Miley Cyrus’ VMAs Twerk-Fest Sparks Flurry of Outrageous FCC Complaints

Miley Cyrus' VMAs Twerk-Fest Sparks Flurry of Outrageous FCC Complaints

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The former “Hannah Montana” star was licking the butt of a stuff bear, FCC complainers conclude

The people have spoken on Miley Cyrus‘ raunchy performance at the Video Music Awards.

We're not quite sure what they're saying in some of the cases, but they've definitely spoken.

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The Federal Communications Commission has received 150 complaints from viewers who were offended by Cyrus’ twerk-happy, tongue-wagging performance, according to the Smoking Gun, which obtained the complaints under the Freedom of Information Act.

Sadly for those who were offended, the FCC holds no sway over cable outlets such as MTV, which aired the performance.

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But happily for the rest of us, many of the complaints are hilarious.

“She made multiple very indecent sexual poses and gestures, from grabbing her crouch, using a foam finger like a dildo, and licking the butt of a stuff bear,” one horrified viewer noted.

Yes; crotch-grabbing we could definitely understand. But crouch-grabbing? That's unacceptable. And yeah, you definitely don't want to lick the butt of the stuff bear.

“You should have taken it off as soon as she started promoting her filthy actions,” another complaint reads. “She has shown what she is acting like a devil flicking that tongue as deamons do.”

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“Miss Milly Cyrus should be fined and jailed for performing such sexually provocative material on TV,” one complainer suggested.

Whew; Cyrus will certainly be relieved that this Milly chick will be taking the heat for her.

Miley Cyrus needs to be detoxed from her behavior, her clothing, her dance moves and taught how to keep her tongue in her mouth. I suggest 12 months in a convent!” another viewer fumes.

Miley Cyrus needs to be spanked and fined a great deal of money to punish her for her awful behavior,” suggests another.

Spanked? Perhaps Robin Thicke could have another gig lined up.

  • Jim

    I think her tongue should be fined. Violating the Gene Simmons law. Less than 6 inches.

    • laura3341

      LoL,you win!

  • hupto

    In a related story, the sun rose in the east this morning.

    • Amy Davis

      And it set in the vile west.

  • AndyWarhorse

    The woman is totally sexless.

    • Amy Davis

      Not to mention BRAINLESS….

  • Dr.Jekyll & Ms. Twerk

    Ehhh, Miley's act was probably on the lewd and raunchy side, but how much worse would that be than other past VMA songstress stage acts??!!

    Just think of Miley's “Twerking” performance as if she was a melding of Madonna and Lady Gaga, then toss in the truly freaky off-stage shenanigans of Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan for good measure — oh, and have her drop some ACID to go complete Dr. Jekyll/Ms. Hyde transformation!! Yep, call the act “Miley Hyde and Twerk Explosion” — big, big ratings for VMA 2014 next year! ;-D

  • getoverit

    for all that complained to the FCC about Miley's sexy acts I thought it was good people need to grow up if you don't like it change the goddam channel, the fcc has no authority over mtv like hbo if you cry babies don't like it you can suck it or change the channel yes that may require movement on your part. stop making a big deal out of nothing