‘Breaking Bad’ Fan Slaps Apple With Class-Action Lawsuit Over iTunes Pricing

'Breaking Bad' Fan Slaps Apple With Class-Action Lawsuit Over iTunes Pricing

Viewer of the popular AMC series wants to know why he only received eight episodes when he ordered a full season

“Breaking Bad” fans are breaking mad about the way they're being charged for their favorite show on iTunes.

Well, one of them is, anyway — but he's angry enough to sue, and he wants other irked “Breaking Bad” followers to join him.

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Apple has been hit with a class-action lawsuit by a Cleveland man angry that iTunes is charging separately for the final eight episodes of the AMC meth drama under iTunes’ Season Pass program.

“When a consumer buys a ticket to a football game, he does not have to leave at halftime,” the lawsuit — filed in U.S. District Court in California on Friday — reads. “When a consumer buys a ‘Season Pass’ to a full season of a television show on iTunes, that consumer should get access to the whole season.”

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The suit goes on to tell the tale of Noam Lazebnik, MD, and his son-in-law, Jeremy Tor, who ordered the fifth and final season of “Breaking Bad,” only to find out that they were only given access to the first eight episodes. (The fifth season of “Breaking Bad” was broken up into two eight-episode parts split up by nearly a year, with the second half premiering on AMC last month.)

According to the suit, the fifth season of “Breaking Bad” has consistently been billed as 16 episodes, and  iTunes promised that its Season Pass package for “Breaking Bad” included “all current and future episodes of ‘Breaking Bad Season 5.'”

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However, the complaint says, Apple later changed the characterization of the last eight episodes as a “Final Season,” and dinged fans for another fee.

The suit alleges breach of contract, violation of the Calfornia Consumers Legal Remedies Act, and violation of the California Unfair Competition Act.

The complaint asks that Apple compensate those who purchased the Season Pass for “Breaking Bad,” whether or not they ultimately decided to pay for the final eight episodes or not.

  • Spokker

    Were they charged for eight episodes or 16 episodes?

    I think the way Amazon does it puts them in the clear. Each episode is $1.99 ($2.99 for HD). If you buy a season pass, you don't pay in advance for episodes. You pay as they are released. In any case, that's how we did it and we have no complaints.

    I don't know how iTunes does it.

    • Capnsaveemm

      No one asked you

  • Jake

    Better call Saul!!!

  • Shawn Thomas

    He does have a point. Breaking Bad is probably the greatest show ever but how they've handled “Season 5” is baffling. Making fans wait a year for the second half of the season and charging $54.99 for the DVD set (first 8 episodes only) is insane! Rescue Me released the final seasons 6 and 7 which were really one season together and charged one price. It's not Apple, it's the producers of Breaking Bad that are ripping off fans.

  • Capnsaveemm