Barbara Walters Rips Russia Today Anchor Who Quit: She's Not ‘A Hero’ (Video)

Barbara Walters Rips Russia Today Anchor Who Quit: She's Not 'A Hero' (Video)

The veteran ABC news personality criticized Liz Wahl's on-air resignation from RT

Barbara Walters has no sympathy for former Russia Today anchor Liz Wahl.

The veteran ABC news correspondent took to “The View” Thursday to address the RT anchor's recent on-air resignation, in protest of the Russian government's pro-Putin propaganda on the network.

“She is working for a Russian network!” Walters exclaimed. “Therefore, she is protesting the Russians!”

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Walters went on to say that while she can understand Wahl's “personal choice”, she urges not to “make her a hero for protesting. She is working for the government.”

Not all of Walters’ colleagues on “The View” agreed with her. Panelist Sherri Shepherd actually stood up for Wahl.

“Even though she was working for [the government], it was Russian, but she's saying ‘it's still every day I've got to do this, I'm not feeling good inside,'” Shepherd argued. “‘It's violating what I'm feeling, so it's okay.'”

Watch more of Walter's segment below:

  • Chris McNair

    Oh Barbara, you 1% loving piece of shit – go away and die already.

  • Jaun Reid

    Wow, the stupid trailer trash speaks again. That woman has more backbone than what you will ever have. At least she believes in something, believes in a cause. You on the other hand, hide behind your plastic surgery and plastered on makeup….!!

  • SoDisqusted

    Barb's got angry hair.

  • MaStEr_MoLd

    Who's side is she on, anyway? She is said to be a friend of Bashar al-Assad. I wish I could confirm that, but I don't really need to when she makes comments like the above. She's about to do an Oscar Pistorious-sized fall from grace.

  • ellafino

    Who is making her a hero? I know some people applauded her decision but that is a long way from hero worship. Also, there have been several U.S. officials who resigned their positions over decisions they disagreed with so her working for the Russian government sponsored network shouldn't matter.

    • over

      the word “hero” is so overused and incorrectly used these days…it cheapens true heroes