Kanye West Blasted by Gloria Allred Over ‘Kimmel’ Remarks: You Disgrace Your Profession!

Kanye West Blasted by Gloria Allred Over 'Kimmel' Remarks: You Disgrace Your Profession!

Celebu-tourney Allred takes aim at West over his comments on “Jimmy Kimmel Liive”

It took longer than a lot of people probably thought it would, but Gloria Allred has found a way into the Kanye West-Jimmy Kimmel interview flap.

The camera-friendly attorney has issued a statement blasting “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” rapper over his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday night, calling his remarks “shameful” and opining, “you disgrace your profession.”

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Allred added that West's comments on “Kimmel” were “shameful,” and that he has brought “shame” to his hometown of Chicago.

For those unfamiliar with the various legal entanglements that West is dealing with, Allred represents Daniel Ramos, a paparazzo who West allegedly assaulted during a July run-in at Los Angeles International Airport. According to a lawsuit filed by Allred on Ramos’ behalf, West punched the videographer and tried to take his camera after Ramos asked questions along the lines of, “What's going on? Why can't we talk to you? I mean why?”

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During his “Jimmy Kimmel Live” appearance, West groused about the paparazzi,  with a seeming reference to the alleged Ramos incident.

“Don't ask me a question about something you saw in the tabloids,” West said. “Don't try to antagonize me. You know what? It's not safe for you in this zoo. Never think that I'm not from Chicago for one second. And think you can walk up and disrespect me and my family constantly.”

West appeared on the ABC late-night show shortly after hurling a Twitter tirade at Kimmel, after Kimmel spoofed a BBC Radio interview that the rapper had given.

“Last night Mr. West made it clear that he thinks that he has the right to attack anyone that antagonizes him by asking him a question that he does not like. He thinks that paparazzi are fair game,” Allred said in her statement. “In his televised appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show he sent a message that anyone that crosses him is not safe and that no one should forget that he is from Chicago.”

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Allred continued, “We have a message to you Mr. West in response.  You will be held accountable for your actions both in the criminal justice system and in the civil justice system.”

The attorney added, “You say that you bring ‘joy to the world.’ I say you disgrace your profession and bring shame to your hometown of Chicago when you make reference to being from Chicago as some sort of threat.”

  • SkipB

    I disagree with Ms. Allred. Mr. Kanye's actions are perfect for a professional egomaniac narcissist. And I agree with Mr. Kanye that the paparazzi should be fair game, for anybody. Not sure about the rest …

  • PimpleMiddleton

    One look at Kanye's eyes, you can tell he is crazy and out of control. One look at his girlfriend's eyes, you can tell, well, that there is NOTHING beyond them.

    • Jim

      Careful! West might start a franchise with that eye! LOL!

  • Jim

    Kanye West Blasted by Gloria Allred Over ‘Kimmel’ Remarks: You Disgrace Your Profession!

    No dah!

  • chicagoan

    Every person from Chicago understood and sided with what Kanye meant when he mentioned the personality of what its like in Chicago.

    • cat

      So all Chicagoans are egomaniac with no concept of reality? I guess that explains the Obamas.

  • ranger

    Why does “E” and these other pimp TV channels even acknowledge his existence.
    Boy, I bet he would change his tune, without any attention. All of this nonsense is just an act to get noticed. the ”
    Kim factor”.

  • Dapple Dan

    Thank you Ms. Allred. Finally someone in the public eye has told Kayne West exactly what I would love to tell him. Exactly who does he think he is? Jesus Christ?

    • jimmy dean

      he is crazy and needs to be on some meds…

    • cat

      um, yeah.

  • Heavenly

    He's trash…….always has been………..always will be! A “leopard” can't change it's spots.

  • cat27

    Allred should know……she has been a disgrace to her profession for years.

  • richard

    Martin Luther King was Judged Harshly in this Manner. Protecting Ones Family, from Harm means degrading derogatory Comments also Within A Earshot Of said Members Violence is sometimes used to Protect when Close distances are Violated”I Mean I wouldn't Let You Are Nobody Stand Up And Call My Wife Nothing that Degrades Her Whether she's Present Or Not” Now U know I am From OUACOWA

    • I'm from Texas!!

      What language are you speaking?!

  • Tib

    “Last night Mr. West made it clear that he thinks that he has the right to attack anyone that antagonizes him” – Gloria Allred

    Wow, that's pretty galling coming from the lady who's defending a gang of bikers who assaulted an SUV carrying a husband and wife and a 4 year old girl. Gloria Allred is scum.

  • Frank Tripodi

    she should have blasted that big bore kimmel too, he only had that big gasbag on for ratings, but they do make a great pair though, A BIG BORING GASBAG!

  • knarf51

    Kayne is the luckiest guy in the world!! For him to have made a career in the entertainment business is incredible, since he does nothing entertaining. Can't sing rhythms are juvenile and choice of reality shows girlfriends vacuous. Why don't this guy shut his vulgar mouth and thank the lord he somehow escaped the miserable life he is cut out for. That of a mean minded thug and bully. Buy a mirror Kayne look into it if you see anything but a self centered lout, look again!!