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Catholic League President Rants Over Gays, Jews in Hollywood During Explosive CNN Interview

Catholic League President Rants Over Gays, Jews in Hollywood During Explosive CNN Interview

“If I mention that the Chinese live in Chinatown, am I considered now a bigot? To point out the obvious?” Bill Donohue asks “New Day's” Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo's Friday interview on CNN's “Ncw Day” with Catholic League president Bill Donohue quickly changed from the Pope's latest statements about shifting the focus of the Catholic Church away from its “obsession” with gay marriage, birth control and abortion to Donohue's thoughts on homosexuality and the role of the Jews in Hollywood.

Spoiler alert: Donohue's not keen on either of them.

Cuomo said the Pope's message seemed to be for Donohue, who has been quite vocal about the very things the Pope asked his followers to stop harping on.

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“It sounds like you're one of the people he's sending this message to, to be fair,” Cuomo said, describing Donohue's part statements as containing “really incendiary, flagrant, divisive stuff.”

“You're saying you won't do that anymore?” Cuomo asked.

“Oh, no, I will always tell the truth,” Donohue said. By his logic, since the vast majority of the victims of sexual abuse by priests were post-pubescent males and 100 percent of the abusers were male, “the word in the English language is not pedophilia, it's called homosexuality.”

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“You just heard what the Pope said,” Cuomo said. “Why wouldn't you move past this parsing rhetoric and try to be what your church is supposed to be about?”

“A rapist could be straight or gay, I'll give you that much,” Donohue said.

Donohue insisted that he was simply “pointing out the obvious,” and while the Pope may have asked him not to “focus” on the topic, “he didn't ask me to shut up about the truth.”

Cuomo then asked Donohue about his past statements on how “it's a fact” that Jews in Hollywood don't like Catholics. “Those are the kinds of things you shouldn't say anymore,” Cuomo pointed out.

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“Is it the Vietnamese who are making movies in Hollywood? Is it the Puerto Ricans who own Hollywood?” Donohue said.

“Do you understand how that sounds?” Cuomo asked. “Do you think that that's good for Catholics to be represented by this?”

Donohue said that the only thing he was doing what stating the obvious. “If I mention that the Chinese live in Chinatown, am I considered now a bigot? To point out the obvious?” Donohue said.

By the time Donohue got around to attacking nuns who act as “social workers” rather than “tending to the poor,” Cuomo had enough. He ended the interview by saying they both “hope that the Pope's message is understood.”

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  • Ron Merk

    So much for Donohue following the dictates of his faith and the warning: “judge not lest ye be judged.” Oh, yes, love the neighbor, too, Mr. Donohue, as long as the neighbor is of the opposite sex. And to paint pedophiles and homosexuals with the same brush, well, that's just total nonsense. Why does the media give people like Donohue air time? Oh, yeah, to sell 30 second spots and fan the flames of hate. Forgot,that capitalism trumps all.

    • waltercarlson

      I have done extensive research in this matter What Donahue say is 100% true. There was an infestation of homosexuals into the priesthood. Almost all of the cases were teenage boys having sex with the priests The boys were compliant. No one likes to hear this but it is the truth.

      • Luann

        BAHAHA! waltercalson, so you are trying to say with a straight face that a 13 year old boy can consent to sexual activity with an adult priest. “Compliant”????? What proof do you have that they were compliant? Really, cite your source. Moreover, have you ever heard of “grooming” a child to do what you want? Kids are fairly impressionable and compliant when their parent is telling them “This is a religious leader that is to be respected.” Your comment is such a load of bull I can't even argue with you with a straight face. I am sure that you would sing a different tune if a 60 year old priest had “compliant sex” with a 13 year old girl, wouldn't you? People with your views need to seriously be monitored by law enforcement.

      • TexasEngineer

        Please provide citations for your research on the subject. My reading reflects a totally different understanding – almost all of the investigations indicate that a majority of the victims were children (i.e., under the age of 18) who could not give consent. Additionally, official report by the Bishop Accountability project indicates that 80 of the victims were boys and 20% were girls. Majority of the children were under the age of 14 years when they were first assaulted by priests. I believe that you have a real problem with understanding the psychology of adolescents along with the U.S. legal system.

        • http://batman-news.com bindagr

          20% were girls? Where'd you get that stat? Must have gotten iot from one of the reporters at NYTimes who make up their articles from thin air. lol

        • waltercarlson

          My research and that of every other source states that over 80% were boys. This was a homosexual problem. I realize that the adult is responsible but the young adults did, most of the time, continue with the relationship. Not all but a very large percentage. I am writing a book about the subject and have a lot of research. Majority was over 12 years old which is horrible because the adult is the one who should go to jail but many of the young men went back for”more” because of a confusion of their sexual identity.

      • Bob Smetters

        Like that sick Cardinal that claimed the priests were the victims because the 13 year olds seduced them. Sick sick sick. These people are just not right.

  • ottomarcos

    Why does CNN (or any other supposedly reputable TV news source – which would discount Fox “News”, by the way) continue to give this moron any credibility by putting him on air to supposedly speak for others?. Doesn't the news media realize that HE, quite literally, IS “The Catholic League”? I left the church at age 15 because I became intellectually aware enough to recognize that every religion on Earth is a farce which was invented by human beings. This guy is about as up-to-date and credible as those who carried out the Inquisition, for god's sake!

    • Louis

      In fact, I'm sure Donahue would support the Inquisition!

      • http://batman-news.com bindagr

        No, but folks like you seem ready and willing to burn him at the stake

        • Louis

          No, I don't want to burn him. I just want him to stop embarrassing Catholics by complaining about Jews in Hollywood. Walt Disney, a Christian, was pretty influential also you know.

  • jhs39

    Jews do run Hollywood although they act like you're a racist if you point that out. When Vanessa Redgrave made pro-Palestinian comments during her acceptance speech for winning an Oscar for Julia in 1977 she was roundly booed by the audience. She didn't make another Hollywood movie for over 20 years. When Todd Phillips wanted to give Mel Gibson a small part in The Hangover 2 the idea was killed because Jews in the cast and crew would rather work with a convicted rapist (Mike Tyson) than a possible anti-semite. Joel Stein pointed out that when studio heads took out a full page ad in the LA Times during a SAG strike all of the signers to the letter were Jewish and the SAG president the letter was addressed to was Jewish.

    Statistically many more female children and adolescents are victims of sexual abuse than boys. Men are more likely than women to be sexual abusers but they're more likely to abuse girls than boys. Homosexuality doesn't have anything to do with being a pedophile.

    • ottomarcos

      Your first paragraph makes it obvious you're anti-Semitic. It wasn't only Jews who objected to working with Mel Gibson, by the way. Aside from Jodie Foster, many non-Jews in Hollywood feel the same way because Gibson is a loudmouthed lamebrain with serious anger management issues. Your second paragraph is correct, though…

      • jhs39

        Of course you're going to say that. As I stated in the paragraph that you state makes me anti-Semetic anyone who points out that Jews run Hollywood is always labeled anti-Semetic. It's the go to response when you mention that Jews run Hollywood or criticize Israel–you're obviously anti-Semetic. Do a Google search for Joel Stein's column “Do Jews run Hollywood?” (Spoiler alert–his answer is yes).

        As for Mel Gibson, I've never heard of anyone who actually worked with him who had problems with him on the set or after. His anger management issues never occurred on the set of a movie–they're issues in his personal life. But he is perceived as being anti-Semetic because of comments he made while he was drunk and because of his movie The Passion of the Christ. Again, Mel Gibson was never convicted of any major crime. Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist. Ok to work with convicted rapist who bit off part of a man's ear. Not OK to work with Mel Gibson. Do a search for a list of the top 100 Holocaust movies of all time (it exists). Do you think Hollywood keeps making and releasing Holocaust related films because they make money?

        To give you another example: Costa Gavras was a famed political filmmaker in the 1970's who left Hollywood in the late 1980's after two flops. The second one was the Holocaust related drama called The Music Box starring Jessica Lange. Since leaving Hollywood Costa Gravras has made 9 foreign language films. 1 has been released in the United States. Three guesses what that movie was about. I'll give you a hint–it begins with the letter H.

        The 2008 film The Reader earned Kate Winslet an Academy Ward three years after she appeared on an episode of Extras playing herself. In the episode she was making a Holocaust related movie because she wanted to finally win an Oscar. Three years later Ricky Gervais comedy bit came true. Within 6 months of the release of The Reader 5 other Holocaust themed films were also released, including a children's film (The Boy With the Striped Pajamas).

        If Jews don't want it to be so obvious that they're running Hollywood they might want to stop making and releasing so many Holocaust related movies.

        • hupto

          It might interest you to know that Jews “invented” show business because the anti-semitism that was rampant until the mid-20th Century prevented them from working in most other professions, including law firms, stock brokerages and hard industry. And ever since they succeeded, bigots have tried to take that away from them as well.

          As for Donohue, he does not speak for the Church at large, as many of my Catholic friends have told me. His intelligence on the matter can best be summed up by the people he's cited as “Hollywood Jews”–Martin Scorsese, Francis Coppola and George Lucas.

          But the real culprit here is CNN, for giving air time to this hate-filled crackpot.

          • ottomarcos

            You may as well give up on trying to change jhs39's mind,
            hupto. The “39” in his internet moniker most likely refers to a misplaced longing for the year when Hitler invaded Poland, WWII began, and the genocide of Jews became commonplace. As for the “jhs”? I'm guessing it stands for “Jew Hating Sicko”…

          • Louis

            Give Donahue air time–it's about time the antisemitism of many Catholics got enough ink. Pope Frances needs to act on this problem.

        • disqus_57pX4h0tnv

          Hollywood would have collapsed if not for cable, ppv and theater chains. Check out john Malone, John Magness and Bill Daniels..pretty sure they didn't attend temple accept to act like the non-bigoted fair minded humans that they are and were.

          I also think Walt Disney probably was a Christian.

          In any case, most entertainment companies are public, so, if you really pine for a position in the entertainment industry, call your financial adviser. or go to drama school..

          • Louis

            Walt Disney was Christian. Maybe he, his heirs, and Mickey Mouse have been running Hollywood.

        • Louis

          Disney is pretty big–maybe Walt and his heirs and Mickey Mouse have been running Hollywood. Why do you feel the need to bemoan the accomplishments of Jews in Hollywood? Do you rant about Italians in the Pizza business?

  • Former Altar Boy

    Donahue is a “League of One” – there is no one else in his sham organization. He is an ugly troll, who obsesses WAY too much on homosexuality. There must be something behind that. The media should ignore him – he represents no one.

    • friscoeddie

      Donahoe is divorced and may have secret reasons to be obsessed.

      • jgmitzen

        I was going to point this out too – if you're a closeted Catholic of a certain age there were two avenues to avoid suspicion – enter the priesthood or get a quickie marriage/divorce (Catholicism forbids remarriage for divorced people).

        • Bob Smetters

          They should vilify divorcees and push for a law making divorce illegal.

      • http://batman-news.com bindagr

        So you pretend to know the all the pertinent facts about someone else's divorce. When it comes to hate, Donohue has nothing on you.

      • Father D

        Why does the fact that this windbag is divorced not surprise me!!?

    • Bob Smetters

      You might want to research. It is a lot bigger than one member.

  • Colininla

    This is the type of rhetoric and belief system that's turned me away from the Catholic church.

    • ottomarcos

      Donohue literally speaks for nobody but himself, Colininla. That's why it's absurd for a legitimate news organization to give him any air time. “The Catholic League” is this simply this misanthrope, all by himself. I can only assume he was asked to be on “New Day” because CNN President Jeff Zucker is so desperate for Fox “News” ratings numbers that he wants to stir up controversy by having this malcontent make a few headlines for the network. Not to mention Zucker allowing Wolf Blitzer to treat The President of the United States as disrespectfully as he did during an interview last week that Wolf has lost most of his journalistic credibility and became a laughing stock around the country!

      • disqus_57pX4h0tnv

        Actually thought Zach Galifianakis did a pretty good job of that..

  • A.L. Hern

    While Pope Francis's recent, intriguing statements have not been ex cathedra, meaning, literally, “from the chair,” the only time the head of the Catholic Church is to be regarded as infallible, popes have still excommunicated those who've disagreed with them for less cause than Donohue has given Francis.

    Were Francis saying the kind of things of which Donohue approved, the former would probably be more than happy to see Francis excommunicating others who disagreed. It makes one wonder, then, whether a showdown is brewing between this Pope and a man and organization that appear to be undermining the new Pontiff's deeply encouraging message of tolerance and love that have, in many quarters, appear to have been embraced by millions who have drifted away from the Church in recent decades.

    Donohue is painting pictures of someone who is, to put it bluntly, a professional bigot, cloaking his bigotry in a nominal promotion of Catholicism. A professional lobbyist, probably extremely well paid, who thinks he knows better than his “company's” CEO — Francis.

    Francis came to his job through the almost unheard-of abdication of his predecessor, Benedict, a man whom Donohue surely approved of. Since it's now established in modern Church history that the position of Pope is no longer automatically for life, shouldn't the head of the Catholic League also be subject to retirement or removal — and soon?

    • waltercarlson

      You have no idea of how one becomes ex-communicated.

  • Tom Vasko

    Donahue has become what he hates the most, “a cafeteria Catholic”.

    • http://batman-news.com bindagr

      How is he a cafeteria Catholic? What church precept does he ignore? You are aware that being Catholic does not mean one must comport with every word of the pope in a manner satisfactory to CNN.

      • Father D

        He's obviously ignoring the POPE! That's ‘cafeteria’ enough for me!

  • What-A-Schmuck

    Why do they let this guy speak? He is most definitely a hater of all but himself. Send him to Elba Island & he can piss & moan to his loathsome pitiful self-righteous self.

  • reader1968

    Donahue is a windbag who uses Catholicism as a cover for his own hatred and sensationalist rhetoric. He sounds like he aspires to be an AM radio talk show host.

  • Sarx Discuss

    “If 81% of the victims are male and 100% of the victimizers are male, and if 78% of the victims are post-pubescent, the word in the English language is not pedophilia, it’s called homosexuality.”

  • Sarx Discuss

    Kevin Cullen, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the priestly sexual abuse scandal in The Boston Globe, summarized the findings of a study by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice: “Of the 10,667 reported victims [between 1950 and 2002], 81 percent were male, the report said, and more than three-quarters of the victims were post-pubescent, meaning the abuse did not meet the clinical definition of pedophilia.”

  • Typical Catholic

    Doesn't speak for me… or any other Catholic I know. I didn't know we had a “league.” Safe to say I didn't and wouldn't vote for him.

    • Louis

      I am Catholic and, unfortunately, I run into antisemitic Catholics all the time.

  • John Sadowski

    I'm a Catholic and Donahue is a blemish on the Catholic Church. We are all sinners, and we all need God's forgiveness, period.

    • Father D

      I'm an Episcopalian, and Donahue is blemish on ALL CHRISTIANS!!!!!

  • RudyM

    Donahue is so far removed from the Gospel that he can not call himself a Catholic, much less a Christian. He insults all Irish Catholics who have labored so valiantly in the Lord's vineyard to bring about a Kingdom of joy and peace.

  • Richard_Lionheart

    Three cheers for Donahue.

    • Louis


      Don't you have better things to do? Go attack an Eastern Orthodox church or something.

      • Richard_Lionheart

        3 cheers for Donahue!

  • Smiley E.E.

    Its Partially True (Its More Cultural)
    A lot Of Jewish Brothers Run the entertainment Industry

    Aaron Spelling – Famous TV producer
    David Geffen – Entertainment Executive
    Jerry Bruckheimer – producer
    Jaffrey Katzenberg – “Former Disney Exec, now SKG partner”
    Louis B. Mayer – Hollywood Mogul, founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    Michael Eisner – Walt Disney
    Peter Grant – Led Zepplin
    Samuel Goldwyn – Hollywood heavy weight
    Samuel Z. Arkoff – Orion Pictures
    Harry Cohn – founder of Columbia Pictures
    William Fox – founder of Fox Film Corporation
    Carl Laemmle – founder of Universal Pictures
    Sidney Sheinberg – executive of MCA
    Sam Warner – co-founder of Warner Brothers Studios
    Lew Wasserman – founder of MCA
    Bob Weinstein – Co-founder of Miramax
    Harvey Weinstein – Co-founder of Miramax
    -Steven Spielberg Film director
    Seymore Butts – adult film producer & director
    Paddy Chayefsky – screenwriter
    Norman Corwin – radio writer, producer
    David Crane – screenwriter, producer, co-creator of Friends
    Robert Evans – producer, studio executive
    William Goetz – producer
    Leonard Goldberg – producer
    Akiva Goldsman – Oscar-winning screenwriter, producer

    • Louis


      Oh great, now we are making lists of Jews. By the way, Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse were not Jewish.

  • Gerry

    Donahue is exactly who the Pope was talking about. Donahue represents only old extemist catholics who want to go back in time to the days when Catholic families had at least 6 kids.. Most Irish Catholics like me think he is a bigot who is a stain on the Catholic religon.

    • disqus_57pX4h0tnv

      Jesus was Jewish and was followed by Jews. He was called the King of the Jews and Rabbi. In his own words he came for the Jews. He practiced the Judaism of his day. He was crucified like hundreds of thousands of other Israelites by Romans. This was done because he challenged Caesar's claim to be the almighty by saying that he, Jesus, served a kingdom far greater than the earthly one ruled by Caesar.

      Now as you ask yourself, what would Jesus do, remember the Jews were his people, his kinsmen, and he served the creator.

      It is no wonder the founders of the USA understood our rights are imbued by the creator, not by man. Hence, one human cannot deprive another of their inalienable basic rights such as dignity and life. So if you are anti-Semitic, you are commiting two sins against Jesus and to make matters worse, you are committing a sin in Jesus's name.

  • L Miles

    I think this obsession with people's religion, race and sexual orientation is going to go by the wayside with the new Millennial generation who are much more open-minded and multi-cultural. Donohue is coming across as a bit of a dinosaur already in 2014.

  • Susan Caston

    What so many may be unaware of is that Jews were hunted, killed and thrown out of their homes for centuries. For this reason, they found that to enable them to move quickly and with money was to invest in jewels–diamonds, etc. In that way, if they had to run quickly, they had easily transportable wealth (diamonds) to carry with them as they ran.

    Also, many Jews formed their own businesses because non-Jews wouldn't employ them because they were Jewish. This led to many Jews deciding on careers that didn't depend on whether others would hire them, including being jewellers, doctors, etc. Antisemitism led these Jews to the career paths they now have.

    Understand before criticizing. Pat Robertson and his ilk are stupid, bigoted arseholes.

  • Edward J. Rafferty

    Donahue represents the Catholic Church or any Christian about as much as Judas Iscariot does.

    • Louis

      One can only hope….

  • VTDame

    Donahue is what gives devout Catholics nightmares. He is an island of hatred and bigotry who seems unable to empathize with the pain others experience as a result of his words. It seems as though he is covering his own weaknesses. However, like the rest of us, God will be his judge too.

  • Louis

    And I thought it was a secret that many Catholics are antisemitic. Now it's out of the bag. I know–I'm a Catholic and have been for 66 years, Catholic school every step of the way. Catholic leaders, like Donahue, have done a poor job of educating Catholics, so many Catholics continue on their antisemitic path. Some Catholics still rant about Jews killing Christ, about the forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Jewish control of the media and banking, etc. I imagine some still blame the Jews for the Black Death. No wonder half Catholic half Lutheran Germany was able to kill six million Jews. There is only one solution: Pope Frances needs to write an encyclical to be read in all churches (and loudly in the church that Donahue attends) that condemns prejudice and rash judgement (a Catholic term) against Jews as mortal sin.

  • Brian C

    of course jews run hollywood. they also run the porn industry too.

    • Louis

      How would you know Brian?

  • Andre Lorber

    Wait till he gets seriously sick, he'll be looking for a good Jewish doctor.

  • ProudVet

    Pedophila is a homosexual act when it is two of the same sex. Why is it so difficult for Homosexuals to understand, The Sexual Immoral Union of Perverts. Your all the same, vile and perverted with a unnatural urge for the same sex. Do I hate you as a person, NO I do not. Do I hate the promotion of your perversion, Yes so do most people. Before the issue of SSM, nobody cared or thought about Homosexuality, but then it be a became a political issue. Now it is on the news and in the papers all the time, where kids have to see it. Just go back to your closets, and wait to answer to God for it.

  • http://batman-news.com bindagr

    My my, all this hate for Donohue for saying Jews run Hollywood. Funny, despite all the outrage, I haven't heard a single cogent argument to the contrary. All of you foaming at the mouth over Donohue are true morons. Not one of you can keep a cool head and refute him. Fools.

    • Louis

      Why do you and Donahue feel it so necessary to make the accomplishments of Jews in Hollywood seem like something evil?

  • stevie68a

    A huge part of the church's crimes were the fact that it was covered up for decades, if not centuries. That's not
    “homosexual”, if anything it was heterosexual.

  • TjKennedy

    Wow no wonder why Catholic's are running away in droves with people like his

  • Bob Smetters

    Donahue defends Bishop Finn, who recently refused to report a child sex abuser and went out of his way to protect him. Although it was a state with required reporting laws, the state only gave him a warning and a slap on the wrist when found guilty. Finn is still a Bishop. But yet Donahue is defending him while ranting about consenting adults. No wonder these people have lost all credibility.

  • Father D

    This windbag Donohue represents the bigoted, condescending Roman Catholic mindset that convinced me it was a good thing to celebrate my catholic faith as a faithful Episcopalian!

    • LogicNotHuff

      So you've whipped out the liberal insult with “bigot”, and now I'll challenge you to explain what exactly you say was bigoted.

  • LogicNotHuff

    Donahue is good man, who was being misquoted all over the place.

  • Catarry

    This is the guy who was asked during an interview “What about turning the other cheek?” and who answered “That's a fool's proposition.”