Kristen Bell Wages Twitter War With People Magazine Over ‘Pedorazzi’ Photos of Kids

Kristen Bell Wages Twitter War With People Magazine Over 'Pedorazzi' Photos of Kids

The “Veronica Mars” actress and husband Dax Shepard want the media to be held accountable

Kristen Bell is mad at People Magazine.

The “Veronica Mars” star is upset that the publication runs photos of children of celebrities, taken by individuals she refers to as the “pedorazzi.”

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Bell thinks People should be above tabloid journalism and should institute a “no kids policy,” and tweeted as much about it in a series of comments on Saturday, calling on her followers to support her. Hundreds of them did.

Here are a few of the tweets:

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Bell, who had a baby girl, Lincoln, last March, recently went on the Today show with husband Dax Shepard to discuss their concerns about aggressive paparazzi who are more interested in celebrity offspring than the celebrities themselves. Many other actors have expressed similar fears.

  • Yuck

    These are the same actresses who then go sell their kids’ photos, or call the paps themselves. Like that horrid Jennifer Garner who just wasted taxpayer money and time for yet another redundant self-serving pap law. They just want to control ownership of the photos. This is about money and getting some attention – she has a movie coming out soon, doesn't she. Using your kids to get attention and money is low, and waging twitter wars (ugh lame) is what you do when you want cheap attention and have no class.

    If these women really believe pap shots endanger their kids, they are negligent abusive mothers because they should grab their kids and pack up and move out of the ‘dangerous’ thirty mile zone. Arguing about the rightness or wrongness is secondary to getting your kids safe above all. But they don't move, and they don't have to live right in the lion's den of paps.

    Why does this same tired argument have to be repeated every time some new nitwit pops out a kid. Plenty of famous people manage to live private peaceful lives with no one even knowing they have kids.

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever seen a picture of Kristen Bells daughter? She has purposefully kept all photos of her child out of the public eye. Learn your facts before hand.

      • Yucl

        Learn YOUR facts.

        All she
        has to do is move if she puts her child's safety first.. and not even
        move that far, instead of staging ridiculous twitter wars. Voila, problem solved. But that doesn't rally publicity for an upcoming movie

        As for keeping the kid out of the spotlight, give it time, the child was just born.

        • Matt Clayton

          You have to look at it from both angles.

          On one side, some actors don't move because they want to establish a stable location for their family and/or its more convenient work-wise. In that respect, it's understandable. (That said, celebs like Maya Rudolph do a GREAT job of keeping their family and personal lives private.)

          But some celebs are painfully unaware or ignorant of privacy laws, namely ‘reasonable expectation of privacy'. Paparazzi toe the line — they're standing in public areas but they have DSLR cameras with telephoto lenses which enable them to get around that. So, for Kristen Bell, that's infuriating. I also think they have a valid point where paparazzi do harass, yell and taunt celebs out in public — and it can definitely leave an impression on their kids.

          It's a double-ended sword. Paparazzi are a BIG problem, but celebs can definitely do more without restrictive paparazzi laws. Will that lead them to arrest people who take smartphone pics of them at the supermarket? That is going too far.

          • pperry

            Everyone knows where paparazzi hang. Easy to avoid. Can't have things both ways. Deal w/ it or move. They know what they're bringing kids into & should prepare for it before, not whine about it after

          • Nerd in Norway

            People who defend paparazzi – basically the scum of the entertainment industry – should be ashamed of themselves.

          • Nerd in Norway

            Who is Maya Rudolph? ;)

          • Guest

            The daughter of high-pitched 1970s one-hit-wonder (“Lovin’ You”), Minnie Riperton. Apparently she's an actress or something.

    • Alexander

      Yeah I don't buy your bullshit. You are just one of those pathetic people who want to see every detail of a celeb life. Which is disgusting. Fact is this. All photos of celeb kids should be blurred. Kids should not be targeted

      • Yuck

        LOL. Whether or not I'm fascinated by “celeb” lives is irrelevant.

        That said, your wackadoo comment makes me laugh because not only am I not interested in the nooks and crannies of “celeb” lives, but if I were this actress certainly would not be an object of fascination.

        Your lack of argument and craziness only underscore the veracity of my original points.

        All she had to do is MOVE a few miles out of the target area. Stop wasting everyone's time just for attention.

        • Doug

          So, your answer is everyone should just move, only a few miles, and the paparazzi will stay magically confined to the area that their business used to be, and won't move to where it all migrated to. Well argued, all done here folks, problem solved.

        • Saffron Azreal

          Seriously? That's your answer? Do you know anything about the paparazzi? Do you have any idea of their tactics. No, I get your point, putting your child first about your fame should be the most important thing, but the paparazzi make their money for a reason…because they will go to insane lengths to go get those pictures…
          Moving a few miles out of the target area, as you put it is not going to deter them. Go back under your bridge troll.

  • Nick Danner

    Pooor babies,,, don't pursue careers where you are famous and you wont have to worry about your kids…Quit your cryin baaby…..

  • Star guy

    If these children are Americans then why shouldn't they be treated any different than a cop or judge or Taliban? This isn't afganistan.