Dailies | ‘Colbert Report': Of Course Hillary Clinton Shouldn't be President — She's a Woman (Video)

'Colbert Report': Of Course Hillary Clinton Shouldn't be President — She's a Woman (Video)

Comedy Central host says female leaders are at a disadvantage

Bill O'Reilly and Stephen Colbert are horrified by the prospect that Hillary Clinton might become the first female president in U.S. history and it has everything to do with her gender.

“There's got to be some downside to having a woman president,” O'Reilly said on his Fox News program. “Something. Something that may not fit with that office.”

“Men are men. Women are women,” he went on to explain. “There's a difference, ok, theres a difference between the genders.”

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Colbert agreed with his cable news hero. The gender gap can be seen in architecture of the White House, he argued on Wednesday's “The Colbert Report.”

“How is she going to press the nuclear launch button?”  Colbert said. “Everything in the Oval Office is penis activated. It's been that way since the Kennedy administration.”

Plus, as O'Reilly pointed out many foreign leaders are inherently sexist.

“That's right, our president cannot be something that other countries disapprove of,” Colbert said. “We are the leader of the free world, so we need to vote for whatever Iran wants.”

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  • jsluft

    Is there something wrong with Wrap's comprehension? With
    Wrap's ability to recognize obvious irony? If your readers
    didn't go beyond your headline and text, they'd never know
    that Colbert was mocking O'Reilly's idiotic thesis. Makes me
    wonder if you're on the Koch Brothers’ payroll.

  • gg

    This is just a terrible article. Anyone who watched that episode knows that Colbert was mocking O'Reily.

    • spam 90210

      Do you think conservatives could get away with doing racist and sexist jokes by playing the role of stupid liberals? Would liberals see the satire in that? I bet every penny I have they would not.

      • mridenhour

        Oh, their acts of racism and sexist beliefs are not jokes. They do all they can to make them law.

  • Vince L

    The WRAP is pulling your chain.

  • jack

    I have my reasons for her not being president, not because she is a woman but she is a part of a woman for sure. Due to censorship I can not name what part

  • JIML

    Hillary Clinton is a Woman? Has this been verified, if so by whom?

  • Joe

    Hillary Clinton as president would be horrifying, but not because she is a woman, because she is not progressive enough and it would be her 3rd term. I would love for Elizabeth Warren to be president.