Dailies | ‘Batman Vs. Superman': Watch Gotham and Metropolis Duke It Out on the Football Field (Video)

The fake football teams playing a fake football game get into a fake fight, too

It's not clear what the beef is between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in Warner Bros. upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel, but footage from Saturday's shoot at East Los Angeles College suggests the heroes’ respective cities don't like each other too much, either.

Gotham City University hosted Metropolis State University for a college football game, during which the home team started punching the vistors when a play didn't go their way.

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Scenes from the fake game were shot during halftime at the ELAC Huskys match against Victor Valley College. Extras were brought in to cheer for Gotham and boo Metropolis, while ELAC students were also allowed to watch Zack Snyder direct the sequence.

The video (above), captured by a spectator, shows Gotham sacking Metropolis’ quarterback before he threw a touchdown pass to his teammate in another play. GCU fans were not happy, and neither was the team.

Neither Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill were present to root for their team during the quick shoot, so it's unlikely that this game is the start of their characters’ feud.

A second video (below), however, notes that a production representative on set told the crowd participants that the scene would be used in the beginning of the film.

  • Anonymous

    Wish I was there…

  • Vacuum Cleaner Suck

    They got a much smaller crowd for the football scene than The Dark Knight Rises… And why a football game AGAIN???

    • skyeraven

      Dark knight rises was a pro game this is collage ball as for why football well just watch the movie when it comes out

  • Robert Thompson

    Why such a small crowd for a college football game? Looked and sounded more like a high school game. They must be digitally adding people in post production like they did in The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Richard Floyd

    Ben Affleck does not belong in any super movie regardless if it is Marvel or DC or ANY independent. Ben Affleck killed the Daredevil movie. He was the ONLY thing wrong with it. I could never watch a Batman with that invertebrate loser playing something he is so far from being. A person who actuallly has a backbone and stands up against criminals.