Dailies | Jon Stewart on ‘Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Has Right to Say Ignorant S–t on TV (Video)

Jon Stewart on 'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson Has Right to Say Ignorant S–t on TV (Video)

“Daily Show” host agrees with Fox News

Jon Stewart weighed in on the controversy currently roiling the world of reality TV on Thursday, and his position on ”Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson's suspension for anti-gay remarks put him in strange company.

“The Daily Show” host admitted that he believed Robertson had a right to his opinions, even though he personally didn't agree with them. That was roughly the position of most of Fox News’ stable of anchors, who declared that Robertson's comments that homosexuality is analogous to bestiality had put him in host water with the “word police.”

“I too have a problem with the word police,” Stewart joked. “It is by far the worst ‘Law & Order’ spinoff.”

“Look, I think what the guy said is ignorant but I also have an inclination to support a world in which saying ignorant s–t on television doesn't get you kicked off that medium,” he added.  ”But I guess I stand with the free speech absolutists at Fox News, who don't believe you should pressure people to have to adhere to cultural norms of speech. Mostly.”

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It turns out the good folks at Fox News aren't quite as laissez faire about freedom of speech when it comes to politicians and companies substituting the word holiday for Christmas. In the past they've encouraged boycotts of department stores and encouraged viewers to call elected officials who had the audacity to refer to Christmas trees as holiday trees.

“Their belief in free speech doesn't extend to the holidays when the word Christmas is mandatory,” Stewart said.

As for Robertson, Stewart confessed he was not a regular viewer of “Duck Dynasty.”  In fact, he admitted he thought it was a show about ducks re-enacting episodes of “Dyansty,” which he noted would have had a huge “gay following.”

Watch the video:

  • D Marie Miller

    Jon Stewarts is a nobody anyway
    besides he misquotes everybody just like the news he follows

    • Bama

      Total BS, he doesn't have to misquote the fools he skewers. They sink themselves live and in technicolor.

      • D Marie Miller

        SHUT UP bama you don't even know what the heck your talking about

    • T

      Yes, clearly this emmy award and peabody award winning person is a nobody, unlike the world famous D Marie Miller.

      • lessthantolerant

        Awards offered to liberals by other liberals prove worth? How typically liberal.


    And Steward equally, has the right to say stupid Sh_t on his TV program. And he does that very well.

    • Goforride

      The difference is that “Steward” has a comedy show on Comedy Central.

      The right wingnuts are on something that bills itself as NEWS CHANNEL.

      Presumably they don't INTEND to be asses on Faux Gnus.

      • angelycam

        Well AE picked this family knowing their beliefs and as a reality TV spot that would raise the ratings and that my friend is what reality TV is about, controversy, unless it's against what they believe they would never have suspended him. How is it OK to offend Christians by calling the names and all sorts of other things, but go against the gay community or any other minority group (not meaning race wise either) and it's the biggest crime of the land.

    • cracker

      @glaadsneedzippered ..lol like the name lol to funny ..you saved me the time of posting that was exactly what i was thinking ..nice post

      • Daryl

        Well said

  • ModernEra

    There's a difference in saying something, and actually believing you are superior and more “worthy” then other people. Jon Stewart is making light of this, I wonder why? Crossover demographics?

  • revelation53

    So what he offended some of the audience who may/may not watch him. That's what
    the button “OFF” is for on your TV. I get offended when Steward and other so called comedians spout obscenities out of their mouth, and I gladly press my “OFF” button. Do they have arthritis of the hand? Surely, not their mouths!

  • Phil Kruse

    Phil Robertson whether or not you agree with his beliefs still has the character to stand up for them. The man doesn't lie or play the PC game. Ask him a question and he will tell what he actually thinks. Find anyone in the media, Stewart included who has the strength and conviction to do that. Today the people who get the lions share of face time to air their views are those who have none of their own, rather they are lemmings following some dishonest path of crumbs left by handlers.

  • lessthantolerant

    Jon is right, if people were not allowed to be on TV and in movies saying ignorant things no liberal would ever be seen.
    Look at slime like;
    The list of ignorant deviants goes on and on.

    • monsoon1Bob Berry

      yes and people lie you wouldn't be on this website. and faux news and its list of dumbasses wouldn't be on tv. and rush limburger I mean Limbaugh wouldn't be on the radio. and there wouldn't be a republican party. and you wouldn't be born … cause I'm sure your parents must've said some stupid sh#t for them to get together and eventually produce you: from stupidity comes stupidity.

      • lessthantolerant


  • eponymous1

    His self-deprecating humor was good — he SHOULD support a world where saying ignorant s**t doesn't “get you kicked off that medium. His attempted “gotcha” of Fox for hypocrisy over Christmas was ridiculous, as the concern over the abolition of Christmas is exactly the same “free speech” concern as is the condemnation of a man for expressing his religious views.

  • Doug Gale

    Right you are Jon! You do it every day a draw a paycheck for it.

  • oneamericanmind

    it is good that John Stewart recognizes Phil Robertson's right to say what he did not only because that right is protected by the U.S. Constitution, but some of the “ignorant s**t” that Stewart has said over the years would have spelled trouble for him long ago.

  • http://www.HeForgives.org StevePage

    Why wouldn't Stewart agree, he's been saying stupid stuff for years and not been suspended.

  • freedom writer

    What irritates me is that the gay & lesbian community is what they are by choice. How can they compare themselves to ethnic groups who get singled out for the color of their skin, or the head dress on their heads. Look at the Jewish genocide by the nazis, or the way blacks were persecuted in the south by the plantation owners/ and /or the clan. Or after 911, anybody with a turban was a bad guy. Any of these ethnic groups cannot change the color of their skin, or who they are. They cant decide to be white tomorrow etc… What these groups go through is a whole different story, than a gay being singled out. But a gay can change their mind at any time-period, or remain in the closet-period. Now killing a gay, for being a gay is a hate crime, but where in the world does someones religious beliefs about gay and lesbians get considered a hate crime. What happened to freedom of speech being equal, or our religious beliefs?If somebody does not like a mosque in their neighborhood, all they have to do is look away. If somebody does not like a cross on a church or memorial, look the other way. If a gay doesnt want to hear theyre going to hell for being gay, they can either ignore what they're hearing, or change. But this self righteous battle against any religion is nonsense, makes me wonder if the truth hurts. Phil Robertson may not have said what he said in a very constructive, or loving way, but I agree with him on standing up for what you believe. Period.

    • FlaveFlava

      “What irritates me is that the gay & lesbian community is what they are by choice”

      Haha. Wow.

    • Afrankmoment

      Wow. Being gay is not a choice. I can see where it can be confusing because people may choose to experiment or be otherwise curious as to what it might be like to be with someone of the same sex. However, actually being gay, being 100% attracted to the same sex, is not a choice. It is something that most gay people are aware of before they even know what gay or homosexual means.

      Or perhaps you believe it is a choice because they chose to actually be with someone of the same sex in terms of relationships. The alternative being that they should remain single and forever alone or enter fraudulant heterosexual relationships and never be really happy.

      Most of all, I love your examples. People cannot choose the headdress they wear? Sure they can! People choose to wear a variety of things for religious reasons. Be it long skirts, turbans, scarves, excessive body hair if you are forbidden from shaving, etc. Not doing so would likely have many consequences for them, but those consequences are no less relevant than the consequences homosexuals face for denying who they truly are.

      Now lets look at the argument concerning Jews and racial discrimination. Let us just overlook the fact that nazis killed many people for being homosexual. Also, I will assume you are arguing that people of Jewish heredity lack any choice in the matter since you can choose to practice Judism or convert to any religion really (though converting to Judism if not born into it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination). And you are correct, people cannot choose the color of their skin. They are born that way. I assume you were born heterosexual. My cousin and many of my friends were born homosexual.

      You know who really had a choice in these matters? The nazis and the slave owners. They could have chosen not to be hateful. They could of chosen to be accepting of their fellow man, loving, and kind. Instead, they chose to oppress, hate, and discriminate. Hmmm, kind of reminds me of some folks…

      Moving on, I am going to assume that you (like me) are from the U.S. based on various statements you made. You have the right to religious freedom. This means you have the right to choose which religion you want to practice and the right to practice those beliefs as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others or break laws (e.g. animal sacrifice). No one is going to force you to be Catholic, Protestant, Southern Baptist, Mormon, etc. No one should be able to arrest you for wearing a turban or a long skirt. Likewise, you don't get to kill me or threaten me because I refuse to wear a turban. Does it always work like that? No. People do get detain for being “suspicious” because they wear a turban or look middle eastern. Likewise, people all over the world, including the U.S. are killed every day due to not believing in the “right” religious diety. It goes back to the lack of acceptance, kindness, and love.

      Continuing on, we have separation of church and state. Your religious beliefs, whatever they may be, do not get to dictate law. You do not get to say that two people cannot get married because it interferes with your religious beliefs. Marriage, while having a major importance in most religions, is a legal institution (at least it is here in the United States, I cannot vouch for all countries). Apply for a marriage license in your state and then look through all the legal benefits/ramifications of marriage. Now, I am guessing this is when someone like your would say “but gays can have civil unions that are like marriage without ruining the sanctity of marriage”. Civil unions offer many of the same benefits of marriage but it does not offer all the benefits. So you think people should just shut up and be happy they are being offered something even if it is not equal to what heterosexuals are privileged to have? Please tell me more about how you wish our freedom of speech were equal.

      I do not even know where to begin in reference to your take on hate crimes. Are you, the very person vilifying the “self righteous battle against any religion”, saying that me arguing against your attempts to impose your religious beliefs on me should be a hate crime? And that it should actually be a hate crime comparable to “killing a gay, for being gay”? Do you really fail to see how “killing a gay, for being gay” is a hate crime? I would continue to argue this entire statement, but I literally find it so ignorant that I am choosing to its ignorance speak for itself.

      Last but not least, I am not religious in any way shape or form. I am sure you are shocked to read that. Every day, I pass three churches just to get to the closest convenience store. Metaphorically speaking, I turn my head and keep on driving past the crosses, manger scenes, etc, etc, etc. Every day. Contrary to your belief, most gay people and nonreligious folk turn their heads at such things every day just like me. No one should have to turn their head when someone is yelling hurtful things at them and demeaning them. Nor should they have to change who they are inherently or “stay in the closet” just to fit into your narrow belief system. You want to argue about the principles this nation was founded on, allow me to remind you of our right to pursue happiness. It is a real shame that so many people like you find happiness in suppressing others.

    • Friedrich

      And people of course have the right to write really ignorant ideas on website commentary section

      Try to find a gay man or woman that even remotely think they had a choice…..
      I guess they mad that choice because they wanted to make the life extremely difficult!!

  • my2cents

    It's like this. The Christians (everyone for that matter) are supposed to be “sensitive” to the LGTB community, to respect their lifestyle, their views etc. They demand rights that they really aren't entitled to: ie.straight couples who cohabitate arent eligible to get insurance on their partner's policy, but even before same sex marriage, this community claimed they should have this right. In another example, of which the list is enormous, so I'll just cite a few, there is now an annual “gay parade”, where these folks parade down the street boldly and brazenly, unconcerned about being sensitive to how it might “offend” people who believe different than they do. There was a time when men kissing men and women kissing women, amongst other things was taboo on tv, but its now the norm, as well as sitcoms, programs etc. where outspoken members of the LGTB community are the star of the show and when the Christian community, or just basic people who have a different view, were told that “if they didn't like it, to change the channel or quit watching tv.” “Coming out” is now celebrated as the equivalent of getting a hard earned degree or winning a marathon or something.

    But when someone in the Christian community “comes out” and tells it like it is, they are promptly punished and all the LGTB rules no longer apply. If this is America (which by the way was established by similarly oppressed Christians seeking a land where they could have religious freedom), then tell me why it's only freedom for the LGTB community. Their rude comments about “intolerant, ignorant” people who don't agree with their beliefs are never censored.

    • monsoon1Bob Berry

      you do realize you are completely wrong about straight people who cohabitate not getting benefits. the term civil union does not just cover gay people. any place where civil unions are legally recognized, it has always covered straight people ..in fact it has covered straight people for many years. long before it has ever covered gay people. every head of the term palimony. that allows a person who is cohabitating with another the right to be supported by the other person in the event of a separation. I also find it funny that the intolerant are now using he tactic of calling others intolerant. I guess you got that from fox news since that's their new mantra. say or agree with something that offends others … then call others intolerant of your right to say something that offends others. as a straight man, I can tell you I have no issues with homosexuality … know why … cause it doesn't challenge my faith and I will never involve myself in the lifestyle. therefore the behaviors of others does not affect me. does it affect you when two straight people have sex or cohabitate out of wedlock. do you sin by cutting your hair … as Leviticus says is a sin. do you have an issue with people working on sundays, which is a Christian day of rest. or do you, like most so-called Christians just cherry-pick that which you will abide and that which you will condemn others for doing..

  • AmericaWhat Happen?

    Funny I thought this was about Mr. Robertson not Fox News? And if saying stupid S**t got you kicked off TV Stewart would have been gone a long time ago!

  • AmericaWhat Happen?

    First let start by
    saying my rant might be a little long, first there is NO WAY anyone homosexual
    can believe they will ever get into Heaven? Homosexuality is a sin(yes there are
    more than just the 10 Commandants) against god period!!! The bible
    plainly states, but also the city of Sodom was destroyed by god because of the
    evil deeds of its people including rampant homosexuality, for two males to have
    sex it’s call sodomy which the root word for is Sodom the city god destroyed as
    minimum in part due to homosexuality, so that should tell everyone clearly where
    god stands on the issue? Now as for Mr. Robertson being a bigot? Now a Bigot is
    someone who hates another because of the way they were born ( you know things
    that they can’t control) like Race, Creed, Color, National Origin or Sex(Male or
    Female) and that’s it, you can NOT be a bigot against homosexuals because they
    are NOT born that way(which means it’s a choice), homosexuality is a learned
    behavior and before any of you get your patties in a bunch science has found
    gene’s/Dna to show why a person has the skin, hair and eye color they have, they
    have even found a gene to show who will be left or right handed but there is no
    gene/dna or any scientific evidence to say anyone is born gay, just like no one
    is born a serial killer, so like I said homosexuality is a learned behavior
    which mean Mr. Robertson really didn’t say anything bigoted when it can’t be?
    Finally as far as it being a learned behavior, back in the 50’s and 60’s they
    treated homosexuality as a mental disorder, now if it is a mental disorder then
    Mr. Robertson was insensitive. So is homosexuality a mental

    • Sherry

      Wrong – they have isolated a gene for homosexuality. Wrong – God destroyed Sodom because he couldn't find one righteous man in the city. It was humans who devised the word sodomy, NOT GOD. Wrong – homosexuality is not a choice. Who would choose such an extremely hard life as that? Anyone who has a close relative who is gay KNOWS they didnt’ choose that life. Instead, they will all tell you how they tried to deny it for most of their life. That is why so many gay people enter into heterosexual marriages.

    • Friedrich

      How can you be so incredibly ingonrant. Not just a little ignorant, but really ignorant. (look up the definition of ignorant if you dont know, so dont get offended just yet….lol).
      Homosexuality is NOT a choice. Until you understand that, you probably will always support anti-gay bigots.
      It will probably take one of your family members to become gay and you to actually have an open conversation with that person with an OPEN mind and no preconceived or “religious” concepts of homosexuality

  • henry cole

    This all brings out how much political correctness exist in America today. People are afraid to voice their opinion. I thought this was a free country? Also, no one has yet to explain to me what part of a man on a man having sex in the a-hole is ok? Why do many think theirs nothing wrong with that?

  • Tom

    Stewart should know because he says some ignorant s–t but the sad thing Is he says it for the money. If he actually believes some of that s–t then he is out of touch with the rest of the country. If you never get out of your comfort zone Jon you will never learn.

  • Tired of it all

    Everyone is just so full of hate!

    • Rockvilleron

      Its become America's favorite pastime. “Reality TV” Really ? … Network reality is finding something they know will cause an argument. As if todays viewer needs help to get angry and yell. A symptom of a much worse problem I think.

    • Daniel Roberson

      Why is quoting the bible “hate” “God is love” and when he give a command it is only for our good. The loving parent who loves the child they created will have plans for those children that they don't always understand. This is a case of immaturity by those who want their way and if you don't give it to me you hate me. God loves all sinners He gave his life for them but he can never love or accept their sin.

  • PJ Jones

    stewart who ? Who gives a rats azz what this clown says.

  • Jane

    IF I Remember right, it was Rick Sanchez who got fired for saying Jon Stewart was a racist, didn't hear Jon stewart say anything abt Rick Sanchez's firing over comments.

  • Scott Matthews

    I love how people feel the need to defend Phil Robertson's right to free speech. He has the right to say what he wants, and we, the public have the right to call him an idiot for it, and his employer has the right to suspend him for violating the contract that he signed that put stipulations on what he says or does.

    No one is saying he can't say what he wants. He just has to face the repercussions of his actions like any responsible adult. It's not like he didn't agree to be in the public spotlight where everything he says or does is scrutinized.

    No sympathy.

  • john carter

    Another Bill Maher.

  • monsoon1Bob Berry

    so…. people who have problem with all of this PC sh#t an don't understand why people are offended are now upset at Jon Stewart and others because they have offended you or you feel it isn't PC to say the things that they said. can you say mega-hypocrisy. you call them whiners … but then whine about what they say. you call them cry-babies … then cry about them. you say they can't take a joke … then you get upset about what they joke. you say you have a right to free speech … but then challenge their righto say what they believe. wow … what cajones.

  • Jo

    Stewart speaks his mind during everyone of his episodes. What show are you watching?