Miley Cyrus Carefully Considers Sinead O'Connor's Advice During Sexual Assault of Arizona Grapeade Can (Photos)

Miley Cyrus Carefully Considers Sinead O'Connor's Advice During Sexual Assault of Arizona Grapeade Can (Photos)

O'Connor wrote an open letter begging the 20-year-old pop star to stop “allowing yourself to be pimped”

Miley Cyrus has thrown Sinead O'Connor's cautionary warnings to the wind, and instead struck a series of borderline-pornographic poses during a photo shoot with her “Wrecking Ball” music video director, Terry Richardson.

In 22 photos Richardson posted online on Thursday, Cyrus exposes her nipples, thonged butt cheeks, and every tan line she has while trying her hardest to make edgy art that is the intellectual equivalent to Kim Kardashian‘s infamous sex tape. In one photo, she mimics common stripper choreography by stroking her private parts, then in other, forces a can of Arizona Grapeade to touch her crotch, too.

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O'Connor wrote an open letter to Cyrus on Thursday, which advised the young singer to stop exploiting her sexuality in an effort to shed her “Hannah Montana” image, and instead send a “healthier message” to her fans.

“Whether we like it or not, us females in the industry are role models and as such we have to be extremely careful what messages we send to other women,” O'Connor wrote. “The message you keep sending is that its somehow cool to be prostituted.. its so not cool Miley.. its dangerous.”

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Cyrus initially responded by comparing O'Connor to former child star Amanda Bynes, who is currently being treated for a mental illness.

“Before Amanda Bynes…. There was…” Cyrus tweeted on Thursday with a screenshot of O'Connor's 2-year-old tweets, in which she was pleading for psychiatric help.

While Cyrus had to strip down at the MTV VMAs earlier this year in order to ramp up her presence in American pop culture, O'Connor has shown a pop culture renaissance is possible without removing a single piece of clothing.

When TheWrap tried to access her website, an error message read: “Resource limit is reached. The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.”

Richardson's website, however, still appears to have plenty of room for more visitors.

Here's a preview of what you'll see:

Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson

Miley_Cyrus_Terry_Richardson 3



  • Wendy M Flores


  • Punchy McGee

    Sheesh, what is wrong with her tongue?

    My German Shepherd has the same problem!

  • retired/poor

    She is headed down the road of destruction. What a poor excuse for anyone to see her antics, I am not a fan. Disgusting.

  • kri

    Sorry but she is clearly under drugs..

  • FrankieBones

    I think its funny how so many people can sit on their ass behind a computer screen and judge the shit outta her when shes the one making more money in 1 hour then you make in a year.

    • Beth

      It's not all about money.

    • kali

      Most good prostitutes make more money then me for laying on their back all day, too bad I'm a counselor and actually have to help people and society for a living. I guess I should feel bad I'm not a prostitute.
      The Mexican Mafia also make way more money then me selling drugs in a hour. Guess I should become a criminal and drug dealer, since by your standards making money off of indecent prostitution, drug abuse and criminal activity is better than being a hard working American.

      • Marinell Smith

        Lmao, you made my day, just when I thought it was going to be a gloomy night. Amen.

      • shazaka

        What do you expct? The guy who won the contest to watch the last taping of Beaking Bad turned out to be a drug dealer and has just been arrested.

    • kali

      Frankiebones: You sound like someone who is making money off of hookers. What strip club do you own?

      • John Walcott

        You may be right; he must be in the porn business

    • disillusioned1951

      My seven year old grand-daughter loved her as Hannah Montana. She accidentally saw a pic of her now in a magazine at the doctors office and this was her comment to me: “Gramma, she looks nasty now, I think she went crazy on drugs or something!” I am glad that my grandchild can see that this woman's behavior is not something to be copied!

    • Marinell Smith

      Yeh sure, that's what counts, the money. Never mind that she will have to look at herself in the mirror one day and say “WHAT did I do?”.

    • KMA

      Ohhhh….so THAT'S all that matters FrankieBones(gangsta?)! First of all, it's ignorant to brag about SOMEONE ELSE'S money and secondly, nothing is free…there's a price to pay for everything. So while she may be making lots of money, I wonder if she'll be all nice and comfy when it's time to pay the piper. I'm guessing you're not old enough to have learned that yet though.

  • Tracie

    my son is 15 and he said to me—miley use to be so pretty–what happen to her–its not working with the young fans. I would also like to point out will she be the next child star to loose her mind. It looks like it. C'mon Miley be someone people can look up to not down at!

    • dave

      Miley doesn't care about you're 15 year old son. She wants grown man meat, she's been dating 20+ year old guys since she was 16–17. I would utilize this chance for you to instill what type of women he should pursue.

  • InsaneJayne

    When she comes down. … . Oy Veh!

  • kali

    Miley Cyrus carefully considers new ways to “sell out!”.

  • Siddvicious

    what a hilarious skank!!!!

  • Inmyopinion

    She needs all that sexual crap to make up for a very ugly face with protruding ears. Sorry but lets be real as Miley likes to say. She wants us to look and her looks are as bad as her behavior. Just keeping it real Molly. Oh mean Miley. Grow up soon.

  • karend49

    this man taking the photos which are pornographic not border line but he is old enough to be her father if not grandfather its disgusting and if she things its doing her any good she is wrong obviously a case of too much fame and fortune at a young age like michael jackson god rest his soul hope she wakes up and smells the coffee before its too late take a leaf out of madonna's book she knew where to draw the line

    • shazaka

      Madonna put out a picture book in the 90s full of naked photos of herself.

    • Just Me

      What difference does the age of the photographer make, he is getting paid to take the photos. At the clients request.

  • MEow

    The most ratchet slut I've ever laid my eyes upon…..Herself and the like should burn for eternity

    • DX16A1

      Poor, tormented girl. Fame, wealth, talent, time, money…. Like so many Americans. Do these things bring peace, joy, happiness? Nope.

      She needs forgiveness, acceptance, healing. She needs to know there is a God who loves her enough to die on a cross for her sins and ours. She needs to know he cares for her and has a plan for her life, that doesn't involve porn, pimping and leading others to sin.

      God loves you Miley. Let him forgive you and heal you today.

      I'm praying for you.

  • johnb0311

    Is that her tounge or her hemmoroids hanging out? I feel bad for Billy-Ray

    • redhead

      Billy Ray should be stepping in and trying to help his daughter……it disgusts me to see what she is doing with her life.

  • lacybell

    She needs to take Sinead's advice and stop prancing around in public like a little slut. Who told her it looks good to stick her tongue out every time someone points a camera her way? Does she even own a mirror to see what it looks like? It looks like she's making an offer to any/every man who is looking at her. Billy Ray needs to sit her down and give her a talking to. For her to insult Sinead is just wrong-if anyone has mental problems, it's her.

  • jim

    What a dumb whore. A testament to todays fascination with trash like the Kardashians, Big Brother and Teen Mom. Thank God I am getting old.

  • HoneyBee

    It is so sad that she believes that she will get attention. She will, but the wrong type and she will be put into a stereotype. It is like she wants to be a man instead of the physically beautiful girl she is, but not beautiful on the inside or she wouldn't be acting this way. Shame on someone not being responsible for watching over her and leading her in the right way, and unfortunately it was not her father and mother…..

    • shazaka

      She obviously hasn't been watching what happened to Lindsay Lohan.

  • Sandy

    Honestly, I believe she's under mind control. Google it. That guy taking pictures is her handler. She seriously needs prayers. Just my 2 cents. Happy new year everyone!

  • The Real Me

    Okay a few things are rather obvious at this point….One of which is that no matter who you are or what you do there will be people that love you or hate you based on what ” they think” you need to do. I mean every time a Disney or nickelodeon star hits puberty it's major world news when truth be told if they weren't famous very few people if any would care. I mean I agree that some celebs aren't exactly role models but that's where this little thing called “parenting” should come in both in the case of the celeb and the child they influence

    • Beckerly

      puberty?…..she hit that YEARS ago! No longer an excuse!

  • Jills

    Pease pray for Miley and her family. That's what I believe she really needs right now. This must be a rough time for the family. Only God can reveal the truth to her and change her life. He can show her where she is at, and the path that He has for her life. It is also sad that she feels so little about herself as a woman of value who should never need to do the things she is doing to be valued, love, or accepted in the society we live in. It breaks my heart to see her struggling in such open and explosive way in the media. If she could step back and realize who it is listening to. whoever it is does not have her best interest at heart. Its exploitation of a young girl for their own selfish reasons. Money comes and goes but who you are stays with you forever.

  • tender

    Miley ….sweety… if ONE person tells you the sky is falling they are most likely nuts……when thousands tell you the sky is falling you might want to listen

  • jazzcatfred

    I am reminded of the old Showbiz quote, “I don't care what they write about me as long as they spell my name right!”. Ever since she did the “twerk” thing, she has been on TV non-stop. It was a Marketing initiative that absolutely worked. Marketers don't care if you LIKE the ad. They only care that you REMEMBER the ad
    Besides, who cares what Sinead O'Connor thinks? She's nothing but a dyke commie anyway. I would be willing to bet the farm that Miley makes a hell of a lot more money which is the whole point of the exercise. O'Connor's opinion is irrelevant. Miley gets the gigs and brings home the money! More power to her!

    • Judas

      I think your missing the whole point.its true she makes a lot of money, but her perverted handlers from Disney make a lot more at her expense.

    • shazaka

      Making money is the point? Why don't you just go out on the street and peddle your flesh, then. Or maybe deal drugs. So long as it makes money, right?

  • TheCrow

    Even if she is old enough to be on her own, consider the fact how her mother encouraged and cheered on the twerkig the first time. And where's dad in all this? I can't recall him saying anything for or against what she was doing and continues to do. What kind of parents raise a kid that way to think what she's doing is acceptable? I blame her agent, too, because obviously that agent is of the opinion that any kind of publicity is good publicity. There are other ways of changing the public's perception of you. Believe me, honey, you're doing just that and it makes you a skank. Most people don't want to see what you're showing.

  • Erin

    GROSS! Where are her parents! That guy taking her pictures is like 60! Disgusting!!!

  • Brian

    She's trash and I don't get why sticking her tongue out constantly (and others who do it in FB photographs) think it looks good!

  • DonMichael

    she'll stop when she wants to stop! Its a free country , remember ? She's been a good girl ,so, now she's a bad girl , so what ? its her life, so what ever she does its on her, the tabloid the Pimp, their the ones that's making the money, she's just giving you your money worth , sometimes its fun acting a fool . Being watched all the time cant be no fun ,its her life, let her live it ! She hasn't broken no laws . So how can you judge her? Besides , You wouldn't have nothing to talk about if she didn't act up ……..

  • metoo


  • Charles Stevens

    She's a freaking money machine. People ripping into her sound EXACTLY like the parents of the original KISS fans and EXACTLY like the parents of the original Beatles fans. And no, I am not at all a fan of hers and am only familiar with one of her songs. But whether she's the greatest thing that ever fell from heaven or the worst thing to crawl out of hell, as long as she can keep people as fired up as you are now she will continue to rake in the millions of dollars your kids are feeding her.