying people's lives) who thinks that he has super powers and can tell something about someone without ever having met them… and MD perhaps? Pharma rep? Just a paid “poster” with many user names?

          Why attack a person when you can attack facts? Is it because you have no facts behind your attack?
          BTW “hundreds of years of vaccine usage” means nothing for “PROVEN LONG TERM EFFECTIVENESS AND SAFETY”.
          Is it because there has never been a study in long term safety that you have to resort to childish attacks, or you are just mentally incapable of having an intelligent discussion? Or are paid to derail a discussion? Let us see your next answer, and we will know.

  • bufny1

    for Walters to defend McCarthy just proves she is in the advanced stages of dementia-McCarthy is responsible for the deaths of many many children whose parents took her advice and didn't vaccinate them for the false fear they would get autism–by defending her Walters is just as culpable!!

    • john smith

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Children who are vaccinated die, not those who are not. There are studies, and they are quite definite in those conclusions.
      Not to mention that non-vaccinated children do not get autism nowhere near the rates of general, vaccinated, population.
      Case in point: Amish, who have so far reported less than 10 cases of autism (most of them adopted children who were vaccinated), and clinics which do not vaccinate their children, such as one famous one in Chicago and where not a single child, out of a few thousand, has autism!
      Not to mention all the cancer caused by viruses in vaccines and such…

      • bufny1

        Tell me something “genius” how many Amish children are born yearly compared to the general population?? is that a far population cowart to compare to the general population—???NO–tell me something do drugs affect the DNA/genetic composition of sperm/eggs (oocytes)?? YES–did McCarthy have rampant drug use?? YES—although not definitive–you can be sure she is more responsible (or one of the multiple partners she's had) for her son's autism than a vaccination (vaccinations that have saved millions of children from the scorges of communicable diseases–including whooping cough which is now resurging again in part thanks to this twit and her “half baked” tirade against vaccinations)

  • patty

    Jenny McCarty is a publicity whore. She is working overtime without success in trying to be the star of The View. She tried to blame her son's Autism on the vaccine..And then, she actually cured her son's autism with diet, supplements, etc? dah! If you beleive that story. I have a toll bridge in N.Y. City I'll sell you for $100.00 or best offer. @Brian/the vaccine doesn't cause Autism. Absolutely no scientific proof..VACINNATIONS PREVENT EPEDEMICS AND PEOPLE FROM DIEING..Do your home work and do some research about statistics of the thousands of men, women and children dieing from diseases/whooping cough, measles mumps, pneumonia, diptheria, etc. starting in the 1800's and into the 1900's..When scientist discovered vaccinations, the epedemics were next to nothing and still are..And recent whooping cough epedemics are 99% of those who didn't have the vaccination. The one percent was due to the fact children/aduts were not getting booster shots. YUP, BUFNY1..You hit the nail on the head when it comes to your opinion about Barbara WaWa. I find her a joke on The View..Her ego is unbelievable..I find it nothing less than discusting that a woman playing hooky from 90 years of age has the face of a 25 year old..Poor dumb, ingnorant Sherri Shephard is a joke/a racist..Her idea of raising her son Jeffrey is dangerous and I'd look for this kid on America's Most Wanted down the road. She has been an “enabler” since he was born and continue to enbale him. Whoopi/a racist from the word go..Vulgar and crude.

    • john smith

      She did not try to blame autism on vaccines – she proved the connection. You are the whore in this case.
      Btw, Polio vaccines are the ONLY source of ALL polio infections in the US. We DO NOT HAVE WILD POLIO VIRUS IN THE US.
      So stop dreaming, vaccines DO cause diseases.
      Vaccines are dangerous and vaccinated kids are carrier monkeys.

      • patty

        I give up, Johnny Smith. One can't argue with a dumb and dumber person.
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on Barbara Walters on Jenny McCarthy: ‘ I Think the Criticism About Her Was Unfair’

        • john smith

          Patty when you have nothing smart to say, it is best to give up. Leave it to people with brains.

  • jnik

    I'd still keep Jenny over Sherri. At least Jenny can hold a conversation about a variety of topics!

  • Jim

    Jenny McCarthy's problem is that everything she does entertainment wise, is typical “dumb blonde” stuff then she wants to be taken seriously when she has an opinion !!

    • john smith

      That's your problem, not hers. Like a typical couch potato with IQ in single digits, you cannot separate one's roles from their true persona.

  • Waaaaaaa

    ‘Don't have the same need for those in-depth political…’ Maybe if Barbara had been there in 2008 and done her job Obama the Liar would have been exposed sooner!

  • Martha

    When someone says something in a conversation, we don't like or untrue, We have a right, but to use the “F; word is unacceptable!

  • julia73

    Here we go with no talent Jenny.Some people are so jealous of others success.Oprah do not have anything bad to say about any one.Just because she does not kiss people buts there is old man jealou raiseing their satan head.Oprah work for what she has.Can't say that about to many of those have beens in SINWOOD.

  • julia73

    Is Sharon over her CANCER? She need to be on her Knees.This is one angry no talent woman.Be angry with that drug addict DEVIL you married.Stop takeing out hatered on people that could care less about you.Pack you bags and move back to little old England.Oh! there is no work over there for your kind.You cannot push people around over there.God help you ,because SHARON you are CRAZY.

  • lerose55

    I like Jenny on the show, she livens it up. As far as the anti vaccines for autism there are a lot of different opinions about it, Jenny is not the only one. I have had seen doctors interviewed on the news. I believe in using the vaccines, but there are viewers that strongly agree w/ Jenny with all their heart. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs.

    Sometimes when a child is born with an illness you look at this & that as the reason for it happening. You think what could I have done differently, or did I do enough that this could have been avoided. You just want to believe you did not do this to your child. I do see more autism these days, then when I was growing up. So there is something causing it, our air, our water, preservatives, our foods, a lot of our food is coming out of China and elsewhere who knows what crap, we are feeding ourselves and our Children. When I was growing up we had own gardens, fed our own livestock, I believe with this practice of importing from other Countries they are slowing killing us. The Greed in our Country is epidemic, if they can save a buck, they will look for the cheap way to supply our goods. I buy U.S.A first, but then again look at the slaughterhouses here & in China, no wonder people are not as healthy anymore. They call this progress. I call it crap.

    Yes if Jenny has cleaned up her act, then thumbs up to her. She should not be condemned for ever. The past is the past.

    Then we have Whoopi & Sherri being extreme racist. No one is climbing all over them for that, each and everyone on this show has opinions. I don't like these 2 for their opinions most of the time, but I respect everyone's opinion even if they are not mine. That is what makes the show, differences of opinions, if all of them had the same opinion they, would have nothing to talk about. I like the mix of opinions.

  • lindenfrank

    barbara lost CONTROL of this show a long time ago…and now has turned into a whiner…just like Hasselback was

  • SmootMahooty

    Julie Chen is a smarmy shrew and is just jealous that McCarthy has a much better rack and her bunger looks better when bleached.

  • bella duparee

    @JOHN SMITH..Greeting dearJohn I think the world of you/ha. ha. But you wouldn't know smart if you were injected with it 24/7. Obviously, you didn't read the other negative comments about vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Give me your STATISTICS/NUMBERS on how many people/children die from vaccinations! and HOW MANY PEOPLE/CHILDREN LIVE WHO HAVE HAD THE VACCINATIONS AND DON'T GET THE DISEASE.. Your ignorance is overwhelming. Have you not read about the POLIO EPEDEMIC BACK IN THE 40'S?? DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE IRON LUNG, THE DEATHS, THOSE LEFT HANDICAPPED prior to the Sabin and Salk polio vaccines??? Have you read the stats ON EPEDEMICS PRIOR TO VACCINATIONS? The thousands and thousands who died before scientists spent hours in their labs to find vaccines? Obviously not! The percentage of those who have REACTIONS or DIE after a vaccinations is next to nothing/NADA and there has been no SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT A PARTICULAR VACCINATION CAUSED THEIR DEATH OR AUTISM LEAVING THEM DISABLED? Pull your head out of your dark place, get statistically and scientifically smart and then let me hear from you. Otherwise you smart ass, smug, ignorant jerk..Put a sock in it.

  • bella duparee

    @Johnny Boy Smith. Take the time to read the comments that confirm my assumption you are stupid/brain washed, ignorant.