Eminem Wasn't Lip-Syncing on ‘SNL,’ Rep Claims

Eminem Wasn't Lip-Syncing on 'SNL,' Rep Claims

Despite what some media claimed, “Berzerk” rapper wasn't pulling an Ashlee Simpson on “Saturday Night Live”

In the days since his performance on “Saturday Night Live,” Eminem has been accused of lip-syncing. Now the rapper's publicist is telling the world to read his lips: It just ain't true.

Denying claims that have popped up in the media over the past couple of days, the rapper's representative says that Eminem — whose new album,”The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” drops Tuesday –  says that, while Eminem did indeed perform with backing tracks, he did in fact rap live during the performance.

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He rhymed over a layered vocal with accent tracks to make it sound like the album,” his publicist told TheWrap in a statement.

Various media outlets have called Eminem out for allegedly lip-synching on “SNL.”

Eminem didn't really try to hide it either, pulling the mic away several times while his ‘vocals’ continued at full volume,” TMZ reported Monday, referring to the rapper's performance of the song “Berzerk.”

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Spin.com made a similar accusation, allowing that, while it couldn't be said for sure that he was faking it, the rapper didn't live up to his reputation.

“Twitter was full of commenters pointing out it sure looked like Eminem was lip-syncing, and whether he was or not, that's the real crime: Here's the guy who wins every rap Olympic gold medal, and he couldn't even convincingly appear to be swimming,” Spin's Marc Hogan wrote.

Ashlee Simpson found herself at the center of a scandal in 2004, when it was revealed that she was performing to a prerecorded vocal.

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