‘Cosmos’ Evolution Segment Cut Out of Fox Affiliate Broadcast

'Cosmos' Evolution Segment Cut Out of Fox Affiliate Broadcast


Oklahoma's KOKH says they inadvertently cut the segment: “This was an operator error & we regret the error”

Censorship or an honest mistake?

During Sunday's telecast of Neil deGrasse Tyson's “Cosmos,” Oklahoma City's Fox affiliate KOKH cut away from a segment discussing evolution to air a promo of the local news.

“We are newcomers to the Cosmos,” Tyson started to explain in the clip. ”Our own story only begins on the last night of the cosmic year. It's 9:45 on New Year's Eve…” At this point, KOKH cut from the program to a commercial for the evening news.

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While the promo aired, viewers missed Tyson discussing how humans evolved.

“Three and a half million years ago, our ancestors — your and mine left these traces,” Tyson said, and gestured towards footprints. “We stood up and parted ways from them. Once we were standing on two feet, our eyes were no longer fixated on the ground. Now, we were free to look up and wonder.”

After a “Cosmos” fan uploaded video on YouTube and pointed out the awkward edit, KOKH Fox 25 released a statement on Twitter, disputing any nefarious intentions.”Sunday, during @COSMOSonTV, a local news promo was aired over a portion of COSMOS content. This was an operator error & we regret the error,” KOKH tweeted Wednesday.

TheWrap reached out to Neil deGrasse Tyson and KOKH for comment.


Watch KOKH's broadcast below:

Watch the full Cosmos segment:

  • Tikkanen

    Sad to see such ignorance and fear of science in 2014.


    Yeah, BS on that one. If no one had said anything, they would have just kept going.

  • hupto

    In a related story, Lee Harvey Oswald claimed he was aiming at a guy who owed him fifty bucks and shot the wrong guy by mistake.

  • T.L.

    I actually have to have to give KOKH the benefit of the doubt on this one. It might have been a case of extremely poor timing. I'm from there, and I can tell you that inadvertent cuts within a program to run a promo or commercial break happen a lot on Oklahoma City television; KOKH has had this happen a few other times. KFOR (the NBC affiliate) has had it happen a lot. It doesn't happen as often with the area's other network affiliates.

    • Great Primate

      Thank you, OKC didn't mastermind the the outage. It's not like its new information, or we're in an age without internet. It's a major city in the US, this isn't China.

    • A.L. Hern

      We'll know if it's just poor timing if they schedule a re-airing of the episode in its entirety.

      • T.L.

        Fox already has a rebroadcast on its schedule for this Saturday.

    • hornacek

      So they're not ignorant – they incompetent?

  • Jimmy

    As if that will actually stop people from seeing it in the Internet Age.

  • xsquatchx

    I see this sort of ‘local affiliate’ sloppiness all the time, even here in NYC. I need more evidence of a conspiracy.

    • Guest

      It was a “perfect storm” of human error and automation that caused the inadvertent break-in. Local affiliates didn't get the opportunity to pre-screen “Cosmos,” so the conspiracy theory doesn't even make sense. If KOKH objected to “Cosmos” because of “controversial” content they would have simply dumped the entire program, as LDS-owned KSL in Salt Lake City does all the time with NBC programming it deems inappropriate. In any event, the station is re-airing it at 7PM Saturday – and you can bet there will be an extra layer of protection against any recurrence of this error.

  • James

    NOAH is very interesting while explaining the beginning. It doesn't shy away from anything. It's not what you would think for a film based on the bible.

  • Elisabeth Carrozza Wilkins

    Operator error my ass.

  • Robert Colontonio

    the stuff that happens in Lord of the Rings is more believable than the bible.

  • TheMatrixDNA

    Tyson is a magical thinker, sorry. Science to the public, yes, but, not associated with mysticism, graphic arts and computer simulations. There are two evidences for an initial big explosion and lots of evidences that the human body came from monkeys, but many more evidences for others non magical theories. See Matrix/DNA Theory, for instance: Nature applies nanotechnology for instance resuming an adult human into a microscopic genome and from it developing a baby. Then, before the origins of this Universe, there was a big natural and conscious systems, which was resumed into a microscopic genome. As a human body has its initial moment of origins by a big explosion of chromosoma envelope at the center of the egg liberating the genome, that's the origins of this Universe. As any human body takes 7 or 8 months for getting conscious, the baby of that extra-system took 13,7 billion years for getting conscious.

    Comparative anatomy between living and non-living systems discovered the link between Cosmological Evolution and Biological Evolution. It is the building block of atoms and galaxies and its configuration/functionality is the same of a base-pair of nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA. So, DNA is merely the biological shape of a universal genome called Matrix and this Universe is a kind of egg where is occurring a process of genetic reproduction. The first shape of this genome at the Big Bang was light waves, which shows a sequence of frequencies and vibrations that is the same sequence of any life's cycles changing the shapes of biological creatures. Light has the code for life. Now, I challenge Tyson to debunk this theory with proved known scientific facts. If you tells the Universal History based upon a Cosmic Calendar and talks about 13, 699 billions years in 20 minutes and after that, you need years for talking about the last 10 minutes, it means that you does not know anything about those 13, 6 billions years. At that past time, all forces producing the complexity we see here and now were producing something in the Universe. Where are them? The models of Matrix/DNA Theory are suggesting what they did. Magical creative accidents is an absurd belief.

  • Gamthin

    Well, we'll know after tonight if it was an accident or not. If they aired any of episode two it was an accident. If they had another “accident”, it would have had to wipe out this entire episode. It is ALL about evolution!

  • Julie

    Easy – replay the show!