Dailies | Michelle Obama Hilariously ‘Hand Hugs’ Jimmy Fallon And Will Ferrell in ‘Ew!’ Skit (Video)

Michelle Obama Hilariously 'Hand Hugs' Jimmy Fallon And Will Ferrell in 'Ew!' Skit (Video)

First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by the “Tonight Show” for a skit with the two funnymen

Michelle Obama joined Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell on Thursday's “Tonight Show” in a special appearance of “Ew!” — a skit from his former late night show about a spunky teen, Sara, who is the host of a TeenNick show. Ferrell was in tow as Sara's effervescent Harry Styles-loving friend Stacy Wallace.

Sara was so nervous around the First Lady, she called for a “shy faceoff.”

Obama gave Sara permission to call her Michelle, which made her go verklempt. She excitedly asked the FLOTUS about the Winter Olympics.

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“I love seeing the athletes in the world compete against each other,” she said. “One of my favorites is figure skating!”

Following that exchange, triple hand hugs commenced.

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“Wow, Michelle! You're pretty strong,” Sara exclaimed. “You could totally be in the Olympics!”

Watch the FLOTUS and Fallon's sketch below via NBC:

  • CatLadyHouston

    She is a clown for sure.

  • Simone

    that was cute. MO is funny…..a good sport!

    • monk

      She throws herself a 6 million dollar b’ day party while millions in the u.s suffer. She is a beast.

      • Simone

        Your good ol'boy geo bush did the same twice! Get your facts straight then just TRY not to be such a racist. Guess what….your deep feelings show.

        • monk

          How am I racist? Explain it to me please. I called her a beast in relation to her actions. You're the one who automatically connected the word beast with her race. So maybe you need to ease up on the racism.
          And can you show me a link where Bush allowed his wife to spend 6 million on her b'day party. Not once but twice?

  • Concerned Citizen

    Yet another embarrassment to the Office of the President, and to our country.

  • Khoorla

    It's so nice to have a beautiful first Lady representing our United states of America. She really inspires me to eat healthier and makes it sound so easy. All we have to do is eat less and do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. I've lost five pounds already. Thanks Michelle Obama.