Dailies | James Franco and Seth Rogen Spoof Kanye and Kim Kardashian's Vogue Cover (Photo)

James Franco and Seth Rogen Spoof Kanye and Kim Kardashian's Vogue Cover (Photo)

The best friends and frequent co-stars are the bromantic equivalent of Kimye

Well, they've done it again.

Back in November, James Franco and Seth Rogen jumped aboard a motorcycle and rode against a green screen to create a shot-for-shot parody of Kanye West's jaw-dropping music video for “Bound 2,” which featured a naked Kim Kardashian riding the rapper while he rode the bike.

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Now, the buddies who met 15 years ago on “Freaks and Geeks” have used a bit of Photoshop magic to mock another big Kimye promo; this time, it was a matter of copy and pasting heads to create a goofy replica of Kim and Kanye's new Vogue cover.

Within one hour of Franco posting it to his Facebook page — with a caption that said, “Seth! Love you, dog!” — it received nearly 150,000 likes and over 5,000 comments. Franco spent Friday evening acting on Broadway, in “Of Mice and Men,” so he had to have gone and posted the photo shortly after coming on stage.

The guys weren't the only ones to mock the Vogue cover; among others, Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted that she was going to cancel her Vogue subscription, which really must have driven a stake into the heart of the #WorldsMostFamousCouple, as the magazine called Kim and Kanye.

  • http://thevoid99.blogspot.com/ Steven Flores

    Now that is is worthy of a cover for Vogue magazine.

  • The Line

    Perfect. Thank you, James and Seth. Please continue to spoof these two delusional egomaniacs every chance you get. Never, ever let up. Vogue sucks.

    • Uch

      I am not a Kardasian fan or watch their reality show but enough is enough for all you haters out there, a lot of celebrities had done something bad once in their life time, Kim did a sex tape so does Paris Hilton and some of them out there but you do not trash talk Paris or the rest of them, Kim does not do drugs or bad mouth any body in the public despite being called bad names, Kim has built an empire of perfumes, clothing lines e.t.c. I know Kanye is arrogant some times, but media sometimes set him up to fall in their trap, I wish he has somebody to advise him better, and please let no one trash talk Kanye's Mom, she was a Ph'D holder, a learned professor, plastic surgery or not, some people kill people and grace the front cover of time magazine. there are other reality television out there who do not get trashed. James Franco and Seth Rogan, pls knock it off, your picture is a disgrace. Sarah Michelle Gellar, pls find some couple else to hate, Vogue can survive without you. you are just a hater. enough already!

      • Marianne Mueller

        of course your kidding??? Vogue was the magazine of CLass, Style, pure…not any more……..this couple has none of that mamma K paid a lot for that cover..shame on Vogue…..Kim K is not someone I would want my daughter to follow after, she has been a troubled girl all her live starting with her first marriage at 18

        • SonicScrewDriver

          I just KNOW I'm going to catch HELL for this and, probably, deservedly so, and I have NEVER done something like this before, but for the love of MIKE people, PLEASE think about Punctuation, Capitalization and learn to embrace SPELL CHECK (as I have) as your FRIEND.

          “Of course, you're kidding, right? “Vogue” was (once) the magazine of class, style and (purity). Not anymore. This couple has none of that. Mama K paid a lot for that cover. Shame on “Vogue”! Kim K. is not someone I would want my daughter to (emulate and/or idolize). She has been a troubled girl all (of) her ‘life', starting with her first marriage at 18.”

          There. That's better. Simple. Organized. Cleaner.

          (Yes. I'm horrible, I know…)

          • JustLurkin

            Hmm. Let's see. “Mamma,” while not the most common spelling, is an acceptable variant of “Mama.” You have no ” . ” following Mama K's “K” yet do use one a couple of sentences later with Kim. Pick a style, and be consistent with it. Punctuation goes inside the closing quotation mark. So, ” “Vogue!” ” (Not ” “Vogue”! “) is correct. No, I've never liked that execution, either. But nobody contacted me when developing the rules of grammar. Yes, there could be some discussion about my use of double quotation marks instead of single. But the current post under examination is yours, not mine.

            Now, it's time for you to complete the proofing of your post and, perhaps, consider posting a more accurate example of proper composition. What? You thought that I was going to do the entire job for you? Nonsense! You'll never learn if you don't invest some non-trivial amount of time and effort.

      • kevin kelly

        Very true! This couple has taken much more than their share of criticism, while others who are equally if not MORE deserving of public scorn and wrath go by unnoticed and probably thankful for the diversion created.

      • Luna

        Paris has managed to stay out of the limelight of late. Anyone who puts themselves out there has to be prepared-even expect-to be slammed. Besides, James and Seth spoof everyone. Calm down and move on.

      • whynot

        Uch, you're kidding, right? Ha ha, what a sense of humor you have. Hope that's what you were going for, anyway.

      • http://www.amazon.com/Avoid-Huge-Ships-John-Trimmer/product-reviews/0870334336/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 Joseph Wilson

        I think Kanye's dead mother would be quite ashamed of his behavior and disapprove big time of his decision to marry Kimmode.

        Hopefully James Franco and Seth Rogan continue to do this, because it's hilarious. And in an artistic way, it's what Kimmode and her angry rapper crotch slammer have become,,,,,a joke for us to all point and laugh at.

        • SonicScrewDriver

          “Kimmode”. Ah, the smell of it!

      • Brenda Mitchell

        Disgusting is all I can say. Grow up. The kardasians are not entertaining in any way. They are a perfect example of what you don't want any child to see.

      • mebbygrl

        In the first place, for not being a Kardasian fan you sure do know a lot about the people. I, and I think many people, do not care she did a sex tape. The problem is she has not done anything to deserve the honor to be on this cover, neither has Kanye. Neither of them have EARNED it like STARS that have graced the cover. Kim is not a “star”, she is not a “somebody” neither is Kanye. As far as Paris, yes people are sick of her as well. What has she done to deserve the attention of the media and so forth? I know she was born rich, and because of this we have to care about her why? As far as your reference to Time magazine, it is completely different than Vogue. Time is about the “times” we are living in and what is happening in the world. Vogue is a classy magazine that keeps people up to date on “STARS” and what is happening in their lives. Along with star fashion and so forth. You cannot compare one to the other.

  • sangsue


  • anonymous

    The Muppets did one too, entitling the magazine “vague”. This one and that one are both awesome

  • BlackPegasus

    LOL love it!

  • Jim

    Reese !!!! Reconsider!

  • susanjlamia


  • Chud

    Somewhere, someone, has masturbated to seth rogan's tits.

    • feud

      jst say you have musturbated,don't beat about the bush

      • Chud

        Nope, sorry, nobody has been beating this bush lately.

  • Stratocaster

    Photoshop fail! Should have redone the skin tone on Kanye's hands.

    • sethrogaine

      Comment fail. It was MEANT to be obvious that this was a lame photoshop. DUH!!!!!

  • HilaryB

    Love it! I've seen one of Kermit and Miss Piggy too.

  • Ilya Simkhovich

    tim and eric would have been funnier


    So everybody that has ever graced the cover of Vogue were virtuous and have no skeletons in their closet….Ye without sin cast the first stone….The more you ridicule and attack them the more attention they get the more money they make…so your hate'n is their pay day..so pls keep that in mind. Team Kimye all the fuck'n way!!!!

  • S. Vinson

    Why in the hell are we even putting up with this nigger who thinks he is god ,,,take him out in the middle of the atlantic throw his ass overboard and let him carry kim back to shore

    • John

      What a disgusting person you are !!

      • S. Vinson

        thank you any one that clames to be a god needs no respect from me there is only one God and somehow I don't think its him ,,,that's my first pet peeve ,,,but that's alright he will get his I just hope he takes that dumb femail with him

        • John

          I don't disagree with your message, I was reacting to your use of the word nigger. Maybe I missed the context in which you used it. If so, I apologize.

          • S. Vinson

            sometimes my reaction to him ,is a little over done , he just gets under your skin to watch him in an interview ,,its not his color I was refering to its his attitude and demeaner ,,

        • Ladd

          First of all, “clames” unless you were trying to spell “clams” (which is what comes up when you right click the word and spell check it, btw… Which is what you should have done when you typed this stupid blog and saw the red wavy line under the word that any 2nd grader in this country can spell…) is actually spelled “CLAIMS”. Also I found it ironic that you called Kim dumb, then spelled “female” wrong while using that word as if it were a putdown or derogatory, and yet, you are the one that can't spell. And stop using three (3) comas to punctuate your statements. What your going for here, I can only assume is an ellipsis. The use of which is still wrong, but in the future if you “gets” yourself an “edjumakaytion” The following may help straighten you out on that,

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          (frankly, I feel the rest of what ever you are is a total loss.)

          • Auntie Beans

            In your first paragraph you wrote “What your going for here, I can only assume is an ellipsis.” Pretty sure you should have used “you're!” Wasn't a sentence, was it. Oops, again! Oh no…

          • Luna

            Really? This is amazing. Little bored this morning so I decided to check out James’ and Seth's parody. I find it amazing that folks take this stuff so seriously. As for you Ladd-truly sad.

          • ROCKY333

            Ladd- Gee, thanks for the punctuation and spelling lesson!

          • http://www.amazon.com/Avoid-Huge-Ships-John-Trimmer/product-reviews/0870334336/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 Joseph Wilson

            *And stop using three (3) comas to punctuate your statements*

            Unless your words are in danger of losing their lives, I believe you mean *commas*. How's about proof reading your own narcissistic comments before preaching to everybody so you don't look like a jagoff?

        • Proud Grandfather of 12

          But he IS a nigger!

          • WTF are you…..

            and so are you…..watch out, your ignorance is showing…..

          • Charmaine Smith

            and u are too

          • ROCKY333

            Charmaine, by your name and the tenor of your remarks, I can only assume that you are black.

          • Charmaine Smith

            people like you need to be evaluated to be around children..you teach hate and that the reason why children grow up and wanting to take somebody life because of u…u should be charge with a hate crime and child abuse

        • TheReaper

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          • S. Vinson

            at the very leased we both agree he's an asshole that need to just go on and leave

          • TheReaper

            lol your spelling really is horrible dude. I mean I'm from Africa and the education they left down here and all that but we pay attention where and when we can. but you should listen to a few of his albums, Kanye, and really listen this time and you'll begin to understand him better and realise he's been saying people are going to misunderstand him in the way we do misunderstand him. Try listening to his album, ‘Late Registration', you won't be disappointed

    • Taylor Brown

      Really? That's the only word you can think to use? There are so many better choices: narcissist, delusional idiot, etc. But no, you choose to use an offensive vile word that shows you're no better of use of oxygen than Kimye.

      • Lance E Oleviri

        N****r means a lazy, ignorant person. So those who use it are what the word means. Also, look up Irony.

        Yes, they are both 12 cylinder whackaloons, and I cannot stand them, but even I have limits on what I call them.

        • http://www.amazon.com/Avoid-Huge-Ships-John-Trimmer/product-reviews/0870334336/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 Joseph Wilson

          So would that make you a *whackaloon*, by your own definition?

          • Lance E Oleviri

            As much as it would you, good and kind sire.

        • mebbygrl

          Lance, that is NOT the definition of that nasty word. Here is the definition: nigger |ˈnigər|
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          End definition. So you are an idiot for thinking that it means lazy. Lazy means lazy the n word is A LOT WORSE than lazy. If you were any kind of a person at all you would never use it again, not even in jest.

          • Lance E Oleviri

            Well, I can admit when I am incorrect. However, let me inform you that I get called that. You see, I am Sicilian, often called ” the N-words of Europe”, I can take offense to that word as much as anyone, but I am sure you know that, or you will google it to find out.

            Secondly, in Jest? Did you not notice I blanked out 80% of the word? Yes, I understand the rest of your babble, and I can admit if I am wrong. Just realize there is more prejudice out there that the N-word covers, and it is not just black people. Terrible word it is, but remember, anything can be an insult to anyone.

  • GingerSnaps

    Im so happy they are showing everyone how stupid they are by mocking them! keep it going guys, great job!

  • http://www.michaelpshipley.com/ Michael P. Shipley

    Thats some bad photoshopping. But those guys could put shit on a stick, call it satay, and make millions.

  • MaryAnn

    Vogue will be having Honey Boo Boo and her mother on the cover next

    • Loulou

      thats too funny!

    • ilovemydawgs

      I'd rather see Honey Boo Boo and her mother.

    • michelle


  • Dean Schiavo

    its just sickening.. His music …if you can call it that is ghetto hate crap, and she has no real talent.. How did they get famous? I can name 10 women who make her look average at best.

    • Charmaine Smith

      rock music is not better worshipping the devil and they sing,,if that's what u want to call it…killing people…but rap and r and b is what hot right now and popular because your children are buying it

      • mtzpitbull

        You have no clue what you are talking about so its best not to bring rock music into the discussion, almost anyone can rap to a pre made beat & auto tuning but it takes real talent to play bass, guitar, drums & sing in perfect form , some of the best singers are rock singers & 1or maybe 2 % has to do with devil worship so save it & continue to listen to the crap you call music

  • Loulou

    That was yesterday, I didn't buy the mag so lets move on..NEXT

  • Dan Chew


  • Meny Venegas

    hilarious hahaha! I would definitely buy that issue of Vogue!

  • Stanley Jimenez

    Kim should endorse black dildoes

  • B. Mac

    hahahahahahahaha…TO FUNNY SETH and JAMES!!!

  • June

    Who. Cares. Who is on the cover. WHY does it matter!?!?

  • dud

    yes that is right the two did meet on freaks and geeks ..along with the guy that plays marshal on “how I met your mom”….it's kinda funny how the “cool kids on the show became famous and the nerds didn't.

  • dud

    I think it would be different if Kim K was 18…she is going on 34 and acting like she still is in highschool. ( the “paris hilton” party girl act is getting real old)
    Kim is nothing more than a self absorbed whiny bitch

  • AnuL@

    Hilarious……………..I love it!!! I think everyone is tired of media Whores.

  • Angelina

    Guys, chill! It's just a magazine; this isn't the end of your life. I promise. All the bad in the world and everyone blows up over a Vogue cover. SMH!

  • Em

    People who read Vogue nowadays are the ones who would think a woman wearing a pig as a hat was fashion because she read it in a magazine.

  • Loveisallthereis

    Uch you got it right. Hating and judging others just puts more of what we don't want in the world. Blessings to Kim and Kanye. I wish you both a happy beautiful life. Don't let the negativity and fear, and pain of others hurt you. It's a beautiful picture! All the fear based hatred I am reading here, people dissing others, it is your own pain you are throwing on others. Know that you are enough. Don't compare yourselves to anyone else. Work on having peace in your hearts, for that is really the road to happiness!!

  • mebbygrl

    Now these guys DESERVE to be on the cover. Good job guys!

  • Jeffrey


  • Roxane Taylor Hamill

    For all the people bitching about the people boycotting Vogue….. The last time I checked, this was America, and I had freedom of speech, so if I have an opinion on something, you bet your ass I'm going to state it, along with everyone else who's stating theirs. Seriously, I understand Kanye, maybe, but what the fuck has Kim done in her life time other than be known for shit like Paris Hilton. Sex tapes and coming from a rich family. So everyone who has a problem with us “haters”, get the fuck over yourselves. This is America, and opinions WILL be made, you may not like what we have to say and we may not like what YOU have to say, but you know what, it's part of having a voice, so, get over it.

    • Roxane Taylor Hamill

      And this is her third marriage…. Chick doesn't know what love is. It's all for show, a huge ring, and publicity anyway.

      • ImOpining

        Kim is also a thief! Look up Sonja Norwood Kim Kardashian credit card. When Kimmode was a “stylist” (insert giggle here) for Brandy, she ran up $120K on their credit card. They sued and she paid it back (w/ her porn money) and it was then dismissed.

        Porn Piss Princess on Vogue? Anna must be senile. Vogue has gone Rogue and is now just a Hag Rag.

        https://www.change DOT org/petitions/anna-wintour-stop-the-sale-of-vogues-april-issue-w-kanye-kim

  • ImOpining

    Porn Piss Princess on Vogue? Anna must be senile. Vogue has gone Rogue and is now just a Hag Rag.
    https://www.change DOT org/petitions/anna-wintour-stop-the-sale-of-vogues-april-issue-w-kanye-kim

  • mtzpitbull

    The most non-talented douche & the most fake non-talented plastic surgery enhanced skank, bravo vouge, you successfully have the two worst examples of human beings & so called celebrities on your once relevant magazine that used to be a major accomplishment, any trendy scum will do apparently so better book attention whore beanpole Miley & Justin crybaby bieber

  • S. Vinson

    look BITCH I am not hiding behind a stupid name and for your info I know white people that are just as bad and I know some blacks that I would never call that it refers to being lazy and wanting everything given to them ,,he may havew all kinds of money but no man on this earth has a right to call himself God no one and if they think they are then they are above my coments so they don't need your dumb ass butting in where you don't belong ,,,like I said that's my name if you wanna go there come find me I am not afraid other than that shut the fuck up