Donald Trump to MSNBC's Touré: You're a Dumb Racist Moron

Donald Trump to MSNBC's Touré: You're a Dumb Racist Moron

A Twitter fight breaks out after Touré says Trump declared bankruptcy four times

Donald Trump has always fiercely denied that he has declared bankruptcy and lashed out at anyone who would dare accuse him of such. And that's exactly what he did on Monday night when MSNBC “The Cycle” host Touré linked to an ABC News article about Trump's finances.

Touré tweeted the article's highlights, such as the fact that Trump's companies have declared bankruptcy four times.

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Trump was quick to fire back:

And it was on:


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In the end, there was one thing they could agree on: Arsenio Hall. Touré RTed Marc Lamont Hill's support of the late night host's new show, while Trump chose to send Hall a message:


  • Beau

    Toure is the man!

    • docwhocuts

      if you like racist hate bots who lie for a living.

      • AllissaUnder

        So Donald Trump posts on message boards as a docwhocuts …

  • Jim

    Why don't you just “fire him?”

  • mikeace

    i wish all of you people would leave donald alone, he is a good MEN….

  • Terri Pastorelli

    Donald Trump claims to be an intelligent man but any time he gets into a war of words with anyone he resorts to name calling which is actually a sign of a highly unintelligent person. I'm not sure what's worse. The inflated opinion he has of himself or the people who respect him and believe what he says.

    • englishvinal

      I wish my father had been so “un-intelligent”… I would be living well today… (I am the only child).. instead of struggling on $565.00 a month~!
      Terri you must be one of those people who didn't “make it” and get some kind of perverse satisfaction out of trying to denigrate successful people.. who HAVE “made it”… “UN-intelligent” indeed…. calling Donald Trump “UN-intelligent” in the face of where he stands in the business world ….
      .. is, seriously UN-intelligent.

      • Terri Pastorelli

        I've actually “made it” quite well on my own and I'm making much more than $565.00 a month without inheriting anything from my family. Donald Trump has an education but that doesn't make him intelligent by any means. Intelligent people know how to disagree with people without using school yard bully tactics and resorting to name calling (fat, moron, idiot, etc.). Donald Trump has never learned how to do that. I'm not telling you not to like him. If you have a favorable opinion of him great. I dislike the man for his behavior toward others.

        • Marquis

          Mr Trump did not initially make his wealth. His father was a clever man. He inherited millions from him and took over his real estate company. He doesn't do any of the work or any of the investments. His company and employees are charged to do the job. He just rakes in the benefits. And yes he did file for bankruptcy but does not admit it publicly and doesn't have to either. However, instead of lying, it would have been better to give no answers. please read more about his recent interview in Brazil where he recently ventured millions of his company's capital and merely knows anything about the country other than “Brazilian women are famous”.
          I rather be knowledgeable than have all the millions he has.
          How can he possibly be respected, even by his own family he is so ignorant about the world.

  • Oliver Deface

    donald trump, the richest pedophile in america's history.

    • englishvinal

      ????????????? You had better pony up some hard evidence and first-hand witness testimony on that charge…………
      I realize that you and all the other mindless racists out there would scrape the bottom of the barrel to denigrate anyone who calls you what you “IS”….
      …. but trying to imply that Donald Trump is a homosexual who rapes little boys (or little girls either), is an offense that should be publicized.

      • Oliver Deface

        i agree, but like michael jackson, the rich get away with murder… donald trump is a pedophile. period, you must be one aswell, they say pedo files stalk the same's that working out for you?…i hope pedo's like you and donald trump get what you diserve.

  • Farty Fartsalot

    You lost the argument, comb over boy.

    • englishvinal

      Trump LOVES to get rabid emotional fools out on a limb… and calling them the names that FIT them… is an effective way to do it.
      … There was NO “argument”… or didn't you really notice. What you read was a “baiting game”….. that “The Donald” won….
      … You just aren't very insightful.. a lot like the “tan colored racist” that Trump was baiting.

  • englishvinal

    I agree with Donald Trump…. and Arsinio Hall is a GOOD moderator and he SHOULD succeed.
    Who IS this “tan colored” racist-supreme anyway? I never have even heard of him.
    I have to drop my mental ‘jaw’ at these nobodies who never made it…. or did anything for anybody else in their entire life, ….
    ……. waving their little Chinese made racist flags, and trying to take down another man who has done a tremendous amount for endless people…. and this particular MAN – “The Donald”.. has made a smashing success of “the deal” in a country where being successful is tough and getting tougher every day.
    As for the “Birther issue” – the fraudulent birth certificate that was put up on Barry Soetoro's site … was in NINE layers… photo shopped to hell and back, NINE times…!!!
    Like the photo shopped pictures that are disseminated to the gullible public… try the one where Barry's momma has a white arm hugging little Barry.. but the HAND as it comes out under Barry's arm is BLACK.. ???? !!!!
    “Obama” (whose REAL name is Barry Soetoro, son of Lolo Soetoro in Indonesia…. adopted)… is a PHONY and a FRAUD .. and the facts ARE leaking out faster and faster in spite of his having paid an exclusive law firm in Washington D.C. over a million dollars to sequentially eliminate and bury all facts and history about him.
    Bravo for an AMERICAN… Donald Trump~!!

    • Oliver Deface

      only native americans are infact americans.. donald trump is a european wetback pedophile.. i gather so are you?? ?

  • englishvinal

    Ahhh…. Donald you are promoting “The Baiting Game” again…….
    … I love it.
    You have drawn out more rabid fools doing this than anybody …. Good for you. Give the racist, mindless, wall-eyed, rainbow flag waving, zombies enough rope and they will inevitably strangle themselves~!
    Keep up the good work.

    • Oliver Deface

      i notice pedophiles like to cheerlead for eachother…”gimme a P… gimmme a E…”..gimme a D”…. gimme a O”… rah rah rah????

  • Terry DeCarlo

    My goodness, Touré sounds exactly like a pissed off, snotty teenage girl. He and the Mrs must have one interesting sex life – I don't know why that came into mind, please forgive.
    >>>>>How did I know this before I just Googled to see who he's married to – she's white… why was I certain she would be? Wow that Touré is a train wreck in heels. Good grief. Good luck man.

    • Terry DeCarlo

      He's obviously a self hating African American man. Why isn't MSNBC embarrassed for him like I am? Oh, oh, oh he's has a PhD in Education – I'm sure he didn't reveal his race on the admissions application. Oh boy. Why am I obsessed with this man? Maybe because he's a peculiarly odd dumb racist moron just like Donald Trump said. I wouldn't leave the house if I were him but he sits on his throne thinkin’ he all that. Funny.