‘Duck Dynasty’ Pastor Says Phil Robertson Knows Gays: ‘We've Had People… That Struggle With That Sin’

'Duck Dynasty' Pastor Says Phil Robertson Knows Gays: 'We've Had People… That Struggle With That Sin'


Mike Kellett says his church welcomes gay people, despite its anti-gay beliefs

The minister of “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson says the reality star suspended for anti-gay comments knows gay people — and has prayed alongside them.

Mike Kellett, senior pastor of White's Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, La., told TheWrap he did not know if there were currently any gays in his congregation. But he said gays have attended his church in the past.

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“We've had people here before that struggle with that sin. He knows them. It's not a negative thing,” said Kellett.

Asked what message his church gives gay members, Kellett replied: “We love you, we're glad you're here.”

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TheWrap also asked him about the criticism that Robertson's views are simply bigotry disguised as religion.

“They don't know him,” Kellett replied. “People can think what they want. It's a free country. … I don't hate anyone just because they believe different.”

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Kellett said Robertson (pictured)  has tried to help “hundreds of people” struggling with sin, but he did not know if any of them were gay.

The church is a major part of Robertson's life. He was praying with a member who has cancer last week when A&E announced that it would suspend him for remarks he made in a GQ interview. On Sunday, Robertson taught a Bible study class where he said he would not back down from his belief and emphasized that he is a lover, not a hater.

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In the GQ interview, Robertson grouped homosexuals with “drunks” and “terrorists” and opined: “a vagina – as a man – would be more desirable than a man's anus.”

Kellett said the support many have expressed for Robertson is “not just for Phil and the family, although they're very supportive. I think there's support for people to want to be able to speak what they believe and also reach out and help people.”

“While the gay thing happens to be highlighted, that's just one of many things that people struggle with,” he said.

Then he apologized for not having time to talk with us sooner, and wished us a Merry Christmas.

  • Matt Wells[Herd]

    Why do they use the term” anti-gay”. I am against gayness because it is a sin and God said so. I do not hate gay people I am against their life style. This doesn't mean Christians hate gays nor cannot be friends.

    • your hero

      and I'm sure you're against all the sins YOU”VE committed as well right hypocrite?

      • Matt Wells[Herd]

        Yes, I have sinned. I am a man. We all have our faults. I don't cast stones like you assume.

        • David

          Thank you for your fine reply.

          • jason m

            wipe the drool off your chin dude

      • David

        There is a difference between someone who committed a sin and someone who sins as a lifestyle. That's the difference between a sheep in the mud and a pig in the mud.

        • SDC

          First of all, sexual orientation is a characteristic you are born with. It does not imply that one is sexually active. Just as if you are a heterosexual, that does not imply that you are sexually active. Sexual orientation is not a life style — it's an orientation that you're born with.

      • Lynn Kosiek-Hansen

        Absolutely, those sins we are aware of and even those that we are not aware of. That is the reason that jesus died on the cross for all people, The bible says that in God's eyes we all are sinners and no one one sin is any worse than another. God gave Moses the 10 Commandments directly and inspired those that wrote the bible. He also told us that it's every one's responsibility is not to deny what God says, but tell all people what God says. God says that we hate the sin, not the person, God does the judging and the saving. Jesus has died to save all. We all need to realize WHAT is sinful in God's eyes, so we try our best not to continue that sin and to repent for all sins.
        The hypocrisy would be to deny these facts or say nothing at all.

    • SDC

      “God said so” — When? God did not say so. Someone who wrote a manuscript thousands of years ago (a man who did not ever even dream that it would be made a part of a “bible”) said so. That man is not God, and there is no reason to believe that his words were told to him by God. God is too big to be condensed into a book, and if God ever did decide to write a book — do you think it would be like most of the bible? Yes, there are good, inspiring parts of the Bible, but there are also violent and horrible parts. God did not write it – men did. Fallible men. Period. Also, “gayness” or homosexuality is a sexual orientation. It is not a lifestyle. If someone says they are homosexual, that is like saying, “I was born with brown hair.” It does not imply that they are sexually active. You can be homosexual, and never even act on it. People love to say, “oh it's a sin just alike any other. ” Well, if someone tells you that they are heterosexual, do you immediately start chastising them for having sex outside of marriage? No, because you don't know whether they are or not, and you don't concern yourself with it. But with homosexuality, you automatically assume that there is sexual activity.

  • Watching Behaviors

    If anyone is offended by Phil maybe they shouldn't be doing it ,Frankly Charlie Sheens comments toward a honest man like Phil is a joke and not to be taken seriously heck he probably hired men prostitutes too

    • your hero

      what a simple individual you are…go back to the woods!

      • Gary Bryan

        You must be Gay too,lol

        • SDC

          This is your attitude, which shows that you are not a true Christian. Do you make fun of people born with handicaps also? Gay people are born that way, and they cannot change their sexual orientation. Period.

          • Worn out 123

            B.S. We are born equal. This is CHOICE. This is some pyschology mumbo jumbo. I can have sex with whomever and whatever I wish.

          • SDC

            You're right it's not psychological mumbo jumbo. It's biological – Sexual orientation is biological. Yes, you can choose your actions, but homosexuals don't want to have sex with the opposite sex any more that heterosexuals want to have sex with the same sex. It's really not that complicated. I am heterosexual, but I can still understand it. This has gone on for time eternal. It's nothing new. They all say they did not choose an orientation.

          • Worn Out 123

            Because something has been is no justification for claiming it to be right or correct in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Murder has gone on, rape, incest, bestiality, avarous have all gone on from time eternal. Are they right also?
            Where is the evidence that homosexuality is biological? Ask yourself, “Can I have sex with something, anything other than a woman?” An honest answer is yes. It is a proclivity, perhaps. It is definitely a choice. Biological indeed! Show me the gene. How does it work? Where are the chemicals in our body that ‘make” us homosexuals. B.S.! Mumbo Jumbo by those who would have right be wrong and wrong be right to suit their own ends. Voodoo psychology. If there were no homosexuals some psychologists would make less income, hence, “it is biological.” You could do it. I could do it. We CHOOSE to do this or not to do this. I refuse to yield to actions I consider to be destructive to society even if not the individual as a moral condition. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil. (Not the evildoer) I do not condone evil. We are not talking forgiveness herein. The subject is what is moral and right vs what is not. When one has hidden motives then promotes an immoral concept as moral they practice evil, often in the guise of forgiveness and/or mercy..
            Do u have eyes for seeing? Are you willing to weigh opposing thoughts? Try this: substitute another sin and apply the same psychobabble to justify it. Child rape for instance. “He was born that way. His genes made him do it. He can't help it. Have you not mercy. Let him go.” What is truly being said is, it is moral to rape children, therefore, no condemnation is appropriate. I do not judge the person. That is for a judge jury, perhaps. I judge the right to use critical thinking, to establish a moral code by which to live. Society is connected by a moral code and mans laws. I assert my God given as established in law by the constitution to state my moral belief that homosexuality is wrong for society and very often the individual. This doesn't just happen to coincide with the biblical view, but, is my view regardless.
            As to the bible itself: Anyone can easily misinterpret the meanings. Only those seeking salvation will have the eyes for seeing and the ears for hearing God's truth which has defied the ages. There is great love and goodness therein for those seeking same. All others can go to hell.

    • SDC

      The difference is that Sheen wasn't claiming to speak for God, and even ifhe did, no one would take him seriously. People take Phil seriously, and practically worship the Robertson family, which caused a lot of hatred to be directly at gays. Gays are bullied. No one chooses to be gay, and they cannot change. I am a counselor.

      • worn out 123

        Then you are wrong counselor. This is a choice. One which is made extremely vocally and repeatedly. This is not the only voice though. This irritates some to hear another “truth” than their own noisily made.
        You might try to think of God as a philosophy, once. Then, perhaps you could learn to treat it on a higher plane rather than a condescending outlook.

        • SDC

          They do not choose an orientation, any more than you chose to be gay. Yes, you could choose to experiment, or you could choose whether to act on it or not, but you do not choose a sexual orientation. That is not even up for debate among reasonable people, and even if I did not have an education on the subject, I think I would know that. As a gay professor once said in a small meeting of just a few of us, when a grad student ask him (because he seemed very happy and satisfied with his life), whether or not he was glad that he was born gay — He said, “If there was a pill, we'd all take it.” Meaning that no, even though he has adjusted and has a good life, he would have chosen to be born straight — but it was not a choice. I believe him, and I believe many, many others who have told me the exact same thing.

  • Mike Conner

    Matt , I have not heard such hate filled talk since Obama was elected President . They have all this rage built up and they are about to explode . And YES some poor gay person will probably be killed over this , Because people filled with hate have no self control . I do believe God may use this as a teaching tool .There are plenty more laws of GOD . And since many have decided to live under that law ,,let them , The law must be obeyed 100% all of the time . So let this judgement be on those who judge .Including the whole Robertson family AMEN

  • bj

    Phil, thanks for expressing how many Americans feel!
    Never apologize for your beliefs…..the DUCKS can do without A&E as can I.

    • your hero

      most Americans support gays….try again

      • David

        You think because you people are noisy?

      • Gary Bryan

        wrong,and that's the problem,lol

      • worn out 123

        So. Most Germans supported Hitler.

  • Sheila

    Talk about “he who is without sin….”

  • Bone_spurred

    Oh I'm sure all the gays just rallied around Charlie Sheen for him to be a mouthpiece. He's just a publicity hound trying hard keep in the limelight. F___ off Charlie Sheen . This isn't about you

  • A.G.

    Well because these people do not know what is waiting them it is sad.

    Leviticus 20:13 – If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

    To put it correctly they are showing they cannot understand Gods word and they will be judged by him not us. All we can do is pray for these poor lost individuals because they will be crying for relief in the final judgement by our Lord and Savior.

    • William W. Vickery Jr.

      I hope A&E would put more educational shows back on. I miss Americas Castles.

    • your hero

      and what sins have you committed?

      • jeremy I

        We are all guilty of at least one sin if someone says they never sinned they are a liar and sinned again. According to James 2:10 if you are guilty of one sin you are guilty of all sin. So the answer for everyone and I mean everyone the pope, Phil, you, me, etc. is all of them.

      • worn out 123

        Many. So one more wouldn't matter much. Leave others to their beliefs.

    • traviserck

      Clearly by selective thinking makes you a bigot by the way. I propose we take away your right to marry if you do this:

      It's all ok until someone points out your own faults isn't it?

      Speaking of which how would you like it if your right to marry was taken away because you were being scrutinized for violating this in that black book>

      Proverbs 6:32 – [But] whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he [that] doeth it destroyeth his own soul.

      Matthew 5:28 – But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

      Hebrews 13:4 – Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

      By the way how was the bacon breakfast?
      Selective picking in the bible is why your under fire.
      And its why in Supreme Courts that states disciminating are being struck down everyday. All 50 state will go or is the black book of sinners making double standards. I can't wait to hear the response that eating bacon and sleeping with another woman isn't the same thing when I did the same thing you did. Posted from the book of sins being committed everyday. Imagine if the right to marry was taken away. The heteosexual community would be left in ashes over committing sin over the three things I just listed and including eating pork.

      It's all ok unless it's against what MAN thinks. And God doesn't care about what man translates. You forgot that one too! Though shall not judge and love thy neighbor. The two simple things that you fail at. Good luck on judgement day you will need it!

      • worn out 123

        And all that you have said means . . . That there is o reason to try not to sin. No reason to discuss that which is sin and that which is not sin? Only those who sin have any right to speak and alter your speech.? God forbid!

        • Truth

          So freedom of speech is limited to what you agree with or declare moral? What if we took a vote in your neighborhood and decided we disagreed with you. Does that mean we get to stop you from expressing your opinion? What if I find your flaunting of your hetrosexuality offensive? What if you lived in say Utah where the majority is Mormon and their moral compass says you can't drink anything with caffine? You must by your own thinking conform and if they found you wearing a cross offensive? I will pray for you and your family.

          • worn out 123

            I do not profess “majority rules”. On the contrary Freedom of speech is f r e e d o m to speak ones mind, and, extends no further.
            To use your premise of Utah: The Mormons are free to speak on what ever they choose. If I or anyone does not wish to listen just turn the channel or walk away as appropriate. Their restrictions don't affect me and THEY would never require me to adhere to their mores, anyway.
            I am not offensive, because I am tolerant, humble, long suffering, and do not FLAUNT my sexuality nor anything else for that matter. I never walked in a parade shouting “I'm here! I'm queer! Get used to it!” Neither freedom of speech nor religion do not include inciting to commit harm, nor require anyone to listen or agree. Inalienable means government nor anyone has the right to prevent it because it is from God and no one else. By the same token God gives each of us freedom to choose. Choose evil and call it good if you wish. Just do not expect all others to agree or follow suit, though, many do just that. Nevertheless, our constitution allows these God given rights, so in America you have the right to speak, which I would and have defended though we may disagree in part or altogether. These rights r cherished throughout the world. I know, as I've been many places.
            “Wide is the way” meaning to know what is good and correct so any can follow that direction. “And narrow is the gate, and few there be that enter.,” meaning MOST people will not make a real effort to follow His Word.
            I believe I can live along side most any religion other than the religion of hatred, murder, intimidation, sexism, and intolerance, that being Muslim, as it holds no values in common with Christians. I hold the shooting of a 13 y/o girl in the head for wanting to go to school and murdering of Christians on a large scale as prime examples of it. But, do not insist I agree or be silent with all others, though they may be the majority. And since morality is a family matter and most personal I will voice my belief that it should not be taught and/or flaunted publically by those who are perfectly aware it is forbidden by religion upon which this country was founded and opposed by some who hold no religious belief, yet strongly disagree with such teachings.
            No, I am not without sin. No one is, yet, I shall not be muted or intimidated in my homeland that used to relish being more free than any nation on the planet.
            If you can say it is natural and I disagree, then, I shall not be silenced either, since I hold it is simply a choice and for people of religion it is walking (proudly) with Satin while pretending it to be a natural course of events due to some mythical difference in our genome. B.S.

          • worn out 123

            On the contrary. Give all the speeches you want. I'll defend you as much as I can in your right to do so. It is others who would deny free speech to this man , because it is THEY who would deny morality and free speech thereof.

    • Truth

      Does this mean as a woman I'm good to lie with a woman?

  • Steve

    Phil Robertson for president

    • Some1


    • your hero

      of the southern backwoods ignorant empty headed club…

      • BB

        that ‘southern backwoods ignorant’ has a masters degree. How about you?

        • GVU

          You said it before I could :)

        • your hero

          wow..so he bought an online degree…BFD

          • worn out 123

            That is more than u did, chump.

        • SDC

          He has a grad degree in English from many years ago, when college was much easier. Doesn't mean he isn't smart – He probably is reasonably intelligent, but he is also very indoctrinated. Plus, his livlihood is now tied up in saying ignorant stuff, and playing that part — the money is rolling in from the niche who loves him.

  • bishop

    i stand with you all,, it is what it is and says what it says in the bible..and i would appreciate if people stop quoting matthew 7:1-5 phil is not judging he is just saying what the bible says………..bishop baker [california] [singlefather48@att.net]

    • your hero

      phony quotes from the bible mean nothing….

      • worn out 123

        Who are you to deny others beliefs. Certainly no ones hero.

        • your hero

          your hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • worn out 123

            My hero!? You wouldn't make a hair on the mole on may azz.

          • your hero

            please… you could only dream of me being anywhere near your lame self…

          • worn out 123

            You might be right about that.

  • William W. Vickery Jr.

    Lets not forget that most educated people who actually understand the bible would never quote from it. It is a book that should be taken as an ancient aesop fables. It was compiled by people who had political reasons for including certain books. God is within us, we should not need a reference book. The Bible has become a stone that people like to throw at other people. One more thing, just because someone says they are a born again Christian does not suddenly give them some super power over everyone else, you should be trying to stay out of the light and figure out why you left God in the first place.

    • Amanda Lynn Larson

      I have a bachelor's degree and I quote the Bible on occasion. Though not in debates with belief of other faiths or no faith, as that serves no real purpose. Let's not embrace the the stereotype that Christians are uneducated- we're all over the place, like any other group.

  • your hero

    This guy Robertson is a complete moron and will be forgotten in a week

    • GVU

      You sir, are an idiot…and the problem with this country.

    • worn out 123

      And the Bible?? For that is what he speaks. He simply speaks those thing preached all over America. Don't like to hear the word of God!? Turn the channel. Don't whine and snivel that you hate God and can't stand to hear the good word. Turn it off.

    • nmaldorobles

      Play nice….

  • DJBliss

    Phil was just quoting Gods word NOT his, I guess people can not handle the truth of Gods word?

    1Co 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

    1Co 6:10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

    1Co 6:11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

    • Fargol

      Just to be clear, it's not necessarily God's word. It's the words of men who wrote the book.

      If it's okay with you, I'll form my own opinions about things. For example, I don't consider homosexuality evil like some in this thread seem to be doing.

      • Wright Ryder

        Just to be clear, your opinion that the bible is a book of mens words is something I disagree with, but ill leave you perfectly entitled to that view.

        You may not consider homosexuality evil, but many Christians do, and many non religious people do as well. Have you ever stopped to consider that?

        • jason m

          are you having a hard time breathing? it has to be difficult with your head so far up your azz

          • Wright Ryder

            Having to insult me only proves that you have surrendered all pretense of an intelligent position thanks to me. I thank you for your roundabout acknowledgement of the superiority of my argument :)

        • SDC

          Well, apparently the Pope doesn't consider it evil, and neither do some Methodists. Neither do many Episcopals, Neither do some Presbyterians, and even 35% of Evangelical Christians do not consider it immoral. So, if you add all that up, the majority of Christians do not consider it immoral. That is not to say that some do not consider it to be something they understand or even find strange. But, guess what, I don't want to think of many heterosexual couples at Walmart having sex with each other either. It sickens me to think of obese ugly people having sex — But that doesn't mean I'm going to preach about it, or try to take their rights away. It is none of my business.

      • Lynn Kosiek-Hansen

        It IS God Word, He gave the Ten Commandments to Moses directly and God inspired each book of the bible, no human theories would have been correct. What so many forget is thIs is what our Country's Constitution based it's norm for law and order on. Many of our forefathers were not Christian, but they could not find any more perfect set of rules to govern a country with, for all people.

        • SDC

          You believe that because the book says it. But you have no reason to believe that this book is “God's word.” You believe it, because, like me, you were told that as a child, and never bothered to question it.

    • SDC

      It's not “God's word.” It is a book, written by men. Who said it was God's word? Even the Bible itself doesn't say that the entire Bible is “God's word.” You believe that because someone told it to you when you were very young, and you never bothered to question it.

  • David

    I hate the lifestyle of homosexuality because 1. It goes against natural order, common sense and basic reasoning 2. The creator says it is wrong. This doesn't make me a hater. I hate the sin just as God hates the sin, but I don't hate the sinner just as God died for us all while we were yet sinners. Homosexuality is an evil act…even if I never knew the bible. I condemned it long before I ever knew God.

    • Fargol

      It's an evil act? Really?

      So who is it hurting?

      • worn out 123

        Our children, that's who. Exposure to perversion does hurt the impressionable minds of children. Think, man!

        • Drew

          It's hurts the children? So what your saying is being gay and a pedophile are on the same level. There are children who before they even come into the ideas of homosexuality believe they are gay. It's not perversion to walk around holding the hand of ur loved one or kissing the one you love. Homosexuality isn't an impression or a choice. If a child is seeing it and believes in it. It's obviously built into their body now impressed upon them

          • worn out 123

            All manner of sin is “built into our bodies”. We are born in sin. Mans nature is sinful. That is true. “. . . . who before they even . . . .” B.S.! Psychology. Many psychologists will find a “good” reason to explain homosexuality, often so homosexuals don't hurt themselves when they discover they are already homosexual in nature. Mans nature. That doesn't mean they are teaching truth. They are doctors & often trying to save a persons life. No one is born a homosexual. Not one. Not ever. It is learned.
            Read Maslow for another opinion. We are the sum of our environments, our life experiences. When I was young I was cold for two winters. I hate real cold weather.
            It is a choice. and those that are not taught what is sin shall fall therein. That's what real believers teach their children. Who is anyone but the parents to teach moral behavior to there OWN children. By what measure of moral authority does anyone have to indoctrinate children as to what is “normal sexual behavior” if not their own parents, without interference!? As a parent I can turn the channel or block what I want from my children. But, even that isn't good enough for the communist -progressive agenda. To have a good idea of what is happening in America one should read the speech of Nikita Khrushchev September 29, 1959. They coerce, boldly remove a mans teachings from the airways, deny him the right of free speech, his opportunity to express his religious views on the public airways. Free speech and freedom of religion was once guaranteed under the constitution.
            For thousands of years the moral compass of millions has been the Bible. Leave us alone. Stop with the “I'm here! I'm queer! Get used to it!” chants. Stop intimidating, coercing , and indoctrinating other parents children in moral directions. You may believe it moral if you wish. Bestiality is also moral to one who denies the word of God. I couldn't say if that is coming next, but, don't exclaim it to our children if believe in it. You have no right to distract them from the teachings of parents.
            A child only believes in it if it is TAUGHT as a “normal lifestyle”. Again, moral teachings of children other than yours are not your business and really I do not care who you are; a rich, famous actor, or whoever. The right and responsibility of teaching morality to their own children, without deviant interference is that of the parent.
            For one; coercing of preachers to not preach their beliefs. For another; the open gay parades and lifestyles sparks the minds of the innocent to thinking about perverse things at an early age.
            Pedophilia is an entirely different subject. Do not put words in my mouth, sir. My moral compass is not issue here either. Don't cloud the issue with other issues.

          • Truth

            You do realize that so many bad things have been done claiming the bible was their moral compass? That does not mean the bible is not from God. What it does show is that when you use the bible to comndemn that leads to many bad things, death, war, slavery…. You are also so interesting in that you don't want anyone stateing their beliefs or indoctrinating other parents chilren in moral directions but you demand your right to free speech and the abilityto indoctriante everyone you come in contact with. My parents didn't teach me “normal lifestyle” rules outside of loving my neighbor and trying to be the best person I could be. Again you demand freedom but demand that gays not have parades because its something you don't like (ok feel strongly about) or will somehow sparks something in the minds of innocents (do you take your kids to these parades).

          • worn out 123

            You misrepresent the facts. You can have free speech also, and I will defend your right to do so. Parades praising perversion are going a bit far, IMO, but, no one stopped you, certainly I would not. If you want to worship evil even though it sickens me and sets a bad example for the young and impressionable go ahead. For one must defend free speech, ESPECIALLY when it is disagreeable. Parades are considered a form of free speech. So you just told a lie about me, pure and simple.

          • SDC

            First of all they are not “worshipping evil.” Some heterosexuals live wild and immoral lifestyles also. Many gays do not like the parades, or the flamboyant lifestyle. They think it doesn't represent them well. Those are the ones you don't see. Those are the ones that you probably don't even know are gay. And, many are married to heterosexuals, just trying to live a normal life, trying to fit in, but their orientation is gay. Many end up divorcing.

          • SDC

            As a psychologist, I can tell you that it is believed by almost all experts in the field that people are born homosexual. It might be due to hormones in the womb, specifically a set of markers that are usually erased before birth, but do not in homosexuals get erased… It's complicated – too much to write here. But, if it is caused by hormones in the womb, then that, too is considered “environmental” but it is due to an environment before birth. Aside from the science, I personally take the word of thousands of homosexuals, 99% of whom have said that they have known they were “different” ever since they can remember. I also take their word for it that they cannot change their sexual orientation any more than I could change from being heterosexual to homosexual… even if I wanted to, I would never be able to “change.” Have some compassion for heaven's sakes. Gay people are your friends, they are your neighbors, they are your coworkers, and many of them are actually married with children — trying their best to live a “heterosexual” life even though they are gay. YOu just don't know that they are gay. They are struggling. Many have committed suicide. The onesyou see are the flamboyant ones, just like some heterosexuals live a wild lifestyle, some homosexuals do also.. but there are many who just want to go to work, make a living, be in love, pay their taxes, and act responsibly. Who are you to judge?

          • Wornh out 123

            You are defending only the non “flamboyant ” homosexuals, then? I don't think u r looking at more than one issue here, while there are several issues in question. For one the God issue you bso eloquently argue against. U apply your extensive education to place your years of “educated” philosophy that God does not exist. WRONG! You have no super intellect to deny anyone the right to a philosophy which denies the moral precepts they have followed for thousands of years before you learned people arrived on the scene. The bible is the written philosophy you deny. Part of the reason you make your argument is you don’
            t have eyes for seeing nor ears for hearing. This, due in large part, to your vast educational background.. You take not prisoners and have no mercy for other philosophies than your own. This may come as a shock, however, you are NOT perfect in your beliefs either, sir/ maam. Do not ridicule the mainstay of people who have not the desire and/or ability to undergo years of expensive education, but, utilize what is available and most useful to them to guide them. For your edification, if you CHOOSE to read the bible properly you may find a beautiful philosophy to adopt. Remember too, any written word is subject to interpretation of the reader. God is love and the fear not the lord is to hate evil. Notice I did not say the evildoer. Those who choose to violate these precepts are walking a dangerous path I think u must agree, regarding children and social stigma. Ask yourself if you would rather have biological grandchildren or just you daughters friend.
            I would ask you not attack the moral beliefs of others by dissecting the biblical beliefs, proven beneficial as well as misused and misinterpreted for hundreds of years as it is the basis of morality for millions who correctly interpret the meanings.
            There are too many over educated elitists like yourself who profess to know that which is right only to benefit themselves by vilifying the morals of others while encouraging others down a path of possible moral decay. Same sex: Next it will be beastiality is fine: The worship of precious metals also. “They were born that way, for heavens sake.” Have mercy on them. I am! I do not deny their right to perversion. Just don't you or any other egghead try to recreate my moral code either.via a superior use of the language or LOUD, REPETITIOUS clamoring of perverseness is right. It is not born into humans, nor is it right, nor is it in any manner proper..
            You are not texting to an easily influenced youth now. One easily led by your soft soaping B.S..


          • SDC

            First of all, I never said I did not believe in God. It is possible to believe in God, and not subscribe to your brand of fundamentalism, as was recently evidenced by the Pope, many clergy of the United Methodist Church, The Epsicopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Presbyterian Church and many others who understand that people are born gay, and should not be judged for something they did not choose. Many of those are now allowing gay clergy, and blessing gay marriages, or commitments. The Catholic Church doesn't approve gay marriage, but is very welcoming to gay people, and the Pope has said we must look into gay unions of some type. /// Even before I ever went to college, I knew, just through common sense, that gay people didn't choose to be gay. They were born that way. Why would they lie? Why wouldn't they just say, “hey I want to be gay, so mind your own business.” But they don't say that. They all say they have known they were different from early childhood. Most say they would choose to be heterosexual if given the choice. // I know the Bible quite well. I was raised Southern Baptist. I switched to a mainline denomination as an adult at the age of 30. So I do know the comforting parts of the Bible, and I often quote them. But, I also know that God is too big to dictate a book. However, regarding homosexuals, science is simply beginning to confirm what common sense told me all along. That sexual orientation is inborn. Whatever you believe, don't you think we should err on the side of “judge not” and “God is love.” I think so. I am all for morals. But, in the case of the fundamentalists, it often seems that they have it reversed — good is bad, and bad is good.. They hurt others instead of following the teachings of Jesus. They believe that “believing right” is what is important, rather than loving their neighbors and treating people right. // I didn't ridicule anyone, if you read my original statement again.

          • Worn Out 123

            Who are you to claim biological fantacy? Who are you to claim my moral code is wrong or that I have no authority to speak it aloud? Most experts in your field are over educated nincompoops, IMO.
            Never attempt to dictate your moral code upon me. You will again fail miserably as you just have.

      • Gary Bryan

        who,the spread of what,wow

    • SDC

      Homosexuality is a sexual orientation. It is not an act. If you have a daughter, and you say, she is heterosexual, does that mean that she is sexually active? No, it means that that is the orientation that she was born with – Same with gay people. I truly hope you do not ever have a gay child or grandchild, or if you do, that you will actually look up the information before you drive them to suicide.

  • lisawldrn

    This whole thing is not just about homosexuality, but mankind on a
    whole, who continually rejects and resist God the Father and His Son
    Jesus Christ. Yet even in this season of Christmas who does mankind
    celebrate just for a day or two and lifestyles do match Jesus’ that's
    why He came as Savior to this world. For me it all boils down to this
    everyone of us would have to give an account for our lives whether we
    believe there is a God or not. Jude 1: 15 – To execute judgement upon
    all and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly
    deeds which they have ungodly committed and of all their hard speeches
    which ungodly sinners have spoken against him……………. May Jesus
    be magnified in your life this Christmas!!

    • Gary Bryan

      the bible says to cast all sin out until cleansed,casting out means to bring forth out into the open sin so it can be shameful,so if the congregation accepts sin in any way,especially in your HEART,Then the gongregation as a whole has sinned,therefore not led by God guiding light,Truth is best,and that's why the world is like it is accepting sin instead of casting out to where people feel shameful of their actions and they REPENT…May God bless you all with wisdom…

      • SDC

        “The Bible says…” That's where you start. But you forgot to ask yourself who wrote the Bible. Hint: It wasn't God.

  • stan

    the only one that walked this earth without sin was Jesus Christ, so all of us Christians are sinners but we are trying to live a better life through Christ , the world attacks Christians because we are their conscience and they don't like to know that they are sinning, Christ's loved the sinner but hated the sin so he is going to come back someday not as a loving Lord but a judge so instead of putting people who are trying to spread the word down repaint

    • SDC

      If that's what you believe, then so be it. Let it be. No one else needs to judge or mind anyone else's business.

  • Choose

    Vines rightly points out that the word is a compound term made up of arsen, which means “male” and koite, which means “bed” in reference to being used in a sexual manner. (The word “coitus” is derived from koite and refers to sexual intercourse.) To make his case against arsenokoites meaning homosexual sex, Vines and other homosexual apologists assert that you cannot easily take compound terms and create a word that has an explicit meaning from them. Vines uses the words “butterfly” and “honeymoon” as examples.

    However, this argument overlooks the critical fact that the Bible of Paul and of his readers in the first century was the Septuagint, which is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament. Why is that important?

    When you look at the Septuagint's translation of Leviticus 20:13, which is one of the verses condemning homosexual behavior, something very interesting is found: the compound word Paul uses for homosexual in 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy, arsenokoites.

    The text could not be any more plain—arsen and koite are side by side and form the homosexual term that Paul used in his New Testament epistles. This fact devastates Vines’ assertion a person cannot know the real meaning behind many words formed via compound terms. In this case, it is very clear.

    Moreover, Vines and others promoting homosexual Christianity admit that the Leviticus passage condemns homosexual sex, but they attempt to diffuse the prohibition by saying there are “many things that these passages say that don't apply to Christians today.”

    Paul evidently disagreed where God's holiness code is in view, and in particular, where homosexuality is concerned.

    The passages in 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy dealing with homosexual behavior do indeed condemn homosexual sex and warn those practicing that lifestyle of the eternal consequences that will come from continuing in that behavior. However, it is interesting in Vines’ message that he didn't keep reading in 1 Corinthians where Paul says: “Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God” (1 Corinthians 6:11; my emphasis). Why ignore this verse?

    Vines doesn't cite the passage because Paul's statement negates the idea of acceptable homosexual Christianity. Paul tells his readers that such practices were evidences of their old life, but now that they have been born again, they have new holy affections and desires, which stand in opposition to the way they used to live.

    Does this mean that Christians never sin or are impervious to temptation? Not at all. But it does mean they recognize the sins Paul lists in both the 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy passages as being sinful, and they cannot use the Bible to try and justify a lifestyle they want to participate in that goes against God's moral law.

    In the end, the arguments that Vines and other homosexual apologists make against these passages in Paul's epistles falls flat. Their emotional appeals may tug at the heart, but their facts don't stand up to the meaning found in the text.

    • Brad

      Charlie sheen is an idiot….no discussion needed or worth it

      • worn out 123

        But! I will defend his right to free speech. Will others do the same? We must realize that to have free speech it is of the utmost importance we defend those utterings of which we personally disapprove even more than the rest. Naturally, speech that incites others to violence is the exception to the rule of free speech.
        So, go ahead now, your hero; sputter your gibberish.

    • worn out 123

      Very nicely done.

    • claude

      Sorry, Charley neither Leviticus nor Paul speak for Jesus. The bible was written (and re-written) by a bunch of flesh and blood men and Paul pretty much made it all up with his “visions”.
      Bottom line no way can you justify your homophobia through anything Jesus actually said.

      • Wright Ryder

        Only a fascist would use his own theophobic beliefs to try and stymie an americans right to express his.

        Whether you agree with robertson or not, he has the right to express his religious beliefs as he did. Attacking the bible with your ignorant knee jerk antipathies only serves to highlight that the only ones guilty of any phobic reactions are you and alll the homo trolls on here.

  • A daugter of the “King”

    Leave the man alone,he believes in the word of God ,donot judge him, Only God has that right,and what about freedom of speech!

    • Fargol

      “what about freedom of speech!”

      LOL at ignorance.

  • Jim

    My goodness people!! If you agree with what Phil said or not does not matter here. You fail to realize that the very foundations of this country are at stake and that's FREEDOM OF SPEACH and RELIGION.

    • SDC

      He has freedom of speech, and no one has tried to take that away from him. The government hasn't contacted him about keeping quiet. That's freedom of speech. Also, A&E, and all his critics have freedom of speech, and they have the same right to use it. Thanks.

  • NMaldoRobles

    This needs to STOP…
    Comment has been made nd there is no turning back. Lets all just sit back nd now let God handle this situation that has such an uproar nd GET ALONG cus that wat God wants from all of us. This has become a thorn already. I too dont believe in any Gay activities but do respect whom they choose to become. Nd u could post that on GQ magazine .A&E could suspend me indefinitely because I quiet “GOD has my back”

  • claude

    Actually, Jesus was probably gay. Ran around with 12 other guys, founded a church run by men only, and embraced a book that is very much male oriented. Food for thought….

    • Gary Bryan

      not a believer here is an atheist,lol

      • Terri Sears-Kramer

        More like a psychopath–wait until he stands before Jesus and gets to tell Him he thinks that He was gay.

  • Luis Padilla

    Many heterofobic in the media (word I just have created)…The 2% f gay population around the word must respect our right to marry women and believe in God, I'm tired of all this media gay and atheist campaign. And of course we welcome gay people in our churches, just like Jesus did, but we show then what the bible teach about it.

    • SDC

      Many homosexuals are christians, not atheists, my dear. The Pope just says he is going to look into civil unions.. Why would he even bother to look into it if it is such a sin to be born homosexual. Grow up. Do you show obese people what the Bible says about obesity also? Do you tell them that it says that their stomach is their God (so they cannot possibly be Christians) and that they should put a knife to their throat? You are picking and choosing based on your own prejudices.

  • Paul Fullerton

    Come on people of the U S A STAND ALONG SIDE OF PHIL AND OUR LORD

  • Ziggy

    You understand without sin., religion is out of business.
    Much like if there wasn't any crime there would be no need for police.

    • worn out 123

      I appreciate your comment. I might have said, “Much like if the slothful were made fabulously wealthy vagrants would need no compassion.”
      What's the odds?

  • Nessa Savagne

    Just here: we all have freedoms–not all of us agree. No matter which side you're on, you can't make everyone happy. I shall not post what I believe just for that reason. To be ridiculed on the internet for what you do or do not believe in is ludicrous. In the end, we're all people–all with a right to our own opinions, and I truly don't think–though I wish was possible–that anybody's ever going to change another person's mind by arguing with them through a monitor.

    • worn out 123

      Agreed. Just got weary of hearing one side of issues. Too many fear others will paint them wrongly if they speak their minds. Since I began texting I have been called names, wrongly labeled, and just wrongly accused. For what? Freely expressing myself in America. However, I have also discovered others who feel similarly. —- I am not alone.

  • mildred

    To the daughter of the king.you said that GOD is the only one that could judge so what the he** are you doing right know .IM so tired you don't go to church and then talk about this person and next’ why you just ask GOD TO HELP THAT PERSON.Have of the% of people that don't go to church is because people like you


    TIM MOLLOY: ‘You’ sir, are NO GENTLEMAN! you have no consideration to the rights of GAYS you damage their plight with your ZEALOT'S approach!
    Nor do you care for Black American rights, your pieces so far are full of ILL opinionated angry, and DISMAL SMUT, This story spills DISSENT and RABIES from your teeth and rotten mind, into the world you have spilled poison of the foulest kind: INFLAMMATORY PRO RACIAL AND BIGOTRY, HATE!

    Whilst you where writing, know that the PEOPLE! where not ignorant, those of us who took the time AND READ the whole article's interview TEXT! found that Mr Phil Robertson:
    (1) has worked in COTTON FIELDS along with all manner of people and color of skin, that he worked with them as comrades! which puts him in the race issue; as a ‘how to model’ for inter racial peer bonding of the HIGHEST FORM!
    (2) Deeply cares for the souls of people, so much that he risked RIDICULE AND PERSECUTION for his beliefs by voicing that he worries for “ALL SINNERS”, this makes him an incredibly DEVOUT CHRISTIAN, and a hopeless romantic for thinking the world was ready to embrace love to all, minding that he is a christian exercising HIS FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND 1RST amendment right to express it!

    And about GAYS, are you really saying that GAYS are above sin? mind you SIN means to offend GOD with your thought and action! to go against THE COVEN of God and MAN. when in in scripture we are all SINNERS and still loves us all, and “God”(of the christian belief) deemed that homosexual behavior is just that, a BEHAVIOR(a subculture) and further that it was a detestable act in his eyes! because he did not design HUMANS for such things.
    TAKE UNDER CONSIDERATION! God(the verb, the action, the word) did give humanity CHOICE AND FREE WILL! (which Obama is infringing on with his Obama-care's obligatory nature) but i digress.

    Mr Tim Molloy, i as a forgiving person, DO invite you to APOLOGIZE, for the manner in which you have SLANDERED Mr Robertson, lest you are willing to face criminal charges for DAMAGES to his INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER, as Mr Roberton does have a case against you and Yahoo if he so wished it, due to the over abundance of evidence floating online with your signature, in direct action to damage his reputation and taking a direct attack against his INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Know that as a columnist for YAHOO and a reporter of sorts you have a RESPONSIBILITY to the truth, to be UNBIASED! and reserve your opinions to a place outside of the actual column, like the COMMENTS, the article's BODY is supposed to be FACTUAL AND TRUE! free from, DISSUADING SENSATIONALISM.
    The reasons why THE CRACKER BARREL RESTAURANTS, and A&E are reinstating the show and supporting the products is, simple, THERE WAS NO OFFENSE COMMITTED, GIVEN IN HIS STATEMENTS, during the interview, while he exercised, his GOD GIVEN and US CONSTITUTIONALLY protected rights to belief and OPINION to remind us that WE THE PEOPLE, who where created equal, and watch over by the same GOD!, need more FAITH! in our lives to become closer to divinity and love one another more properly! Find something to believe in, Mr Molloy, or you will fall for anything, making an incredibly irresponsible fool of yourself, since you are in the public access and opinion industry, ruining the good name of Yahoo and ruining not just YOUR credibility, but that of the company you represent.

  • SusieQ

    Oh, hey, you guys are forgetting one thing – NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES IN THE BIBLE. You cannot push your homophobic beliefs that come from a book of make-believe on other people. I am so sick of people blindly following a book filled with homophobia, misogyny, and other horrific acts of violence, because…? Because its old? Because someone TOLD you it was the word of God? Get real, people. There is no logical reason why two people of the same gender loving each other is wrong.

  • Craig Mack

    This country needs more people like the Robertsons, and I am a city boy. The reason our country is in such a moral dilemma is because Christians aren't allowed freedom of speech, but gays that make up 2% of the population can say whatever they please because we want to be politically correct. This is a step in the right direction. Robertson believes in the BIBLE yet he was chastised for it, yet these whackos are allowed to preach Sharia Law openly and freely along with versus from the Koran which offends many people, and even goes as far to say that all infidels should be killed, more or less. Guess who the infidels are? JEWS, CHRISTIANS, MORMONS, GAYS, PRETTY MUCH IF YOU ARE NOT MUSLIM YOU ARE AN INFIDEL! Do not let anyone try to twist words into it meaning something different because that's what it boils down to. Gays can march around half naked women dressed as men and vice versa, everyday is Halloween. Even straight up racist groups like the KKK and the Aryans have more freedom of speech than Christians. It is a said state of affairs when the Constitution was written based on Christian ideals, including letting people of other religions worship what they want has now been twisted against them. Anything a Christian person makes a statement about is scrutinized, ripped apart, and twisted into something that was not the intended message, while other groups speak freely and openly about all kinds of evils and unhealthy platforms. It makes me sick. To hell with all of this political correctness. Its time to make America, AMERICAN AGAIN AND LET ALL VOICES BE HEARD! INSTEAD OF THE LIBERAL MEDIA CONTROLLING WHICH SIDES OF THE STORY WE SEE, DEMONIZING GOOD PEOPLE, AND HIGHLIGHTING ALL NEGATIVES. PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO WAKE UP AND REALIZE SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT WHEN THE NEWS TELLS THE SAME SIDE OF THE STORY EVERYDAY. THIS WILL GET RIGHTED AROUND AND YOU ULTRA RICH BASTARDS THAT HAVE PURPOSELY ATTEMPTED TO DISMANTLE THIS COUNTRY WILL ALL FALL. TYRANNY HAS BEEN DEFEATED ON THIS SOIL BEFORE AND I HAVE A FEELING ITS COMING AGAIN, AND REMEMBER, THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY IS TO UPHOLD AND PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS COUNTRY, WHICH WILL BE GREAT AGAIN. DO YOU THINK THEY SUPPORT OBAMA? GOD BLESS OUR ENTIRE MILITARY AND REMEMBER ALL OF THEIR FAMILIES LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY AND ARE VERY AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON. ALL THE WAY UP TO THE COLONELS, GENERALS, ADMIRALS, AND ALL OTHER HIGH RANKING OFFICIALS HAVE FAMILIES THAT TELL THEM ABOUT HOW WE ARE LOSING SOVEIRGNTY EVERYDAY, ARE UNFAIRLY TAXED, AND SUBJECTED TO A TERRIFYING MEDICAL FUTURE. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK THEY WILL LET YOU LOCK US ALL UP IN YOUR CAMPS THAT FEMA HAS DESIGNED. LOCK UP THEIR OWN MOTHERS AND FATHERS. FUCK FEMA OR SHOULD I SAY THE FUTURE GOVERNMENT. GOD BLESS AMERICA THE REPUBLIC WILL BE RESTORED IN ITS ENTIRETY. IT WILL GET UGLY, BUT IT WILL GET THERE YOU BASTARDS.

  • Peenstr2

    Love you Phil Robertson!! AMEN

  • Wright Ryder

    Phil Robertson has a master's degree in education. For all of you ignorant heathens that spoke of him as being an “uneducated ignorant redneck” etc i'll bet you ignoramuses never bothered to research that, didnt you?