Dailies | Jon Stewart Apologizes to Megyn Kelly, Fox News for White Santa Jokes (Video)

Jon Stewart Apologizes to Megyn Kelly, Fox News for White Santa Jokes (Video)

“The Daily Show” host admits he didn't realize she was kidding

Jon Stewart has a new favorite target, and it's come with a Christmas bow around it.

“The Daily Show” host continued to skewer Megyn Kelly on Monday's program for assertions the Fox News anchor made last week that Santa Claus is white.

The statement about a fictional character's race came as Kelly was hosting a discussion comprised of all-white panelists about a Slate.com blogger's opinion piece that argued that depictions of St. Nick as white can be alienating to children of other races.

“Like most debates, it started by giving you the definitive answer first,” Stewart said.

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Many Americans disagreed with Kelly's conclusions.

“People who saw this segment, or read about it, expressed an opinion that what she said was wrong and inexplicably defensive and oddly definitive for a discussion of a fictional character and, people thought it was really f–ked up,” Stewart said. “People thought it was like really f–ked up. That was actually the Economist's take on it.”

But Kelly hit back at her critics on Friday, saying the segment was intended to be humorous and arguing that her critics were humorless pot-shot takers who saw a convenient target in Fox News.

“I guess we all owe you an apology,” Stewart said. “What appeared to me to be another example of a Fox News segment expressing anger and victimization over the loss of absolute power and reframing that as persecution of ‘real America’ by minorities, freeloaders, and socialists — that's trademarked, by the way. What I thought was that was a jest, a jape, a bit of wise-crackery.”

Apology accepted?

Watch the video:

  • Bonta-kun

    Jebus is still white though. That's still a verifiable fact.

    • wanton-cuce

      “White” is a loaded term. Fox News defines it as “one of us”. If Jesus and Santa are white, so is Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein although Fox would never describe them as “white”.
      Also, the word verifiable, according to Merriam Webster, is defined as “capable of being verified”. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify Jesus’ race based on any empirical methods or evidence.

      • Ezzy

        Oh how I wish Fox News made a comment like “Osama or Saddam is white” :D I'd pay to see that and the shitstorm.

    • anitags44

      Hmmm….mideastern Jew. Define white for me. Or just define what white means at all.

      • Bonta-kun

        Well originating in the Middle East, he sure as hell won't have been a blue-eyed redhead, will he?

    • wrapture

      Technically, he was more ‘toasted’ than ‘white', although that word has taken on a different meaning nowadays.

  • hsmoke

    Now that this is settled, Fox News has to get on the “Santa is a commie” story asap.

    • Linda

      He wants everyone to have toys – he's a socialist.

  • JimTreacher

    Megyn Kelly isn't the one who brought it up. Details, details…

    • adakm

      Your point? Everyone knows she was responding to Harris’ article. Kelly, for some inexplicable reason, did bring Jesus up – he wasn't mentioned by Harris. So you're half right and still pointless.

      • JimTreacher

        And yet everyone is acting like she just brought up the whole thing all by herself. That's the point, dear. Try to relax.

        • Linda

          She said, “Kids, Santa is white.” Spin it however you like but we all know what it meant and precisely what was intended.

          • JimTreacher

            Which he is. Which she noted in response to someone else.

  • Robustoman

    This week Megyn Kelly takes on The Wiz.

  • http://donspoliticalblog.blogspot.com Don

    Anyone who has attended Sunday school in the US knows from the portrait on the wall that Jesus was a blond haired, blue eyed Aryan. So of course Kelly can say definitively that Jesus was white even if his birth parents could not have been Aryan.

    • Mark

      Jesus had black hair green eyes, he would look more like an israeli than an aryan, and if you truly did go to sunday school you would know that

      • Mark

        Brown hair*

      • http://donspoliticalblog.blogspot.com Don

        Irony is clearly not your strong suit.

        • Mark

          I guess not… Btw sarcasm is kind of hard to pick up from text, just saying

  • Linda

    I'm not going to start my comment with some of my best friends are black or I taught in inner city schools so I'm not prejudice. What a load of crap that is. People are people. Period. End of story. From a STRICTLY scientific/genetic point of view, Santa Claus is from the North Pole. Members of the black race do not come from the northern regions of the planet. Just like the pictures of the Blessed Mother and Jesus with blonde hair and blue eyes are so genetically incorrect. Jesus was born in the Middle East. I don't care if he was an Immaculate Conception, I am sure His heavenly Father didn't want him standing out like a sore thumb with blonde hair and blue eyes!! Black people come from the equatorial regions because their skin has more pigment to protect them from the suns harmful rays…and thank God they are blessed with/hve evolved with that protection!! Skin pigments progressively decrease as you head north because the intensity of the sun's harmful rays decrease. So, by the time you get to the North Pole, you have skin that looks like it just came out of a gallon of milk. When northern folk travel to the tropics they bake like pigs on a skewer and die of skin cancers. So, Santa was white….Jesus was middle Eastern. End of genetics lecture. You will not be tested.

    • WingsThree

      So Santa is real after all? I go to Alaska frequently, which gives me opportunity to see the man for myself. Cool!

    • yea ok

      stunning commentary!! When you go north you get whiter somehow!!! Because the sunlight reflecting off of all the snow and not setting for weeks on end means that it doesn't effect people anymore.

      Let's completely ignore the people who live the most northward such as the inuit who often have darker skin. Or how about saami people who only got lighter skinned through colonization? Or any other kind of indigenous people from colder regions who aren't ‘milky white’

    • wrapture

      Nobody comes from the North Pole, black OR white. Anybody hailing from that region is there because they've relocated there after having discovered that the Pole sometimes advertises screaming deals on land zoned for industrial uses (like toy factories) as well as being a right-to-work berg with a huge supply of cheap, vertically-challenged labor. Get your facts straight.

  • Chaya

    I don't believe she was joking when she said it. She's just saying it was a joke now that she's getting flamed. I don't believe that because of what Jon Stewart said, I believe it because of what Megyn Kelly said, how she said it, and what context she said it in.

    • beerhammer

      And did you read and or understand the person she was responding to?
      The Slate Blogger was saying a white santa made her feel insecure (despite the fact Santa is a representation of someone known as Saint Nicolas, a historical figure who just so happened to be GREEK, he was known as a wonder maker and giver of gifts).

      The slate blogger actually said this: “I propose that America abandon Santa-as-fat-old-white-man and create a
      new symbol of Christmas cheer. From here on out, Santa Claus should be a

      She goes on to play some sort of victim to the fact that “white” figures exist in our culture and she cant “partake” in what they represent without emotional problems.

      Martin Luthor King Jr would be pissed, since she can only see skin color and not content of character.

      This is the context to which Megan Kelly was responding. It makes full sense, and can be seen as tongue in cheek if you understand the full context of the response and the person(s) in question. Its easy for people like John Stewart to crop a few clips together and ignore the entire context of it to make a different impression altogether. Surprised he didnt then mock the blogger for saying Santa should be a Penguin because fat white santa scares her.

      • A person

        ….why is this even considered as news? This is not a news story, this is a stupid story……….. For so many reasons………..

        • riptide

          It's backlash from Fox standing for the All White Christian entertainment channel.

      • renegadeiconoclast

        Ummm…. newsflash….

        The ancient greeks were not white. And St. Nick is never portrayed as white in early depictions.

        • beerhammer

          White is “generalization” used by those to lump a large category of together. The ancient greeks and romans fall under that category. Additionally, of the few depictions you mention, only a few look “dark”, but so does everything else in the painting. Both parchment and canvas back then was dark, they didnt have pure white parchment, obviously the artist would pick darker tones in order to actually show contrast in the skin. This is normal, and when you factor in what happens with the age of such parchment, you get far more darker hues and de-saturation. Have you looked at all depictions of him from that period? If so you wouldnt be making that claim.

  • AnthonyAmerica

    I would like to know what one Kelly's bosses would say;
    Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is a Muslim and owns a large share of News Corp which owns Fox.
    You know him when it was presented by Fox that the Prince had donated a large sum of money to the Mosque that was being built by 9/11.
    The people at Fox were outraged about it; They had data that the Prince gave money to terrorist groups, and you know Fox doesn't put spin on anything;
    For 3 days Fox went nuts over this Prince; until the 4th day they went dead silent they found out the Prince was one of their contributors to Fox News and heads would roll if anymore was said about the Prince.
    So much for America's News Channel not being influenced by Foreign powers and BIG MONEY;

  • Lloyd

    It hasn't even been verified that Jesus existed, let alone that he was white.

    • Tony

      Sure Lloyd, and the Holocaust it hasn't been verified either, neither has the death of Elvis or the existence of a brain cell in your head. (I said that with love)

      • Gunter

        Tony, you sure are off on that one. The Holocaust, Elvis, and brain cells have been “verified” per the definition above. Jesus has not, and you should know that if you are at all educated (even in religion).
        It's called “faith” for a good reason. (Unless I'm missing irony in your reply in which case I apologize and you're brilliant.)

      • renegadeiconoclast

        Middle-eastern Jews aren't white, Tony. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they're quite dark-skinned.

      • ableToReadAndThink

        And you can verify Jesus actually existed, how? And if your answer includes “the Bible”, I want to know how you can verify everything in the Bible is factual truth and not parable. Because a lot of what's in the Bible sure sounds like fantasy to me. Like people living for hundreds of years, for a start.

    • Bobby “jack Lewis’ gallagher

      Lloyd, please stay off the ‘comments’ page.

    • Paul

      I agree with you nobody has ever seen proof

  • Class No More

    Joking? That's hilarious, Megyn is not a comedy show is she?

    • Linda

      Nor a newscaster, really. It should be a comedy show, what with all the fake news.

  • alur

    Everyone hates the other side. Who cares anymore? Everyone is an pseudo-intellectual. It's the taxpayers against the takers. The takers win each time. Enjoy.

    • Rex Sundstrom

      Taking your christmas now eh? When will it end?

  • eric

    it's a joke now because sponsors are pulling out

  • box211

    This self righteous jackass should leave her alone. What difference does it make what color anyone is anyhow?

    • Michael DeGuzis

      Leave her alone? Why do we owe her an apology, give me a minute to comprehend what you said… Rupert? Is that you? I'm speechless by your naivete ….

      • box211

        Does it seem bright to you to argue about what color an imaginary person is? Santa-always illustrated (his only existence) white since birth, Jesus genetically white since birth. What is this stupid dialog about?!!?

        • Michael DeGuzis

          Which is WHY it was stupid for Kelly to bring it up in the FIRST place. I am not ARGUING about an imaginary person. What we are ARGUING about is how BIGOTED a Fox news anchor is, regardless of whether or not a fictional character is the subject matter or not. How many more times do I need to explain this to you?

  • Laurie Ankoma

    Seriously? Did you watch the original clip from her show with them debating about Santa and Jesus? If so, watch it again, and tell me if at any part you thought they were joking or poking fun.

  • Laurie Ankoma

    I seriously hope you're joking. There is no fat white man in a red and white suit, with 8 reindeer, and bunch of elves that make and deliver gifts on Christmas Day. That is what this argument is about, not the actual St. Nicholas who was thin, dark-haired, and kept to his own region (and died ages ago). SMH

    • beerhammer

      Me thinks you do not understand legend and folk lore within western cultures, well all cultures if you dig deep enough. The story of Saint Nicolas traveled orally, different cultures and regions characterized him a bit differently every time he was told often combining other legends with his own. Everyone from Odin to Englands version of Father Christmas was applied to Saint Nick, the visual representation of him came from a cartoonist in the 1800s based on such depictions and characterizations. While they loved to embellish the story, the legend of an actual person, the constant message remained, someone of good cheer who blesses those with gifts.

      Santa isnt a literal depiction of Saint Nicolas, but a characterization based on the mythos and legend that formed around in from different groups of people.

      • Laurie A

        It seems you just elaborated on what I said. Your last part “Santa isn't a literal depiction” is my point. We have taken the character so far from what he actually was and are forcing it down the throats of children, but not adapting it so that it's inclusive. Instead we want all kids who observe Christmas to believe that a white man is giving them gifts instead of their hardworking (in most cases) parents. Back to my statement – there is no fat white man in a red and white suite, coming down chimneys, doling out gifts to all the children in the world. Since he's not real, why does he have to be a single race? Why a person at all? To Aisha Harris’ (tongue-in-cheek) point, why not a penguin?

        • beerhammer

          But your point is not entirely correct, and a bit emotionally charged. Rather it relies on political correctness and sentiment.

          Santa's charactarization is only fictional as far as the cartoons and added mythos is concerned but many of those are based on actual things tied to Saint Nic. It still has to be based loosely on Saint Nicolas along with the message.

          Take for example the red cape and hat, that actually stems from the depiction of dutch church garments which Saints wear. Eventually this merged England's father christmas who would ride on a goat and would wear colored fur.

          Despite the cultural influences, his personal is fairly consistent and his origins. Sure the elves and flying raindeer is ridiculous but thats just a more modern attachment for entertainment purposes.

          You say he's being forced down the throats of children, but isnt that a sentimental over reaction tied to a confirmation bias? Its PART of our culture and its not forced on anyone. What it seems like to me is a group of people who wish to change a culture out of a sense of empowerment, to prove to themselves they can remold a culture and “erase” its history because they can.

          There is no logic or reason to it.

          If there are Buddhist in africa, does then Buddha have to change into a black man with an afro in order to be “all inclusive”? Buddha is a lot like saint nic in that gets turned into a fat jolly figure with a mythos tied around him, yet obviously he is of asian decent and stays that way. Imagine 50 years from now white south africans insist on the depiction of Mandella being something other than black so celebrating him can be considered “all inclusive”.

          Some people live in a world of pure sentimental activism, often for no reason but to feel like they are part of some fight against victimization, but its silly, irrational, and utterly tied to entitlement.

          Its obvious many dont take MLKjr seriously since they cant over look color and just focus on content of character.

          • Laurie A

            I'd like to address one point in your reply – that you don't feel that Santa Claus is being forced down our throats. That he is part of our culture. Christmas is part of our culture. Giving gifts stemmed from the gifts that were given to Jesus by the three kings. We don't have to have a jolly, fat, white man in a red and white suit (no longer cape) introduced into the story to make Christmas work. If a character must be introduced to make children engage in the holiday, why not have it been something that has no race? If the holiday were only observed by one race, I could understand the character being of that race, but as Christmas is observed by so many difference races, keeping Santa Claus, as he is in today's world, a white man seems exclusive. I'm not suggesting making Santa a Hispanic Man or an Asian Man or a Black Man, I'm suggesting that we remove Santa Claus from the equation to avoid exclusion. And YES, it IS exclusion.

            By the way, there ARE Buddhists in Africa, but most of the one I know are with the SGI group which uses a Gohonzon instead of a buddha statue. Therefore, the most inclusive Buddhist practice that I know of removes the reference to an Asian man and puts the focus on self development and contribution to the world.

            Now, on your idea that my arguments are emotionally charged – of course they are. I'm emotional when I think about children who have little-to-no representation of themselves in the media, whether it be on television or in holiday celebration. It concerns me that for black children, most of the literature about black culture is regarding the oppression of black people, and not much about the growth and accomplishments. I'm not trying to say I or any one I know is a victim. I would simply like the media around us to show the true diversity of the world – starting with the annual celebration of Jesus’ birth (which, as we all know, wasn't on December 25; that would be a Pagan holiday that Christians adopted to make Pagan conversions easier)..

        • Linda

          I never let my child believe in Santa because I shared your point of some fictional character being advertised as the one who gave my child the presents we worked so hard to give him. I preferred him to understand that when you want something for yourself or to give someone else, you need to work for it.

    • Ezzy

      You obviously haven't been to Finland.

  • Tiffany Contreras

    I wasn't offended by her saying santa was white because that was the way he was created, I was offended by her stating jesus was also, clearly he wasn't it states in the bible that he had bronze skin and wooly hair what white man looks that way and the bible also says nothing about him having blue eyes but that's the the way hes depicted in every picture we see. I am biracial by the way.

    • dave

      besides george hamilton??

  • viokand

    Because we grew up accepting these stereotypes doesn't mean I have to accept them as adults, I should have a good reason to question why only Satan is depicted as a black man.

    • wrapture

      Satan isn't black, that's just char.

    • SahibandCrew

      Really, most of the pictures I've seen of him he's been really red. Like badly sunburned white guy red.

      • viokand

        History channel was criticized in March because, in their hit series, The Bible, Satan actor looked like Barack Obama.

  • http://www.stfual.com/ StFual

    Some of my favourite imaginary friends are black

  • Class No More

    News caster joking? I say she was never a news person only a high paid snooker.

  • Matt Wolf

    John Stewart, is a complete scumbag. Who gives a crap what he thinks.

    • Linda

      His IQ is probably double, or even triple, yours. It's verifiable that Fox News viewers have lower IQs.

  • A person

    ….why is this even considered as news? This is not a news story, this is a stupid story……….. For so many reasons………

  • youdontknowjacque

    I don't think it's Stewart or Comedy Central who's making her look bad… She's straight up from crazytown all on her own.

  • Kim Newsome

    …I don't think the author understand sarcasm. …at all. He wasn't apologizing. At all. In the least. He was further illustrating his point.

  • riptide

    She pretends that it was a joke,but Fox news is known to make mountains out of mole hills when someone they target says something like this…Sounds like a case of they can dish it out,but they can't take it.

  • september21

    And the tooth fairy? Is she next?

  • riptide

    If you go back to 333 B.C,as Fox has, you can find language of a white man named Santa…BUT-For the last several hundred years…I hate to say this because I know many of you stlll believe in him,but Santa is a fictional character.And can be colored any color.

  • Linda

    That was a tongue-in-cheek apology, you morons. And Megan Kelly really is a racist can't.

  • Nagnostic

    After all is said and done, the mythical figure created by Caucasians, known as Santa Claus and depicted from the beginning as a rotund, elderly Caucasian, has been depicted at times as being something other than a rotund, elderly Caucasian. Usually this has been done in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Megyn Kelly, perhaps clumsily, stated the obvious in so many words, in response to a ridiculus assertion concerning non-Caucasian kids and Santa. Maybe those who want to coopt Santa in their own image are not going far enough. Perhaps Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, while not mythical characters, but nonetheless larger than life figures, should be regularly portrayed as something other than black. It's high time female Eskimos not be alienated by the constant portrayals of Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Steve Jobs, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Nelson Mandela, Lech Walesa, Pope Francis, Bugs Bunny, Neil Armstrong, Barack Obama, the Wright Brothers, Martin Luther King, Jimmy Stewart, Benjamin Franklin, Mickey Mouse, Tim Berners Lee, Booker T. Washington and Eli Whitney as non-Eskimo and male. Every good person of note should be non-identifiable by race or gender. There's much work to be done.

    • talkingaboutstuff

      you really think santa claus has always been portrayed as a jolly round, grey bearded, guy in a red suite?

  • The New Pope

    Fox “NEWS” lose about 1,400 viewers each day do to death from old age or a byproduct thereof. Unless they want to begin getting some new ideas, this trend will continue. Blame it on demographics changing all you want, but it is lack of new ideals that is killing conservatives more than anything else.

  • obie007

    That's the trademark of arch conservatives. They take everyone else for fools. What a supreme liar she is. (By the way, Charlie Sheen, this would be the correct use of the word “mendaciously”. You used it in the wrong context in an obvious gambit to impress – but it was a fail.)

  • Fred

    Megyn Kelly is a bimbo, anyone that actually watches fox for news is just as stupid!