Dailies | Female Streaker Shocks Crowd During President's Cup Golf Tournament (Photo)

Female Streaker Shocks Crowd During President's Cup Golf Tournament (Photo)

A flash of fleeting flesh livens up the proceedings at the match in Columbus, Ohio

With the NFL having kicked off and Major League Baseball in the midst of its playoffs, golf usually has a  tough time commanding attention around this time of year.

The Pro Golfers Association wasn't behind it, but Sunday's developments at the Presidents Cup tourney in Columbus, Ohio — where a female streaker raced across the fairway — might change all that.

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If viewers paid anywhere near the attention that tour veteran and U.S. team captain Fred Couples did when the woman flashed by, it could be a ratings bonanza.

For the record, the woman wasn't totally naked. She ran onto the fairway clad in black flats, a red g-string underwear, an American flag and what appeared to be stickers on her chest and back that read “Support Our Troops”.

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As for the match, the Americans bested the international squad when Tiger Woods delivered the winning point.

Sports site SBNation was first to post the photos. The one below was Tweeted by Rhonda Dixon.

golf.streaker.from afar

  • Billy

    Freddy doesn't seem to mind the streaker…..

  • batcat

    nothing to see there…… literally

  • Brian Willis

    staged for ratings

    • http://www.youtube.com/andymacprogamer Andrew

      Just like every other sport out there it's all rigged.

  • honeybear

    what am i looking at???

    • laurie

      A stick figure with a tat…

      • Dude

        She traded her teeth for the tat.

  • Ed Smith

    Tatts. Yuck.

  • greenback

    Why wasn't she executed by the police like the unarmed mother in Washington DC?

    • Guest

      For real. There's no protect and serve anymore so you're allowed to strike and kill back if you're being attacked it's always their word against theirs until someone shows proof of video so always have your video camera set up ready to film shit.

    • http://www.youtube.com/andymacprogamer Andrew

      For real. There's no protect and serve anymore so you're allowed to strike and kill back if you're being attacked it's always their word against yours, until someone shows proof of video so always have your video camera set up ready to film shit.

    • really

      the mother was armed with a 2 ton vehicle

      • Mini

        yes, ran into a police cruiser, and driving like a maniac with a baby in the back seat.

    • Bob Loopy

      She was driving a 2 ton vehicle…slammed into barrier protecting white house, slammed car into secret service agent, fled authorities and raced around Washington with God knows what in her car. The threat was neutralized. Police are not therapists, they can not interview everyone and decide what to do. They stopped threat. They are suppose to you idiot She could have had anything in her car..Of course her family said she was harmless, blah blah blah. They always do. Shame they didnt help her huh?

      • William

        Well you loop twirp how many police, FBI, SS, DC , and white house security, and how many patrol cars, in addition to armor vehicles. doe it take to coral one woman in a SMALL car. Without murdering her?

        • pacoSanchez

          law of natural selection… weed out the idiots like her. I am OK seeing her go. safer for the rest of us…

          • Glocklady

            Wow. I am speechless at your lack of humanity. I understand why they killed her but what a vicious and indecent comment on your part.

          • Dave

            Hey Paco, you might want to stop posting comment here, if they would kill an un-arm woman just imagine what they would do to an illegal.

        • Bob Loopy

          Well Willy boy I did not count. That small car weighed over a ton….struck an officer and other cars. Murder? Who was murdered? The woman who assualted police, rammed White House fence and refused to stop while endangering civilians and police? Hindsight sure is a great way to review events. Knowing then what we know now, authorities probably would have acted differently. You are just showing how foolish people are and not putting yourself in authorities place during event. So pull your head out of your a** and be realistic.

    • IHateLibs

      She wasn't Armed

      • cobra5000

        ^And you have no brains.

  • C K


  • Mark Shlosberg

    Is that you Ethel? You get your clothes on…

  • Dave Heckman

    Certainly a morale booster for the troops!

  • John Doe

    At least she could've been attractive… HEY, “I'm beastly ugly and have no boobs either, but hey, I wanna be looked at too in life
    and this might work!”

    • Steven C

      And most of you would “do” her in a minute. . . If you could ever catch her. Time to get off the couch guys

  • moonbat galoop

    Look how thin she is obviously single

  • Steve E Ames

    Was that the 19th hole we hear golfers talk about?

  • Ted Smith


  • Vctor Rossi


    Lots of big fussing over a pair of less that adequate breasts.

    Sounds like this fuss is being mastered by unhappy Mitt Romney supporters.

    • jaz

      this particular supporter of Mr. Romney is angry. Angry indeed. Things like this never happen when I'm golfing. And your breastism is absolutely disgusting, and has no place in modern society. You sir, are sickening.

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  • Kevin Vetrone

    5 years of caddying and that never happened once.

  • Robert MacKenzie

    the shaft on my club just got bigger!

  • Allan Winchester

    Waxed or natural??

  • jaz

    gone in a flash. Lickety split. Thanks for the mammaries.

  • RecoveringLiberal

    Her name is Annie Rexia.

  • nolcon

    Well, it could have been much worse… could have been a naked man!