‘Boardwalk Empire’ Premiere Dips Slightly; Rival AMC Drama ‘Breaking Bad’ Draws 5.1M

'Boardwalk Empire' Premiere Dips Slightly; Rival AMC Drama 'Breaking Bad' Draws 5.1M

2.4 million viewers tune in for “Boardwalk Empire” premiere

Amid a competitive Sunday night, HBO's “Boardwalk Empire” premiered its fourth season slightly down from last season's opener, while AMC's “Breaking Bad,” which also aired Sunday night, fell short of its own premiere numbers last month, but outdrew “Boardwalk” by a substantial amount.

The initial 9 p.m. airing of the HBO drama, which stars Steve Buscemi as bootlegger Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, drew 2.4 million total viewers — off from the 2.9 million that the Season 3 premiere grabbed last year.

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Meanwhile, the AMC meth drama “Breaking Bad,” which also aired at 9 p.m., posted 5,1 million total viewers. That was off slightly from the 5.9 million that the August season premiere pulled. (Granted, the premiere of “Breaking Bad” last month pretty much doubled the series’ previous record.)

In the 18-49 demographic most important to advertisers, Sunday's “Breaking Bad” drew 3.28 million.

While the “Boardwalk” premiere was down from last season's opener, it was above last season's average of 2.3 million total viewers.

Across two airings, “Boardwalk Empire” had 3.2 million total viewers, compared with the 4.5 million that last season's premiere drew across three airings.

  • BoydoIseeyou

    Viewership was probably down because the preview week showed lots of stuff that we won't get to see till next Sunday! Anti-Climatic like the final 2 shows of King of Thrones, only in reverse! Plus not as many promotional spots as last years run up to the premiere!

    • David Wangberg

      You mean Game of Thrones, right?