Kirk Cameron Slams Grammys’ Gay Weddings; Pimps Own Movie as Savior to ‘Traditional Family’

Kirk Cameron Slams Grammys' Gay Weddings; Pimps Own Movie as Savior to 'Traditional Family'

The actor-turned-Christian-activist condemned the segment while promoting his latest faith-based movie

In a since-deleted Facebook post that heavily promoted his new film, actor and Christian activist Kirk Cameron condemned the mass wedding segment during Sunday's Grammy Awards, calling the stunt — which included the union of several gay couples — an “assault on the traditional family.”

“How did you like the Grammy's [sic] all out assault on the traditional family last night?” Cameron wrote on Monday.

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“Last night, the lines were drawn thick and dark. Now more than ever, we must work together to create the world we want for our children.”

The way to do that, Cameron wrote, was to buy his new film, “Mercy Rule.” He wrote that the movie — which has the tagline, “There's no quit in family” — should restore families the same way that his 2008 sleeper hit “Fireproof” has “restored marriages.”

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The connection between the movie's subject and marriage equality was not made clear.

Cameron also failed to note that the Grammy Awards opened with perhaps the strongest pop culture affirmation of marriage — “traditional” or otherwise — when megastar Beyonce sang a racy love song on stage not with a random hunky backup dancer, but with her husband, Jay-Z.

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Watch the trailer for Cameron's “Mercy Rule” here, and see Cameron's full Facebook post below:

Kirk Cameron

  • Cassidy Robinson

    I'm confused. Are you condemning his comments or promoting his movie? Why include a link to buy or stream it? Was this a subversive response to his paid advertisement by The Wrap?

  • bfloyd47

    He's no Leo DiCaprio, and he's not aging well.

  • dmill24

    Im so glad to see people stand up for Christian Family Values. Most are afraid to put themselves out there. I will continue to support you Kirk! Keep up the good work for The Lord!!

    • Hype Returns

      I'm almost sure promoting your straight-to-dvd movie doesn't classify as “Good Work for The Lord”. Almost.

    • disqus_Lm7AVWR2a0

      That's true. Pray for the souls who can't see the handwriting on the wall. It's all about self anymore.

    • disqus_MnI8dfEMn5

      For the Lord or not…….great job kirk!! Coward you're not!

    • cindy

      Thank you for using your platform for good. We are in a state of contradiction. People don't know what's right or wrong anymore. Thank you for standing up for God's truth, God will honor your boldness and courage. C.L.S

  • mandawg

    You had me at “There's No Quit in Family.”

  • Damien W

    The Wrap, where any idiot can get the suckiest of movies plugged. For an extra charge, we'll even mask it as “news”! Operators are standing by!

  • Tubby Lumpkins

    Okay i'm confused. Was that the trailer to his new movie or a Christian-Based Commercial for Mucinex?

  • dmknyc

    He just happens to be standing in front of an American flag. I wonder who his advisors are, if he has any left.

    • disqus_MnI8dfEMn5

      Great job kirk….we love you….and we wont come to on to you. Gays think that's what love is. Hahahaha.

  • Terry

    The world I want for my children would be free of bigoted dictatorial douches like Cameron for a start.

    • disqus_Lm7AVWR2a0

      Good thing Kirk knows life isn't about him, but about Jesus Christ (God Almighty) and what ordained before the world began.

    • Angela Williams

      What I want for my children is that they grow up with a secure sense of self. Proud of who they are, and what they see when they look in a mirror. Free to be who and what they are instead of what some pompous asshole who stands behind “religion” tells them they should be.

      • disqus_MnI8dfEMn5

        Well, if you raised kid right, he would be proud. And one day bring you grandkids like mine did. As well as all my ancestors. WE LOVE IT. By the way I have many boyfriends, I call them best friends and I'm not religious. Hahahaha

        • Angela Williams

          I'm confused was this response directed at me?

      • Cigary

        Angela…you are so blind that you couldn't see anything good as you can only see things that glorify yourself and you don't know what “good” really is…I grieve for you.

        • Angela Williams

          And I grieve for someone who passes judgement on me when they clearly have no idea who I am or what I represent. I am sorry that your life is so shallow that you have to try to put others down to make yourself feel like a big person. I do NOTHING to glorify myself. I'm the biggest wallflower I know (with exception to my husband). I work, go to school and raise my children. Everything I do is for my family and my friends, not for myself.
          So you tell me, how am I the one who is blind? Blind to what?

          • Cigary

            You should be spending all of that energy glorifying God instead of “everything you do for your family and friends”….once you put God first everything else will fall into place including your family and friends. You're blind to what most people have expectations for….their own life here and what they do….this life becomes their own personal martyrdom of what they feel is most important. True Christians know what is important and they serve their God instead of serving this life. Once you are done with this life how important was it….were you the best Mother…best Wife…best friend….or were you the best Christian you could be so that you could spend an Eternity with God? If you spend or redeem your time doing what God wants instead of serving your own will then your life here will be the best it could possibly ever be….your choice.

          • Angela Williams

            My priorities are very clear. First and foremost are my children. They are above and beyond anything and everything.
            I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination. Nor have I claimed that I am a christian. But that doesn't mean that you have the right to judge me for how I live my life. I live my life the way it makes me and my children happy. I live my life in a way that is morally right for me, not the way someone else says I should live. I don't lie, I don't steal, I don't cheat people, I don't intentionally hurt people. Just because I don't follow your god or your bible does not make me less than you. And for the record, my dad was a Baptist minister, so I know all about religion and the bible. Your god gave mankind free will. I CHOOSE to live my life the way I do; just as you CHOOSE to live your life the way you live yours. I don't chastise you for your beliefs, don't be so sanctimonious to condemn me for mine.

          • Cigary

            As you said….everything except God is your priority and that's where you make your mistake. While I don't judge you…I'm imperfect and can't judge anyone but what I can do is pass on what God has said about his creation…and that's all I've done. You want to make it personal and that is why you say that I am “judging you”….I don't. It's like saying to somebody who is driving over a cliff…I can make the observation that if you continue driving towards a cliff you will most likely die from going over it….that's an observation…not a judgment. Just because you don't “follow my God”….that's an ignorant statement based on something you know little or nothing…you are a creature that was created by God no matter how much you want to defy it…and when you choose not to follow what your Creator has told you that becomes a free moral choice…your choice..not mine nor your family or anybody else. You are a person who wants to point their fingers at everybody except yourself because you want to live a selfish life…that again is your choice but you can't order me not to want every living soul to adhere to what God wants from them. If I didn't care…why would I write back to you? I do care and want everyone to see the life changing events that await everyone who does what God wants for them..just like you as a Parent care what your children do with their lives.

          • Angela Williams

            I'm not asking you not to want every living soul to follow your beliefs, and I am by no means ‘ordering’ you at all. I would not do that. I do understand where you are coming from, believe me, I do. I used to be in your shoes. I used to be very much into church and religion and trying to convert people and the whole nine yards. I was going to church on my own when I was 4 years old. Growing up in the church, and after I started getting my own mind and opinions, I found a lot of people in organized religion very hypocritical. And I CHOSE not to be like those people. I CHOSE to leave the church. I did not come into that decision lightly. It took a lot of self reflection. But that's the choice I made and I live with that choice. My children were not made to go to church, they were not made not to go. I left that choice to them. I supported them when they wanted to go, I even went and watched them be baptized. I supported them when they chose to leave the church. It was up to them.
            I do not live a selfish life, far from it. It is not selfish to live the way that I choose to, that's just how it is. It is not up to you to say whether how I live my life is wrong or right. You may not agree with how I live, my dad didn't either, but that is my choice. It's not wrong, it is right for me.
            You say that it is a mistake for me not to live according to god or the bible, but that is not true. It's not a mistake, it is my choice. As I've already said, you may not agree with it, but it is ultimately my choice.
            I understand your need and desire to want people to live the way you do, with the beliefs that you do, but that's not realistic. I don't fault you for wanting that, the only thing that I will point out (and I'm not yelling at you or pointing fingers) is that when you consistently push religion on people, you do sound like you're judging them. Although that may not be your intention, that's how it comes across.

          • Cigary

            Here is where you got off track….you're whole diatribe is about “The Church” and how people let you down…but God is not “people”…he is Sovereign and perfect whereas we human beings are imperfect and prone to making choices and decisions that are not good for us. Just look around and see the moral decay of those who live life as they want to live and yes…it is their choice. My only thrust for this particular debate we have going on is that people tend to want to thwart Gods authority and tell others it's ok to live a life of selfishness…to live a life consumed with the ‘here and now’ and call it wonderful. What you may call my over zealousness is actually me trying to tell others there is a better way but I see that you choose this life of maybe 72 years…maybe a bit more or a bit less. After you have lived this life then you and everybody else will be accountable and that my friend should bother you because this life is not so great when you think about how much evil there is in it. You still have a chance to do something positive for yourself and your family by allowing God into your life…nevermind all the others who tend to cloud your judgement…it's all about a personal relationship with God and how you can let him change your life.

    • disqus_MnI8dfEMn5

      Mommas don't let your kids grow up to be homo, you have a choice!

    • Cigary

      What you want is to have a world where your children will be used like bait for the rest of the world…where they will have no protection from those that prey on others. As a Parent why don't you care enough about your kids that you would want to see them in a protected environment where God loves them?

  • 441019

    I am glad that Kirk spoke out on the Grammy's all-out assault on the traditional family. Of course, he is promoting his new movie/DVD, but there is nothing wrong with that.

    • ghfd

      Ummm when did you people become god. Isn't it he who judges and we that follow. Your class of Christianity trully have slipped from your own scripture. We do not judge or condem but follow.

      • Mr. Man

        I don't think this has anything to do with “judging”, rather it is about forcing a perverse pop-culture society down the world's throat. I don't hate gays or speak nasty about them. We are all sinners. The problem is, our society has gone from gay-acceptance to gay-promotion.

        • Tony

          The problem is that ignorant statements like yours are the reason for EQUALITY, our society has never gone from gay acceptance, because gays were never accepted, hence the need for PROMOTION of ACCEPTANCE

          • HmmLetMeThink

            There's no scientific consensus as to what causes homosexuality,and hijacking the grammys isn't going to validate that.

          • disqus_MnI8dfEMn5

            There is a scientific cause, lust…..

      • 441019

        ghfd: We should not judge persons (only God can judge individuals), but we can judge behaviors. The Bible is clear that homosexual acts are wrong, just as adultery and fornication are wrong.

        • HmmLetMeThink

          There's a difference between judging and telling it like it is.

      • disqus_MnI8dfEMn5

        God did judge!! And he condemns homo…….didn't you know???? Where have you been????

        • Cigary

          You need to read the Bible again…God condemns sin…he loves his creation and sometimes his creation doesn't follow what he says.

  • HB_47

    Ummm yeah he sure seems to be level headed. Will Mercy Rule be as poorly written as Fireproof and offer the same sterling lack or professional sheen? Just wonderin'…

    • Mr. Man

      Despite your opinon, Fireproof was a great movie which was enjoyed by millions. Not the best acting, I must say, but had an awesome message of forgiveness and restoration in a culture (both Christian and non-Christian) that has lost a sense of marital commitment.

    • Cigary

      Will your sense of values know any bounds for good….I think you've already answered the question with your own opinion.

  • Joy

    Hoooray for Kirk for speaking out for the TRUTH. I agree that the whole grammy production was an all out attack against God and the gospel of Jesus Christ, but God has the final say….God please forgive them for their rebellion against you

    • disqus_MnI8dfEMn5

      Good work Kirk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    He'e representative of why more and more are becoming spiritual, rather than religious. People like Kirk hide behind religion to mask their hate for others, directly contradicting God's overall message. Whatever happened to live & let live? Only God will judge, yet all these so-called Christians are so sacreligious in their condemnation of others. I pity people like Kirk, who use their religion as a weapon to attack the ones they're supposed to “love”.

    • HmmLetMeThink

      There's nothing hateful in what is said, that's the utter rubbish of those using protectionism to shift the blame. Live and let live isn't a biblical concept, it's a politically correct one. The condemnation isn't based on the christian, but on the internal validation in the unregenerate what is being said is correct. I pity people like you, who use their denial to steer themselves others away as though soft words, and sweet speech, are always indicative of what defines love. “Tough” love exist as well.

      • Cigary

        Your use of “words” and ‘isms’ are devoid of any intelligence as you pontificate about Biblical concepts. The Bible isn't about concepts as much as it is Gods Inspired Word….while you would do well to try and read it with an open mind it is quite clear that your own prejudice will not allow you to think clearly or with an open mind.

    • disqus_MnI8dfEMn5

      Hahahahaha kirk does love them, they're just to stupid to see it.

    • Fredpickles

      This only God can or will judge stuff is so tiresome. Better leaves thrives and murderers alone because only God can judge them hey?

    • Cigary

      Your ignorance is showing….he believes in God..period. While he's not perfect…like yourself…at least he tries to serve his Creator while you sit back and point fingers thinking that you are better.

  • HmmLetMeThink

    That segment was needlessly fused into the grammys, which are designed to reward excellence in music. That's not about equality, that's promotion. The grammys are not the Glaad awards. What's next, to be hijacked the Oscars? The Superbowl? Tolerance doesn't justify turning any public event into a homosexual billboard.

    • disqus_MnI8dfEMn5

      Well said.

  • disqus_MnI8dfEMn5

    Kirk, if you were my son??? I would be the proudest father in the world!! You rock!!

  • april h

    He said strenghten families not restore. This from your words. I have one word for you , proofread lol. Ok, maybe 2, yall need Jesus.

  • Stacey

    I think Kirk Cameron is a neat guy. Glad to see there are still people who uphold true Christianity. As far as those of you that want to bash Christians remember this, you're sick and tired of seeing people in Hollywood act out like Miley Cyrus yet you get offended by people like Kirk Cameron who is doing nothing more than standing for a traditional family. You can have it one way or another but you can't have it both. And as far as Christianity and homosexuality goes, I am a Christian and I do not hate people who are homosexual. God does love us all, but doesn't approve of our sin. You can force society to change but in the end everyone still stands before God and what good will it do to force society to change when God is the same yesterday, today, and always?

  • N

    Gee, I wish that there could be opposing beliefs without condemnation and some respect. Even if I don't agree with gay marriage I would openly say what I have found to be true but I would not place blame or judgement. That's Gods place. Kirks heart is in the right place I'm sure. But people, have acceptance, it often takes time to arrive at the Truth. Love is First. We can stand up for what we believe in with Love. Just as God gently knocks on the door to our hearts, he doesn't force entry. People have to make their own way and hopefully find there is more peace, truth in Gods Word then running in circles to make sense of the world.

  • loi

    he s bad actor trying to make a living as ” christian” and be news. let s forget him he s just a nutt

    • Cigary

      Let's let the rest of us look at you with your narrow mindset as you point your fingers at others….it's people like you who need God the most but we both know that you like this world of avarice and evil…you're very comfortable in it.

  • Eugene

    The Grammy's was not the right time or place to promote gay marriage. The show's purpose is to entertain and honor musical achievements. It was inappropriate and an insults to viewers and those receiving awards for their accomplishments. Kirk was right in his comments. His views are not bigoted, but merely a statement of indisputable fact !!! Marriage is between a man and a woman only. Two men or women living together may be called a common union, but does not qualify as a marriage. I'm sure Hate groups like GLADD are eager to make a hate comment towards Kirk. GLADD hates and tries to destroy anyone who doesn't agree with their views. It's an organization that HATES, unless you believe what they TELL YOU TO BELIEVE.

  • Jonathan

    If the Grammy's were held in Russia or a Muslim country,everyone participating in the mass gay wedding would have been Tried, Convicted, and Executed,