Former Napster COO Struck by Cop Car, Killed During Bicycle Ride

Former Napster COO Struck by Cop Car, Killed During Bicycle Ride

Milton Olin Jr. died Sunday in Los Angeles

Milton Olin Jr., former chief operating officer of music-sharing site Napster, died when his bicycle was struck by a police patrol car at the 22000 block of Mulholland Highway.

The accident occurred early Sunday afternoon around 1 p.m., Sgt. Braden of the Calabasas Sheriff's Department told TheWrap. The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office identified the victim as the 65-year-old Olin Jr. An autopsy has not yet been scheduled, the Coroner's Office said.

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Both vehicles were reportedly traveling eastbound when they collided. The deputy, who got some glass in his eye when his windshield was apparently shattered from the impact, is “doing fine now,” Braden told TheWrap.

The investigation into the accident is ongoing.

According to his LinkedIn page, Olin Jr., a senior partner at Altschul & Olin, LLP, previously served as Napster chief operating officer between 2000-2002. Olin Jr. was educated at the UCLA School of Law, which he graduated from in 1975.

  • Kenneth

    MIlt was one of the good ones. RIP

  • Nom

    Drunk cop?

  • A.L. Hern

    I guess that there's a terrible price to pay for both road-sharing and file-sharing.

  • recwisey

    When road sharing between a bicycle and vehicle driver, be it civilian or law enforcement, the vehicle driver must ALWAYS be alert of the lesser threat of the two, and act accordingly. In the case where the law enforcement vehicle is responding to an emergency, then EXTRA care is required to be double alert to nearby pedestrians as well as other vehicles in the vicinity.

  • Michael Difani

    At over 71 I gave up bicycle riding at 15….too dangerous vs. scofflaw drivers. I got into cars and my first car, a '51 Buick coupe, was jes’ right. I see idiot bike riders at night, no lights, no helmet, dark clothes, riding against traffic. Some are so called brainy college students at San Diego State and UCSD. Oh yeah, real smart.

    • astralislux

      Riding against traffic was taught in schools as the safest way to ride for decades (so people will see you). In the late 90s they changed that idea.

  • Danny Kastner

    Not only a brilliant entertainment and digital technology attorney, Milt was entertaining, giving and
    just loved life and was so proud of his family. Thank you Milt Olin for
    enriching my life and everyone around you. I'll miss my guardian angel, mentor
    and friend.

  • Mark Tipton

    It would be nice if they told us whether or not the cop was responding to an emergency and whether or not he had his flashers and/or siren on? You have to hit someone pretty danged hard to shatter a windshield bad enough to throw glass into the driver's face.