CNN's ‘Crossfire’ Gets Relatively Solid Ratings Start

CNN's 'Crossfire' Gets Relatively Solid Ratings Start

Revived “Crossfire” draws 581,000 total viewers — an improvement over CNN's past performance in the time period, but still third place in cable news

CNN's resuscitated cable-news shoutfest “Crossfire” got off to a solid start by CNN standards with its Monday night premiere, but still fell short of the cable-news competition.

Crossfire” drew 581,000 total viewers – placing it in third place behind Fox News and MSNBC — with 171,000 of them in the key 25-54 news demo,  landing it in second place in the demo behind Fox.

Compared to the previous four Mondays in the 6:30 p.m. timeslot for CNN, “Crossfire” improved 44 percent in total viewers and 21 percent in the demo.

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On the same date a year ago, CNN averaged 319,000 total viewers and 121,000 in the demo in the timeslot.

While the highly promoted and anticipated “Crossfire” performed favorably compared to CNN's previous performance in the time slot, in the grand scheme it still failed to match the competition by nearly all measures. In total viewers, Fox News’ first-place “Special Report” quadrupled “Crossfire,” drawing 2.402 million. (“Special Report” also took first in the demo for the timeslot, with 384,000 viewers 25-54.)  “Crossfire” also fell short of the total viewership compared to MSNBC's “Politics Nation,” which had 617,000 total viewers. (CNN did, however, best “Politics Nation” in the demo; with the latter averaging 116,000 in the 25-54 set.)

The new “Crossfire,” whose premiere date was bumped up due to the Syrian crisis, features Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter, S.E. Cupp and Van Jones.

  • hupto

    Gingrich routinely attacks the mainstream media to milk applause and contributions to his various failed candidacies, but has no problem constantly appearing on all the talk shows, political and otherwise. And now he's on CNN every night. Truly there is no bottom level to this man's hypocrisy.

  • Stuart W


    ………and no bottom to Mitt's brilliance as he's “appearing as a PAID guest!

    But then, who the hell's watching CNN and the like”every night” other than liberal whack-jobs such as yourself?

  • smitty

    Get rid of Cutter and I will watch. She's obnoxious.

  • stan bourne

    newt is an air bag

  • Phocus Please

    In typical CNN style, Crossfire returns with 2 far left liberals no one cares to listen to. This Cutter broad and the admitted Communist Van Jones are just about the worst choice CNN could have made, and so of course they did. Both spew the party line without fail. RIP Crossfire.

  • Osama0bama

    Stephanie “Baghdad Bob” Cutter and Van Jones?!! Ummm, how about a big steaming cup of “HELL NO!” S.E. Cupp and Newt were a great idea, but those two lefties could not be more vile!