Dailies | Jennifer Lawrence's Advice for Shailene Woodley: ‘Don't Do Drugs or Make a Sex Tape’ (Video)

The “Divergent” star went on “Late Night” and told Seth Meyers all about her e-mail friendship and lucid dreaming

There are two golden rules for being a starlet in Hollywood, and who better to teach them than Jennifer Lawrence?

The 23-year-old Oscar-winner's relationship with Shailene Woodley has become one of the main narratives in the latter's press tour for ”Divergent,” and Woodley again spoke about her correspondence with Lawrence during a Thursday night appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” As it turns out, Woodley hasn't exactly met Lawrence in person yet, but they have traded emails about the pros and cons of being in a tremendous international franchise.

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“She basically was like, if you love the story and character, don't pay attention to the budget and jump in,” Lawrence told her. “Don't do anything stupid, don't do drugs or don't make a sex tape and you'll be fine.”

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It would seem that Woodley has little need for drugs, as she's already high on life and non-hallucinogenic herbs while being one with nature and her thoughts. She spent much of the rest of the interview telling a very bemused Meyers about her recipes for toothpaste and other homemade products (spoiler alert: she uses clay a lot) and her stint as a couch-surfer this winter.

Somehow, it never gets old hearing these same stories.

  • Jim

    Why? Was she planning to?

    • ame2

      it's a shallow generation…that's about as deep as their advice goes

      • Kay

        I'm sure Jen was being sarcastic.

  • hupto

    I hate to be a grammar nerd, but “bemused” is not a synonym for “amused.” It means to be confused or bewildered.

    • Btrb

      it can also mean puzzled amusement

      • hupto

        Not according to any dictionary I've ever seen. If you mean in the same way people say “literally” when they mean “metaphorically,” then maybe, but it's still linguistically incorrect.

        • Btrb

          Merriam-Webster: to cause to have feelings of wry or tolerant amusement

    • Yes on AB 1839

      Forget the grammar lesson. Focus on getting California bzck in the biz . Yes on AB 1839.

  • Try

    I'm pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence has been photographed doing drugs.