Dailies | Busta Rhymes Embarrasses Himself in ‘Swagger Wagon’ Toyota Sienna Ad (Video)

Busta Rhymes Embarrasses Himself in 'Swagger Wagon' Toyota Sienna Ad (Video)

It'll make you want to “Break Ya Neck”

Don't call it a comeback. No, seriously, don't — because this Toyota Sienna commercial will be tough to watch for any Busta Rhymes fan.

The full-length music video starts with a cute little girl saying, “Alright, listen up mother-fathers/This one's about the Swagger Wagon.”

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It gets worse from there, as she and her suburban family — the Neuberts — spit rhymes about their minivan, including this winner: “Now we hot like summer/So you ain't gotta wonder/How dad hurt his lumbar/while unloading lumber.”

Soon, Busta joins the family in their pimped-out garage to flow about the Sienna's storage and safety features. At least we think that's what he rapped about. We had to hit the Mute button.

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Watch the video below, and then purge by listening to 1997's “When Disaster Strikes …” — the title of which may or may not have foreshadowed this endorsement: