George Zimmerman Jailed for Allegedly Holding Girlfriend at Gunpoint (Updated)

George Zimmerman Jailed for Allegedly Holding Girlfriend at Gunpoint (Updated)

He allegedly barricaded the door with furniture, but did not resist arrest

George Zimmerman was arrested Monday for allegedly holding his girlfriend at gunpoint with a shotgun in central Florida. He is currently being held without bail in Seminole County.

During the alleged domestic disturbance incident, Zimmerman is accused of pointing the long-barreled shotgun at the woman before pushing her out of the front door and barricading himself behind it with furniture. The dispute had to do with a separation in the relationship, the Sheriff's Office said in a press conference.

Contrary to prior media reports, the victim, presumed to be Zimmerman's girlfriend disclosed that she is not pregnant. The two had been co-habitating since August. There is a 9-1-1 call that has not yet been released.

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Zimmerman, who has been charged with aggravated assault, among other crimes, is currently in solitary confinement — a traditional means for “high-profile individuals.” If released, the Sheriff's office will ask for electronic monitoring, another standard request in domestic violence cases.

Zimmerman first entered the public eye during his second-degree murder trial for shooting and killing teenager Trayvon Martin in February 2012. He was acquitted of the charge, but the crime resonated with America, sparking debates on larger civil rights-related subjects.

The verdict also brought to national attention Florida's “stand-your-ground” self-defense laws, which were successfully used in Zimmerman's defense.

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    Can I have good yet?

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    In his defense he thought she may have been involved in a string of robberies happening in and around his area

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    Maybe they'll keep his ass there now that he's simply threaten one of his own…

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    looks like he's just as much a thug as trayvon martin was. down with thugs!

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    He will go the way of O.J.

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    George Thuggerman is at it again. Three arrests now for domestic violence. One arrest for assaulting a cop. One arrest for killing a child armed with skittles. And he also has a niece that said she was molested by this unrepentant thug.

    Of course some folks still hold him out to be a messiah. What a crazy world!

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    OJ Zimmerman

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    from the set of his eyes you can see something isn't quite right already. now he just proving it again….