Dailies | ‘Little Couple’ Preview: Will Can Take Care of Himself, Kind of (Exclusive Video)

After just a few months, Jen and Bill's son is finding his independence on the TLC show

Every parent thinks their kid is smart, but TLC's “The Little Couple” stars Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have video to prove it.

On Tuesday's episode, Will shows just how much he has learned in the few months he's been with is new parents.

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In TheWrap's exclusive video above, Will is calling the elevator, opening and locking doors – even the ones with childproof locks and helping himself to a snack.

Will's growing independence is coming at an opportune time for the couple as their trip to pick up new daughter Zoey approaches on next week's season finale.

“The Little Couple” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on TLC.

  • angelia

    Did he just lock her out?

    • Brittanie Sidebottom

      I don't believe so. I believe she was leaving and he was saying bye while playing with the handle lol.

  • redroses714

    I do enjoy this program very much. However, my concern is about this family's diet. They give him soo much unhealthy foods such as hamburgers, fries, ice-cream, sweet drinks, and candy. They need to hire a nutritionist or a chef that can teach them and prepare healthy foods. Bill and Will have both put on a lot of weight on the past few months. This child is very spoiled and they need to discipline and correct him now.

    • Name

      I have to laugh when I read this…..They do prepare healthy food for him…..I have watched plenty of shows when they are sitting down at dinner and they are having a well balanced meal to eat. Jen is a DR. and she isn't going to just feed the boy junkfood all the time….And as far as spoiling him….that is their choice….they went through a lot to finally get to the point of adopting a child instead of having one of their own….and this is after their surrogant had a miscarriage….So if they want to spoil him that is their choice….And just think how spoiled Zoe will be when she joins the family…..Lord knows when my husband and I had our 1st child we spoiled her like crazy….then our 2nd and 3rd got spoiled like crazy too….and they have grown into well adjusted teenagers and preteen even with the spoiling and junkfood they have eaten in their lifetimes so far :) Oh and are as skinny as beanpoles :)

    • angelia

      Maybe he just eats that while filming to keep him happy and why shouldn't he try all the different foods in America! He just got here and he is always running around so i'm sure he's buring something!

  • angelia

    He did lock her out! haha! When she walks out the door and the door , He turns over the white latch that stops anyone from coming in or going out I had one of those. Watch it again he puts his hand on it and turns it over that is so funny my son did that to me and i was stuck out on a balcony for over an hour!

    • Name

      Well atleast she was on her way out to go work or run errands and Bill was sitting right there with him while Will relocked the door behind Jen.

      • angelia

        That was the best part!

  • joann

    Yeah great parenting, he doesn't listen to a word Jen says.

    • Name

      and this is probably because when they adopeted him he new NO english, he is still learning English…..have you watched the show…..and like any small child he is testing his boundries with his parents…..this isn't anything new

  • Karen

    you must not have had to work to get your family like Jen and Bill! If you had you wood understand the spoiling. They grow up fast,

    • pam berry

      I agree that Will is horribly spoiled and he is constantly eating!! I feel they should stop feeding him every 2 mins and also to discipline him! I think that Jen tries but Bill spoils him terribly.Also I think it may be time to potty train him!!