Meg Ryan Developing NBC Comedy as Starring Vehicle

Meg Ryan Developing NBC Comedy as Starring Vehicle

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Ryan will play a single mom who returns to her publishing career — only to work for her former intern

Meg Ryan is bringing her business to the small screen.

The “Sleepless in Seattle” star has entered a development deal for a new comedy, which Ryan would star in and executive produce.

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Ryan will play Rose, a sunny, devoted and desperately non-confrontational single mom who decides to return to her New York publishing house where she was once a brilliant editor to find that she now works for Brenda, her neurotic 30 year old boss who was once her former intern.

Rose must find a way to keep her boss, her teenage kids, her almost ex-husband and her meddlesome mother in law all happy, which results in her over-complicating every situation and somehow always making it worse.

Ryan's manager, Jane Berliner, is also executive producing the project, which comes via Universal TV.

Marc Lawrence (“Miss Congeniality”) is writing the project as well as executive producing.

  • zaz_cag

    Then she'll get a cancellation.

  • David S.

    That's the trouble when “movie stars” take a dip in the TV sitcom pool: they think that a “cute” heroine who's constantly in hot water is a guaranteed funny formula for a successful show! Wrong and wrong! Remember “Private Benjamin (the TV Series)?” Remember “The Flying Nun?” They starred younger actresses that learned from their mistakes after they appeared in these “comedies.” Meg isn't in her 20s so she should brace herself for disappointment and prepare to try again with a better-plotted show or go back to making formulaic but successful “chick flicks!”