Harrison Ford: ‘Enders Game’ Author Orson Scott Card's Gay Marriage Views Not an Issue

Harrison Ford: 'Enders Game' Author Orson Scott Card's Gay Marriage Views Not an Issue

Actor says the author's views have nothing to do with the movie

Harrison Ford believes that Orson Scott Card's views on President Barack Obama and gay marriage aren't relevant to the upcoming film version of his seminal sci-fi novel, “Ender's Game.”

Card has generated a raft of negative publicity with his conservative positions on a range of social and political issues. In an opinion piece earlier this year, Card compared the president to  Adolf Hitler, Roman emperors and Iranian dictators. He also suggested that the president was going to tap gangs of “urban” youth in order to expand his power.

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He has also been steadfastly opposed to same-sex marriage, although he has backed away from his earlier position that homosexuality should be criminalized.

Ford, one of the stars of “Ender's Game,” told GQ Magazine that the movie has nothing to do with such hot-button topics.

“The issues that are coming up now are not part of the book, which is twenty-eight years old,” Ford said.  “So they don't really concern me.”

The magazine says Ford paused.

“‘Concern me’ are really not the right words. I think it's better to say that they are simply not issues; his point of view on some of these issues that are getting such attention now is not promoted by or part of the story that we're telling.”

Ford has publicly come out in support of gay marriage in past interviews.

For its part, distributor Lionsgate has made a point of distancing itself from Card's stance on the marriage issue. It was a topic that director Gavin Hood also weighed in on at the film's premiere this week.

“I hold the opposite view,” Hood told Entertainment Weekly. “But I loved the book. … Would I prefer to be doing a movie without controversy? Yes, but I'm not in the least distressed that we are having this conversation. It is a very important conversation. It's just odd that our film, which is all about tolerance, has to be used to counter of the author.”

  • patrickstibbs

    Thank you, Harrison Ford and Gavin Hood. I do not support Mr Card's views either…but I'll certainly defend his right to say them. It's called Freedom of Speech.

    • odypoly

      Once more, the concept of freedom of speech only adheres when speech is threatened by government sanction and prohibition. Private individuals speaking their mind in opposition to other individuals or corporations or even the government does in any way impinge on another's freedom of speech.

  • Gaybrian

    It's not an issue to Ford because he's an older straight male with a film to promote. To this young, gay male the author, the book and the film are all linked. I, along with many of my friends, simply won't see this film because it's naive to think our dollars don't in some way end up in Card's pocket.

    • Ian Davidsson

      Your dollar will also end up in the rest of the filmcrew and cast's pockets, virtually 100% of whom are supporters of gay rights. The book's philosophical core is completely the exact opposite of the author's current attitudes. It and its direct sequel are about as secular humanistic and pro-tolerance as progressive speculative fiction gets (it was also popular among LGBT readers due to that aspect). So when i discovered Card's views, it was almost impossible to believe it was the same guy who wrote it.

      • Gaybrian

        The film crew doesn't get back-end. They already got paid. My guess is that of the cast, only Harrison has back end and he certainly doesn't need it. That's a bit of a flawed point. In success, however, Card gets more of his properties optioned. Outside of the studio and producers, he has the most to gain in success.

    • melraejohn

      You got one thing right Gaybrain, you are YOUNG. Try growing up for a change and learn that everyone is not alike. Learn what the word respect means, try using it sometimes and maybe you will find that not everyone is an idiot. So how would you feel if people didn't want you to make a living just because of how you think? So Petty! Very Petty!

  • Anonymous

    People who are boycotting this film because they disagree with the author's viewpoint are a bunch of hypocrites. They condemn conservatives as intolerant, but won't even see a movie from someone who has a different point of view, never mind that the movie doesn't even express those views. Are your opinions so fragile that they can't stand being exposed to another viewpoint? I disagree with Steven Spielberg, but I see his movies. I disagree with Sean Penn, but I've watched his movies. I disagree with Matt Damon, but I don't boycott him. I'm not threatened by someone whose views are the opposite of mine. I don't feel the need to try to deprive them of income because I disagree. So my question is simple who are the intolerant ones?

    • chiplandia

      I don't wish to give money to a homophobic, right-wing bigot. I am intolerant of mindless bigotry and those who use it to advocate restricting the rights of others. If Card is against gay marriage, then don't marry a man. Others, however, have a different view, and because we live in a pluralistic, democratic society in which the rights of everyone, including minorities, are supposed to be protected, it's perfectly justifiable to be intolerant of those who would subject everyone to their bigotry. Ever hear of the Taliban? That's the kind of viewpoint Card is pushing, and I–along with many others–don't want to reward Card with our hard-earned money and won't be going to see this film. If it's “intolerant” to stand up for the rights of minorities, then so be it. But seriously, who really is the intolerant one? Ever read any of Card's political writings? I think you'll find the answer there.

  • medcannabis1

    participation in Enders Game a project written by an open bigot who has
    promoted hatred by his positions against the LGBT community has eroded
    your place in history by your support of a work by a bigot. I am so
    disappointed in your choices…you certainly have enough money from your
    career to have been able to pass on this project..but not so…
    I have removed all of your movies from my home..and I have asked others to boycott your work as well.
    Actions have consequences..and your decisions speak volumes of your true intentions.

    • oil filed trash

      he is a bigot because he doesn't support our corrupt president and gay privilages ?

    • melraejohn

      You are the reason that the gay population is so brain dead. I don't mind someone being gay, I don't do it but I don't have a problem with those that do. You people just want everyone to think the way you do. Well heads up because that just isn't going to happen. So you removed all of his films well la tee da. See that's your right to do that. How would you feel if you had a business and all the straight people didn't come to your business? You would not stay in business very long. Stop acting like a child and grow up. You don't have to explain anything to anyone and neither do I. I am one of the few people who don't care how you live your life as long as you respect me and my life. When will you all grow up? I wonder!!

      • medcannabis1

        You seem to miss the point.. the author of the film is a bigot…Harrison Ford has ample funds to live in any fashion he chooses..he did not need the job..the ethical choice would have been to pass on this movie..he chose to lend his credibility and artistry to a bigots work…I find this conduct unworthy of my financial support.. and I will no longer view his catalog of work. My business is open to only one type of person…you have to be dying to be my client..and when you are in hospice we care regardless of who you are or where..and no matter if your are rich or poor..we will be compassionate even to a bigot..but I do not have to support their work with my money.

  • http://alessandrareflections.wordpress.com/ Alessandra

    It's the terrible hypocrisy of liberals wanting to selectively boycott Scott Card, while gleefully giving their money to every kind of monster (and monstrous corporation/government) out there that led me to ask the question: Who does more violence in society and is the most extremist: liberals (including LGBTs) or the Westboro folks? Clearly the liberals. Substitute Scott Card for Westboro and the answer is exactly the same.

    Also notice that the people who hate OSC (the pro-gays) have no trouble
    giving their money to pornographers who degrade people, including by
    presenting women where they are harassed, molested, and raped for
    entertainment. Only the world's greatest junk of people normalize homosexuality – it couldn't be otherwise.

    alessandrareflections. wordpress. com/

  • http://girltalk.apphb.com/ Ari Falkner

    Where is there any evidence that LGBT supporters watch pornography?

  • Justsomeguy

    Did anyone actually read Cards essay where he compared President Obama to Hitler? Particularly his last few points, “Will these things happen? Of course not. This was an experiment in fictional thinking.” and “Just kidding. Because if I really believed this stuff, would I actually write this essay?” While it is obvious Card disagrees with President Obama and his administration, the “opinion piece” that this article cited was meant to be “an experiment in fictional thinking.” Just sayin’

  • Justsomeguy

    Look, you may vehemently oppose his views but he is a phenomenal science fiction writer. If I boycotted everyone who had views that are radically opposed to mine I would miss a lot of really good movies and books. I love Tom Cruise and John Travolta but I do not at all agree with Scientology. For that matter, I do not agree with all of Cards views but I am not going to discredit everything he has done or written because of it. That would be closed-minded and foolish. Just sayin’