Kathie Lee Calls Her ‘Today’ Predecessor's Show ‘Boring,’ ‘Crap’

Kathie Lee Calls Her 'Today' Predecessor's Show 'Boring,' 'Crap'

Lee says before she came aboard, the Hoda Kotb, Ann Curry and Natalie Morales-hosted version was a “flatliner”

Kathie Lee Gifford may love her hosting gig on the fourth hour of “Today” these days, but before she was on the show, she thought it was “crap.”

Gifford welcomed her “Today” co-host Hoda Kotb onto her new podcast and the two spoke about how Gifford was lured into hosting “Today”‘s 10 a.m. hour in 2008, a year after the show's expansion.

“It was called ‘Bore Snore,'” Kotb said of the show's pre-Gifford era.

“It was called ‘Crap,'” Gifford added.

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Kotb, Natalie Morales and former “Today” anchor Ann Curry hosted the 10 a.m. hour from 2007 until Gifford was brought on in April 2008, replacing Curry and Morales. Gifford said she was reluctant to join at first because she was “afraid of being bored.”

“We were so used to seeing people snoring,” Kotb said.

“I turned it on and it was basically a discussion of what white shirt holds up best in the wash,” Gifford said of show. “Thank goodness I don't keep a gun handy or I would have shot myself. It was deadly, it was awful, it was boring and I told ["Today" EP] Jim Bell that.”

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Gifford and Kotb ended up having a great time together at a lunch — Kotb loved Gifford's lack of shame while singing in public and Gifford loved Kotb's love of her lack of shame — so Gifford told Bell to give Curry and Morales the boot and let her host with just Kotb.

“Nothing against Natalie, who I adore,” Gifford added.

She didn't mention Curry.

  • Pius

    Hysteria and grandiosity work well on daytime TV, so Kathi Lee remains a star.

  • mdniteowl

    What a piece of work she is!!!!!!!!!!!Can not stand that big mouth and big ego of hers.She and Hoda can drink themselves into oblivion for all I care.

    • saintswife

      Then we can assume you don't watch, right? So why take the time to comment?

    • http://msn.com LeRoyW

      Have to say Amen! to mdniteowl.
      I do love Hoda though.

  • BonBon

    I enjoy watching them most of the time, but there are times when I wish BOTH of them would just SHUT UP. They have guests on that I might be interested in hearing, but sometimes they talk over them. And when it's someone doing a demonstration on how to do something, when you can only hear half of what they say, they may as well have not even been on the show.

  • Guest Host

    Actually they are both very good at what they do, it isnt intended to be identical to the preceding hours.

  • Sidd Vishus

    Wait here, I'll see if I can dig up a pistol.

  • Karen

    She's right. It was very boring before she got there. Not for the reasons she thinks though. People tune in to see what kind of crap is going to tumble out of her mouth. Doesn't matter I guess, as long as we turn it on they get paid.

  • Robert

    Weren't you the one years back that sold clothes made in child labor places overseas? Talk about boring, you are just downright undependable and pay for children to be abused. How does that sit with you. You may have corrected it back than, but you still did it and only stopped because you got caught!!!!!

    • James

      She is also the same person who asked how Martin Short's wife was during an interview. Martin Short handled the question with class but little did Gifford know (she obviously does not care enough about her guests to read up on them which seems like the bare minimum that should be expected to show respect and conduct a good interview) that his wife passed away. The Today Show has not really been about quality in general though so I have not watched in years.

  • mcs12911

    Talk about Crap, Kathie Lee takes the cake, I mean as soon as 10 am reaches here I turn off the Today show, I really appreciate how Kathie Lee and Hoda (woman) try to out talk each other, talk about grandiose Big Mouths !!!

    • saintswife

      If you turn it off, how do you know what they do on the show?

      • Diana

        What a sad, sad life, or lack of one you must have. To each his own.

  • bfp13108@yahoo.com

    I never have really liked her; she does put on a very insincere vibe on the Today (10:00 a.m.) slot

  • Susan

    I love Hoda,but that other one thinks it is her show. Hoda has been on that show longer but I'm sure Miss Gifford wanted her name before Hoda's. I also think Natalie M. does the same thing. Don't people have manners? I wish they would get rid of the two of them. Miss Gifford not only talks over Hoda but finishes her sentences.

  • saintswife

    Cracks me up that the world is pissed at Matt because Ann was removed from the “team”, but no one mentions that it appears she sucked at comedy too. Kathie Lee is perfect where she is, as is Ann and Natalie. Love how Matt is the fall guy for everything that's wrong with Today

  • Chuck

    No wonder her husband Frank cheated on her. It was big news a few years ago. Of course he went back door with the woman. Ouch !

  • nene

    I never really cared for Gifford but always liked hoda I can deal with her with hoda….I think hoda should get lauers job shes great nice disposition not pretensious…..

  • Linda Lee

    Please, just give me good information about interesting subjects from informed presenters. I am so tired of people who know nothing of which they speak.

  • ricky1961

    I wish Kathy Lee would just shut up that huge old mouth of hers.

  • Diana

    I'm with you mdniteowl. I watched the show for a time and found it to be retched. Nothing amusing, Nothing educational….really nothing. The two of them just are RUDE and talk over each other so rather watch cartoons. Kathie Lee is a wash up and her ratings prove it!

  • star9000

    I quite enjoy both of them together. They are a good team. Hoda's mildness offplays Kathie Lee's outspokennes. This is a good forum for them. I like Kathie Lee more in this forum with Hoda as her partner than I did with her and Regis. And I agree with another poster. Hoda is fantastic and would be great in Matt Lauer's spot.

  • Bobby

    . . . I only switch to the Today Show after I watch the news on CBS and then turn off the 4th hour with HK and KL -

  • PittsRu2

    Krappy Lee Gitlost is one of the worst people on TV. She is Kardashian level crap and should be put out to pasture with her wine bottle. This woman is annoying, loud and just plain stiupid. She was pointless with Regis and has not gotten better with age or alcohol. She should just shut her ugly face.

  • Diane

    Although I do not watch the show often as I am at work, when I am home I do not care to watch it. I love Hoda she is so classy but Kathie Lee is just plain rude and not at all a reason to ever watch the show. I find it interesting that of all the posts there are only 2 people that actually like both of them. That is a very small percentage of viewers and the TV network should really pay attention to that as it impacts the advertisers as well. I do not see a reason to keep the show on the air unless Kathie Lee is replaced.
    Wake up NBC before you have no one watching your station in the morning except to see Al Roker !!

  • yragcom1

    Kathie Lee and Hoda are the ONLY hour of Today I watch. Thank God for KTLA in Los Angeles covering the early morning hours when Today is on, because the 7-10 Today Show is as exciting as a NyQuil OD.

  • Lola

    Never, never have cared for Kathy Lee Gifford. Even when she was still Kathy Lee Johnson on the Name That Tune Show from long long ago…she is just so full of herself since she became “somebody” by getting retired former football player Frank Gifford to marry her. She being May, he being December….NBC should really revamp the whole Today show no matter who hosts at whatever hour of the day…It's all boring. Maybe bring in Jimmy Fallon to this show too.

  • ron

    Kathy Lee is the biggest egomaniac,name dropper I've ever seen!!

  • krfschr

    KLG is the worst TV personality I've seen on TV–ignorant, offensive, irrelevant! I used to think Hoda had credibility and integrity, but not since she hooked up with Kathy! Shame for her career that might have gone somewhere.

  • putorium

    A few of these women are great journalist not entertainers. Andrea Mitchell is one and Ann Curry was another. Amapour on CNN is one super woman journalist keeping up with what is going on around the world? So many today who just are not watching the daily news shows. I am retired so I have them on? My kids in their 40 usually do not. Why Cooper probably is popular at night. Maddow just may not have the same draw as a woman? She is one also smart lady has a doctorate. Think now some of the shows more popular are like the Five on Fox and Crossfire. Talking and debating more then one person being host? Need more change on who many of these show s have on as their so called experts? Are there not other experts out there today. Fox has on the same all the time ? Even now on Crossfire they are changing some of the host now and then ? Not always Newt but Newt is good and the former Gov. of Montana he is good? Chris Coumo is coming into his own. Savannah is cool she will grow. Willie is very good not totally ready for main hosting yet ? Hoda and Kathy are cool together give Kathy a break. Compliment each other. Kathy is a hard working person and sorry her show failed but she at leas tried and she and Regis were super together. I never get asked on these rating polls so who knows who they ask? Ck out your FB on these shows and go by these are people watching ?

  • Mark A

    Kathy Lee makes me puke, who could watch that phony crusty old hen… at least Hoda does not have to pretend to crack a smile… maybe that is the problem when Kathy smiles something cracks