Chuck Norris Explains Assad's Real Motivations in Syria

Chuck Norris Explains Assad's Real Motivations in Syria

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Aging action star — and noted conservative — issues his own Chuck Norris Fact on the Mideast

Chuck Norris is a man of many talents: According to the popular internet meme Chuck Norris Facts, he cut through a hot knife with butter, and he counted to infinity (twice). Now he sees right through Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's plan to get America to drop bombs all over his own country.

The political activist and aging action star — last seen in “The Expendables 2” — laid out his case on the issue in a column for WND.

“It might sound crazy to some that Assad would want the U.S. to bomb his own country, but, remember, he's a dealer in lunacy and a high-risk roller autocrat,” Norris wrote. “If Assad is willing to kill his own people, which clearly has been demonstrated for months and years, do we really think he cares if the U.S. joins his dirty work, especially when he can parade the innocent civilians murdered in U.S. bombing sprees?”

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President Barack Obama's administration believes Assad has used chemical weapons to murder his own people. Assad, who has ruled over Syria since 2000, stated in an interview with Charlie Rose that he does not believe the administration actually has any evidence of the alleged atrocity, and expressed his position that the U.S. should not pursue a war with his country.

According to Norris, that's exactly what he wants us to think.

“The problem in this Syrian saga is that the White House isn't examining the situation according to the power paradigms of dictators, particularly Assad's,” Norris’ essay continued. “It is responding to it according to the typical model of Western imperialism, and Assad knows it. That's why he continues to play to his theater and taunt Goliath by poking his chest with his words like, ‘Obama is weak.'”

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Norris criticized Obama for his strategy of unrolling a limited military campaign, but then offered some four suggestions of ways to save the world from another “Cold War.” They are:

1. Quit unilaterally drawing red lines with any country that poses no imminent threat to the U.S.

2. Before it's too late, tell the American public that you absolutely won't go it alone against Syria.

3.  Go out, present evidence and gather as much international and congressional support that you can.

4. “If you have the majority support, then together decide on the best course of action.

So what makes Norris — an actor who has never held public office — an authority on foreign policy? He knows karate. Duh.

“As a six-time world karate champion, I know something about fighting, winning and losing.  Sometimes one has to lose a battle to win a war, if only in appearance before certain others,” Norris advised. “And the truth is, Mr. President, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. My advice is to learn it now before it's too late for all of us.”

  • joecrouse

    Chuck you are a Decent action star and a Very good martial artist. But PLEASE for the love of all that is holy shut up. You may be entirely right but you are totally unqualfied to make any judgements about anything other than Someones Acting ability in an Action Movie AND some ones performance in a Dojo. And possibly someones ability to ride a damn horse as most folks know you actually DO know how to ride.
    But please leave the politics to those who know it best.

    • Worley birds

      We don't have any in Washington that can make the right play Syria or anywhere else. All Obama is going to do is Kill more of our sons and Daughters for no good reason. Is this what America wants I hope not.

    • Roger Moen

      Another idiot. Wants to take peoples right to speak away. You must work for the governemnt or wish you did. We all have a right to voice our opinion. Even you, though you have your head in your

  • Ellis Blevins

    Chuck has Asaad all figured out. Also he has proven that it doesn't take a politician to make an intelligent decision.He should be president.

  • Fabrice langelier

    I see if I can leave a message here. The crisis is much worse than what we can imagine. Humanism has been denigrated once again, saddam Hussein…may his ghost come and haunt the bush reich, kadafee and now Assad. When Napoleon tried to do Ruusia he found a very bitter end to his hegemonial plans. Obama might well see the end of the empire and George Lucas the stupid cunt won t be rewriting the script. If the ruskies go at it…Americans will become hamburger meat…at a fast food outlet near you. HAIL CAESAR!

  • canadian

    dear chuck. once i did like you, not for your “acting” ability, but for the fact of how much time and effort it takes to get to be as good as you were in the martial arts. but unfortunately, you may have received one kick too many to your head. so, stay with your “acting” carrier, and live politics for the incompetents….

  • Dawood Bhaila

    Chuck why not explain Israel use of chemical weapons on Palestinians ?

  • X

    kungfu clown doesnt know his head from his ass when it comes to world politics. i read on wikipedia that mr chuck is a religious christian. your friends, the rebels, are beheading priests and shooting down nuns. how about you pull your head from your ass and realize obama planned to bomb syria years before the syrian unrest.