Dailies | Jon Stewart on Fox News and Its White Santa Debate (Video)

Jon Stewart on Fox News and Its White Santa Debate (Video)

“The Daily Show” host wades in on the Christmas cultural scuffle

Shots were fired in the War on Christmas this week after a Slate.com article raised questions about Santa Claus’ racial background.

African-American blogger Aisha Harris wrote about how difficult it was to always see Saint Nick depicted as a white man while she was growing up and mentioned that it might make sense to have the fictitious character portrayed as a penguin rather than to keep exhibiting ethnic favoritism. That shocking suggestion led to a widely derided panel on Fox News last Wednesday featuring all-white guests and a bizarre disclaimer by host Megyn Kelly.

“By the way, for you kids watching at home, Santa just is white. But this person is arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa,” Kelly assured her audience. ” But you know, Santa is what he is, and just so you know, we're just debating this because someone wrote about it, kids.”

On Thursday's edition of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart pounced on the Fox News staple's comments.

“Who are you actually talking to?” Stewart asked. “Children who are sophisticated enough to be watching a news channel at 10 o'clock at night. Yet innocent enough to still believe that Santa Claus is real. Yet racist enough to be freaked out if he isn't white.”

“Yes, West Virginia, there is a Santa Claus,” he added.

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But Stewart conceded that the Yuletide season may be under assault.

“Christmas, it's very essence is under constant siege by someone, something,” Stewart said.

He cut to footage of Kelly's Fox News colleague Gretchen Carlson raging against a six foot Festivus pole made out of beer cans that has been erected in the rotunda of Florida's state Capitol building. Festivus is the fictions holiday cooked up by George Costanza's dad on “Seinfeld” as an alternative to Christmas.

“Can't you just pretend it's a place for the wise men to tie up their camels?” Stewart said. “You're concerned there's a six foot Festivus pole made out of beer cans? It's Florida. You're lucky there's not a stripper named Christmas swinging on it.”

Watch the video:

  • Karen Alston

    Sometimes you can please your mother and father in heaven at the same time and
    then there are the times like this.
    Perhaps her parents or someone who
    cares would share with her that, after living long enough to know better, they
    were not perfect in all their thinking. This could help free their darling
    daughter to practice thinking in a way that will bring her the kind of peace
    within that her father in heaven told us about in his word. P.S. blessed are
    the peace makers….

    P.S. Again, It appears that some children don't
    realize how difficult it is for their parents to tell them they were wrong and
    have lived long enough to know better now. Consequently, It appears to be
    difficult for the adult child to comprehend which teachings or exposures are
    mistakes. May the Lord deliver all his children everywhere from our own
    thoughts and the thoughts expressed on Fox News that are not used for his

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Oh,man,that was funny, how he made fun of that last thing the reporter said, “Just because something makes you uncomfortable,dosen't mean it has to change.” I'm like, “Uh, WTF!? Segregation against black folks was uncomfortable as hell, and we damn sure made that s*** change!” Give me a damn break—–they just hated the fact that their beloved Santa Claus’ white hegemony was being challenged,that's all. Santa could be any color he wants to be,even if that freaks out a lot of kids and parents.

      • captnbkjk

        Strange how Stewart and Liberals always make straw arguements to make fun of people. She never compared uncomfortable to segregation or oppression. One could just have easily made the straw argument that it seems uncomfortable for some people to get up early and go do a hard days work. Or get up earl and go get an education. But just because its uncomforable does not mean one should sit home and wait for a hand out. Her statement is empirically true. Truth being something all liberals find uncomfortable

        • ken keller

          YES! get up earl, you lazy bastard! you and captain “bj” need to go get an education.

        • caitlynn

          Even this person who is sitting at home on her butt, reading this on a laptop is smart enough to get what you're eluding to at the end of your useless comment. I'm just curious though what faulty statistics have you read that have you convinced that the only people who are “sitting at home and waiting for handouts” are the same people who were made uncomfortable by segregation and oppression.

  • Bella J

    The basic problem is everything about America is “White” not Mexican,
    not Black, not Indian or Chinese….everything is white. This is being
    argued because every kid in America is not just white. When the Native
    Americans were brutally slaughtered for there land, This land was taken
    by a group of people that decided to own everything. Then they call this
    land, The “UNITED” States of America. Whats so united about it?

    • Gramm-er Nazi


    • ken keller


    • goodfellaforu

      You are the child of a highly successful revisionist history program, the goal of which is to get useful idiots to learn to HATE America. The way the revisionists themselves hate-hate-hate America. Congratulations.

    • Norby

      Lighten up …oops there I go again with the racism.

    • Carol

      Amen! Bella, please lead by example – abandon your home and office building and hand them over to the local Indian Affairs office!! Great idea.

    • Dave

      Well, if you can find a country you like more, maybe moving there is an option to escape this tyranny?

  • prc

    fox always makes for good comedy

    • George

      You must be an AH liberal… You know an Obama fan!!!!

  • Momma Stupert

    John Stupert has always made people uncomfortable, he won't and never will change. His type of oppresion and way of thinking is why he will always be a Comedy Central comedian. When you start pulling in the audience fox does john, then maybe I'll care what you think.

    • ken keller

      yes, jon. when you start appealing to the ignorant arrogant racist douche bag tea bagger bible thumping morons that watch faux, ignorant arrogant racist douche bag tea bagger bible thumping morons like momma will care what you think!

      • Theo

        Calling someone ignorant and having to resort to insults……… you think your informed?

        • ken keller

          informed enough to know the difference between “you're” and “your!” by the way the 0, I don't HAVE to resort to insults. I just ENJOY resorting to insults!

    • TheTruth

      So you'd opt to be part of the lemming herd the blindly follows Fox News? They spoon feed you contradictory, propagandist, and biased stories day by day. The truly misinformed are the only ones who follow channels likes this. If you want the real news you must find it yourself these days, unfortunately, this is something both far left and far right followers are too lazy to do.

      • Theo

        Which herd are you part of? Kettle meet pot.

  • Pug

    When Stewart mentioned children old enough to watch Fox's late news, yet naive enough to believe in Santa, yet racist enough to care about Santa's race, I hoped he would show a picture of good ole W Bush!

  • WTF 69

    I don't know what's funnier! John Stewart's Clip or the slanted post on this pag. ha ha ha

  • WTF 69

    page…page…page errrrr

  • PAW-T

    The talk of White or Black Santa is ignorant tell children the truth, that Christmas was never about a man dressed up in a red and white Suit. Let us go back in time remember is a man made holiday and every thing and created in white but if anyone has really studied the bible, The Tower of BABEL! GOD SEPARATED THE PEOPLE

    because They were all together to do wrong doesn't this sound like the white race.

    And I love what Bella J stated and I quote The basic problem is everything about America is “White” not Mexican,
    not Black, not Indian or Chinese….everything is white. This is being
    argued because every kid in America is not just white. When the Native
    Americans were brutally slaughtered for there land, This land was taken
    by a group of people that decided to own everything. Then they call this
    land, The “UNITED” States of America. Whats so united about it?

  • ki

    Even her guests were uncomfortable with her statements. Watch their faces as she talks…way off the chart startled…she needs to get away from Fox at least for the weekend. Down time from her job may do her some good.

    • Theo

      We choose to see and listen to what we want to, if it suits our beliefs. I once again watched the segment and wonder what you saw. Politics is already painful to stomach and regretfully followers on both sides of the divide have been infected, you included.

  • TheTruth

    Fox news and all her tea party viewers will always be misinformed, wanna be high class fools. Some things will never change.

    • Theo

      Its funny how you point to to people being misinformed. I actually took time to check out both sides, and maybe you should. Or you can take input from one source and preach it as gospel, then again your not alone.

      • The Truth Hurts

        Did either one of the sides that you checked out confirm that yes indeed Santa is real and is in fact a white man? Wow, I'd like to know your sources but fear that both of them is FOX news!

        • Theo

          Again, do you even know what started this? Of course not, your response says it all. The extremist on both sides (including yourself) will only believe what they want to, and inundate with falsehoods views they contradict.

          • medartist01

            Theo is going all “Megyn” on you, TTHurts. Oh no. I bet he's got his guns out now, and loading them up with his extended clips. Theo is on his way now to stalk, trap, and blow away folks who don't agree with his fringe, Right Wing racist view of the Easter Bunny, Santy Claus, and the Jew who calls himself Jesus. (Oh wait, did Theo not know that Jesus was Jewish?) Dang. Sorry to spoil the surprise, bigot. Theo will need to plug into FOXNEWS for another 3 days to purify his white blood.

        • wynotme307

          Santa Clause was a German from st.Petersburg. Known as St. Nicolas by the Catholic Church. He was made a saint by his selfless giving in the 15th century I believe it was. And, YES, Santa Clause, St. nick, was white.

    • George

      like you sorry ass jerks. You want the truth watch FOX NEWS!!!! One thing they don't do is KISS Barack Obama's ASS!!!!

      • Angie D

        ROFL@ George. Oh wait, you were serious? My bad.

      • vincent berner

        george ur a fuc”*ing idiot. ;'nuff said

  • goodfellaforu

    Stewart never fails to sink to his stinky lowest level when it comes time to propagandize. To make a big deal out of nothing (using senseless analogies) in order to gain votes for the Democratic party. THAT's what this is all about. By any means necessary, Sir Stewart…

    • Michael Boustany

      It's comedy. C .. o .. m .. e .. d .. y.

  • Just sayin’

    Why is that whites cave so easily nowadays when it comes to the topic of race? We need to show a little spine and stand up for ourselves and stop catering to all the minorities with their ever so fragile egos. It's our country damnit! I'm always amazed at how little noise needs to be made by the minorities before the white man fearfully retreats from defending his position. And let's be real honest here folks, most minorities would like nothing more than to see the white man get steamrolled out of existence and have this country as their own- this is when things really tank.

    • Steve zomax

      very true, it's your country. stolen fair and square from mexico.

      • Angie D

        Actually, stolen fair and square from Native Americans after, of course, they put small pox on their blankets to kill them off. They stole Texas and California from Mexico. :-)

    • Angie D

      Are you serious? It's “our country”? History lesson: Your country was stolen from Native Americans by white people and built on the backs of said minorities. It is a country of immigrants-which is why it's called the “melting pot”- and not the sole possession of one race. Get a clue.

  • Rudolph

    I can't believe that FOX is actually admitting that someone who breaks into people's homes in the middle of the night is white.

    • Angie D

      ROFL!!!! Comment of the day!

    • sickofthisbs

      ROFL, ya but he leaves stuff, like coal at least. And yes folks, coal is black.

  • Roy_Munson

    When I first saw this, I thought “Not even the biggest Fox fans can stick up for her here.”
    But sure enough — there they go

    • wynotme307

      It has nothing to do with Fox. It has to do with TRUTH.

      Santa Clause, is St.Nicolaus who is a German saint of gifting, and yes, he is white. So sorry to spoil your politically correct revision of history and truth.

      • Roy_Munson

        Spoken like a devoted Fox viewer

      • Stephen

        Santa Claus is originally based upon St. Nicholas, a 4th-century Christian bishop from Lycia (now in Turkey). I dont where you get the idea that he was a German. Please do a bit of research before you are to pontificate.. it just shows your level of ignorance

        • wynotme307

          Look a little farther. His remains were moved to Germany a few centuries after his death. He was not celebrated as “Santa Clause” until the reformation, Martin Luther, and the Protestants.

          I was incorrect on his time of death, but had been many years since I explored basic mythology.

          As for ignorance, well… Better known as forgetfulness. Even you had to look it up before you replied, so try to be less an ahole

  • Victor Little

    Why African Americans Need Their Own Santa?
    For years I looked backed at pictures of me and so many of my friends and relatives and saw these beautiful African American children looking up to, screaming at, hollering for, or, believing in, some white man with a long gray beard who was going to swoop down on Christmas eve and, if they were good, would leave them the desires of their hearts under the Christmas Tree.

    The problem began when most of us ended up with a rock, or, something much less than the desires of their heart. And then Santa, became the enemy. The one to be hated, feared, or ignored because he certainly couldn't live up to his promises. So for me as a problem solver, I believe that if for no other reason than peaceful race relations, we should have our own, Santa Claus.

    Whether, it is someone who is going to raise me up, or let me down, I preferred it be someone who looked like me. Even as a young child when I would ask my parents for something that was either beyond their economic reach, or just something they felt I shouldn't have I eventually learned to deal with it and get on with my life.

    But when this white guy pissed me off, I became angry, or oppressed and felt that there was no need in even trying because the man was going to let you down anyway. Well today, I am the man. With a college degree and a business of my own. I decide whether I've been good or bad and should have a rock or a Mercedes Benz under my tree. It is by my own effort that I am judge and rewarded and if I should fail I look in the mirror and say Santa, tomorrow you'll get another try.

    • wynotme307

      Well said. And truly heartfelt. Individualism is actually at the core of our existence.

      But the issue is an issue because someone like Sharpton, a true racist, thinks we can't all blame a white Santa. The has to be a white and black Santa, and a yellow, red and brown Santa because they truly believe we, all races, worship the same anything. They believe the races must be separated.

      To me, Santa is white because all the pictures, songs and poems suggest he is white, regardless of what race I is.

  • abunawas

    This guy is Jewish, I do perfectly understand from where he is going, and why is mocking every thing that's Christian, clamming that he is atheist. So whenever he open his mouth the devil shit inside is, hey stupid pass I got a challenge for you, I dare you do the same with Mohammed or Muslims you know they will fuck ur ass stupid ass

    • Steve zomax

      can you translate that into English? It seems fascinating, especially the part about clams.

    • Michael Boustany

      Sorry … I got lost after the part about clams. Would you mind rewriting that in comprehensible English?

    • Roy_Munson

      Is that post for real?
      Wow! I feel sorry for you. Lighten up, Francis

  • RestrainedRealpolitik

    Santa Claus is white and if your small child is black, and feels comforted by a black Santa Claus, you are wrong? Really? How sad for Black children and Hispanic children and Asian children. And, is the Easter Bunny white or brown or black? Do we tellchildren that imaginary characters must be other than what speaks to their imagination? Do we look to television commentators to unnecessarily wound our children? Was Jesus Caucasian? Was He tanned and brown with brown eyes like nearly everyone in the Middle East in His time or was He a Scandinavian with dirty blond hair and blue eyes? It was most appropriate for Megyn Kelly to not say anything at all rather than advertise her limited imagination and narrow views.

    • Angie D


  • jD

    what happened, did Fox get tired of s..ting on The President???

  • kynal

    Now she says it was tongue ni cheek. Bt how can e tell when her head is up her @SS?

  • George

    The problem… Some folks just hate the word WHITE. They just can't get over hating white people.

  • Ramon

    I never heard of Megyn Kelly prior to this stupid news story.

  • medartist01

    Love it.
    Jon Stewart just confirmed that South Carolina is racist. I bet that Megyn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly, and FOXNEWS, is beside themselves for giving the green light to their racist rant every year. Now, FOXNEWS’ “War on Christmas” rant –– will become fodder for every comedian in the states and across the world. Here, here! A toast to Megyn ‘the Bigot’ Kelly and all the KKK-Klowns at FOX!

    • Ken

      Love it huh? You're one of the few. A second-rate “comedian” with a second-rate show and a sinking career.

  • casper

    Caucasion's are from the Middle East! Irag,Turkey,Saudia Arabia.

  • quinton

    who gives a damn about the fictional personna of Santa Claus, I was more surprised by her foolish self righteous affirmation about the race of Jesus! Where's the outrage over that or at least some comedic barbs

  • Terri Fiamma

    I don't know what channel Stewart is on, I have never seen him. However, seeing that he has been showing up on Yahoo I make a suggestion. Jon Hold hands with the President and “go away”. You are in the Pinocchio league.

    • Roy_Munson


  • sickofthisbs

    You are all misinformed, Santa is a mix of Martian, Venutian, Chinese, Russian, Mexican, Swedish, Scottish, Indonesian, African, Polish, English, Spanish, Antarctican, Italian, Brazilian, Japanese, Welsh, Irish, Canadian, German, Apache, Myan, Macy's-ian, and openly known bi-sexual. I saw him in front of Walmart, shaking his iPhone to ring his bell, when I approached him to give, his 2Pac ring tone went off, I think it was Mrs Claus, not sure.

  • Ed

    John Stewart, “Who gives a s**t?

  • Fritz Maynes

    St. Nicholas was a Catholic Bishop in Turkey from the 15th century…

    • wynotme307

      His bones were moved to German later and he wasn't “Santa Clause” until Martin Luther's Reformation and the Protestants. Regardless, Santa Clause” is mostly a mythical character created by poems and songs and stories and paintings. All of them suggest a white Santa Clause. This fits the Europeans who populated this USA and brought the myth to its popularity.

  • Ken

    I couldn't give a flying F what this guy thinks about anything. On top of that, this “comedian” isn't even close to being funny. He's pretty much irrelevant.

  • jackluft

    Frankly, I am outraged that fellow members of my New
    Guinea tribe, the Mahouti, are never depicted as Santa Claus.
    You see, Kris Kringle is a Mahouti name, thus proving he
    is indeed Mahouti.

  • 007scallywag .

    And James West of the Wild, Wild West, WAS WHITE ALSO.

  • Liberals Suck

    Jon Stewart is a Jew hiding behind a Gentile name. No Santa for you, Jew.

  • john doe

    haha, non-white mall santas must get you SO butthurt! I bet you believe they're all part of some evil big bad liebural conspiracy (X-D)