Chuck Todd Chews Out NYT Over Harold Ramis Obituary in Epic Tirade

Chuck Todd Chews Out NYT Over Harold Ramis Obituary in Epic Tirade

“Only the New York Times can somehow make comedy less funny!” says the MSNBC personality

MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd stood up to the New York Times obituary section on Tuesday's edition of “Morning Joe,” ripping Douglas Martin's treatment of director-actor Harold Ramis‘s passing.

“Can you imagine what Harold Ramis would say, that the New York Times called him an ‘alchemist'?!” Todd exclaimed incredulously.

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“Only the New York Times can somehow make comedy less funny!” Todd skewered.

Joe Scarborough and the rest of the “Morning Joe” panelists burst into raucous laughter, as the normally stoic Todd went off in a tizzy.

“I mean, Ramis would absolutely be roaring about how the Times talked about him this morning!”

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Ramis isn't the only deceased subject that Martin has drawn flak about. Last year, Martin controversially opened acclaimed rocket scientist Yvonne Brill's obituary off with “She made a mean beef stroganoff, followed her husband from job to job and took eight years off from work to raise three children.”

The Wrap reached out to the New York Times for comment.

Watch Todd criticize the New York Times obituary below via MSNBC:

  • indnajns

    “has drew” Really? Really? Do they not teach conjugation of verbs anymore? It should be “has DRAWN.” Jeepers H. Christmas.

  • Karen Wall

    Chuck Todd needs to open a dictionary and read the definition of alchemy. But this is why he's on TV. Clueless.

  • Ben

    What a bunch of clueless, hooting, clapping seals. A pathetic career for any one of them to aspire to. I like to think that Ramis, who spent his career lampooning such people, would have winced.

  • james

    Ramis, who was an intelligent man, would have felt honored by the New York Times obit and having the “record” accord him respect. TV dweebs like this guy aside.

  • QuiHai

    The headline is fresh, accurate, imaginative, and respectful — which of those attributes does Chuck Todd object to?

  • Larry Kart

    What's Todd's problem with “alchemist”? It fits who Ramis was and what he did and is not a particularly obscure word.

  • charles

    Who is Chuck Todd?