Fox News Viewers Also Watch MSNBC, Study Says

Fox News Viewers Also Watch MSNBC, Study Says

Pew Research Center

About half of Fox News and MSNBC viewers watch CNN, according to Pew Center

The cable news wars have a few double agents in their midst. According to Pew's latest study on how Americans watch TV news, some Fox News viewers also watch MSNBC — and vice versa. An even larger percentage of both audiences also watch CNN.

According to Nielsen data prepared for Pew's study, about a third of people who watched MSNBC also watched Fox News, while just over half of them also watched CNN.

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A slighty smaller percentage — 28 — of Fox News viewers also watched MSNBC, although since Fox News has more actual viewers than MSNBC, the actual number of viewers may be higher. Forty-four percent of Fox News viewers also watch CNN.

As for CNN viewers, 38 percent also watch MSNBC and 39 watch Fox News.

CNN also topped the viewership levels — 20 percent of American adults while Fox News had 18 and MSNBC had 14 — but lags behind Fox News in the ratings because those viewers aren't watching its scheduled programs like they are Fox News'; that is, there wasn't enough “appointment viewing.”

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The data's from February 2013, when CNN CEO Jeff Zucker was just a month into his reign. He's since put several new shows in CNN's lineup; perhaps the channel will fare better as an appointment viewing destination in future studies.

The study also looked at where Americans got the TV news. Local affiliate news programs came out on top — 71 percent of Americans watch their local news shows. Sixty-five percent watch network news shows, and just 38 percent watched cable. The cable news watchers devoted nearly twice as much time than the local and network viewers.

  • 25438197bud

    You have to watch MSNBC sometimes, its clearly funnier than the comedy channel.

    • David Taylor

      Definitely true. You never know when they're going to edit tape for liberal purposes and then you can say, “I saw that live!”

  • David Taylor

    I watch primarily Fox News but also CNN and even MSNBC because they have more political coverage, although I find it slanted even during their “hard news” segments. “The place for politics.”

    • Debbie Nunn

      MSNBC doesn't have a hard news segment, they are about politics. They don't claim to be about news like Fox does and then gives right wing propaganda.

    • bille

      I agree with Nunn. regular Fox viewers don't know the difference between opinion (MSNBC- up front) or hard (fact) news or fair and balanced?? Fox news. A joke!

      • David Taylor

        The news segments are news but they are few. Most of what you see is opinion programming. People look for opinions that they agree with. I blame the media and Obama for being political and divisive, especially Obama.

  • Vinny Gugeech

    Yeah as a FOX viewer, mostly the Special Report with Bret Bair, I will turn to MSNBC to see how it compares. The world could be hit by an asteroid, but all you will see on MSNBC is “republican” war on women, blacks, gays or some other crap.

  • rob

    watch msnbc sometimes for laughs, can be really be over the top stupid, funny when ED goes off, that man is crazy. Mad lady she is boring, as hell, Softball is a joke, all liberals so the results are all the same bias anti Fox every night and can get really worked up, u have to laugh because the news is mostly fixed so always conservatives and republicans come out looking bad, I use to get mad but now its so funny I laugh

  • tyler

    basically this article says “liberals” are more closed minded than conservatives how ironic.

  • payingattention

    I guess a Fox watcher couldn't let himself believe that MSNBC tells the truth or they would have to admit that Fox does not. Fox blatantly makes stuff up. If you watched CSPAN, Public TV and the speeches you would see MSNBC is factual – Do your homework – don't be a sheep. Fox watchers are so easily led

  • Dinkmul

    I have tried to watch MSNBC but I don't have the cool aid mentality to see it through. For some reason, I just can't! Maybe it is the false foods they sprew.