Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ Nudity Defended By Dad Billy Ray (Video)

Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' Nudity Defended By Dad Billy Ray (Video)

The man behind “Achy-Breaky Heart” — and in front of the mullet — said it wouldn't have mattered what his daughter wore in her new music video

Say what you will — Billy Ray Cyrus is one supportive dad.

The “Achy-Breaky Heart” singer who spawned Miley Cyrus called her new “Wrecking Ball” single “a smash” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell.

See video: Miley Cyrus Explained by Filmmaker's 76-Year-Old Mom: ‘Turkey, or Twerky … Is That What It Is?’

Commenting on public scrutiny to the video's nudity, Cyrus said, “It wouldn't have mattered if Miley would have worn jeans and a flannel shirt, a tux or a nun's habit.”

Billy Ray, who also defended his daughter's raunchy MTV VMA performance wants people to focus on her vocal assets, and not her … assets. He concluded, “Her performance vocally on the tune reflects her roots and sheer God given talent.”

Need a refresher? Watch the video again:

  • Richard Stellar

    She's an entertainer. Leave her alone and let her entertain. If this impacts on how you raise your kids – the problem isn't with her, it's somewhere else.

    • Aunt Si

      I'm not entertained

      • Tators

        I'm not entertained either. Since when does the raunchier you get equate to entertainment? When people think so, that doesn't say anything positive about our society. Nor does it bode well for it, either.

  • John Barrie

    Of course he's supportive….people keep bashing her, but it's clear she was raised to be his little fame restorer.

  • SkipB

    Notice that he didn't weigh in on Miley performing oral sex on the head of sledgehammer. Maybe he gets off on it?

    • FU

      obvious you do not know what oral sex is

      • Vini Bhatt

        Maybe not literally, but it close enough.

      • Jane Doe

        So normally people go around seductively licking sledge hammers?… and of course that is what she meant…

    • annamm7

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    • annamm7

      Egomaniac designer Marc Jacobs controls Miley. He is the one to blame for her new image. Even Miley admit it in her latest interview. Jacobs is a cruel manipulator who wants to control the entire fashion world. He tortures a talented young girl named Angel Barta.Read more at:

  • mak

    Listening to the song on its own, without the distraction of the video, it's actually quite a good tune.

  • patti kake

    What do you expect? She would cut off his allowance…..

    • Rob


  • Sad

    Miley has NO respect for herself as well as EVERYONE else in the world, especially her own family. Of course, people look at the video, I did but ONLY once, NEVER again. I disagree with her Father Billy Ray Cyrus, it Would & Does matter what she was or was not wearing while in this video. Miley has a wonderful voice & that is all she needs to use, not the attention getting vulgar acts & nudity. In the end, I don't believe it will boost her career but rather will end up ruining it.

    • Robert Downer

      How….how in the world is a naked body vulgar. I am sorry but that way of thinking is vulgar. The human body is a beautiful thing and to degrade it by telling people they should not be naked is sick. That is the problem with this country….we are so sexually repressed that its not even funny. When you make something Taboo people make a big deal about it. In many other country s its nothing to see a women naked because again they are not as repressed as we are. I say good job..If this is what you wanna do then ignore the prudes who have no clue how to raise their children.

      • Brandon

        The body is a beautiful thing. God said it was, The song is beautiful. But the point is she licking the sledge hammer riding the ball around insinuating actions I don't want my children watching. She can approach it in a different way to where she not exploiting porno like actions. Shes doing it for attention and sales. That's it..

    • Scott Dunning

      I think saying she has “no respect for herself as well as everyone else in the world” is looking at things with a very closed mind. Just because you personally don't like something or find something disgusting/vulgar doesn't mean that it is. Sure she pushes the envelope but no more than LMFAO with “Sexy and I Know It” which features porn legend Ron Jeremy and men in underwear gyrating with close-ups of crotches etc or even Madonna's “Like a Prayer” which depicts a black Jesus and has Madonna kissing his feet. The music world is cut-throat and artists need to stand out and the best way to do that is to be controversial. That doesn't mean they are bad people. Remember, she has only just become an adult and for the past 10 years she had to live up to being a role model for young girls. That must be a lot of pressure for a teenager. At the end of the day, you have the luxury of not listening to her music or watching her clips if you feel they are outside of your tastes. Cheers

  • PJTN68

    Trash is trash….father/daughter!!

  • Elove Smith- Jackson

    I really like the song, and the video is not that bad. duh.

  • Liz Ackerman-Phillips

    Sex sells people, nudity all of it………the industry thrives off of this because of the haters, Good or bad post. Fans or not she bringing in the big bucks! I say go with your bad ass girl make it while you can!

  • Dee

    I find it simply hilarious how all of a sudden everyone is so very concerned with what Miley Cyrus is doing. Entertaining like singing is an art form, This video was actually very artistically done. And Miley is laughing at the haters all the way to the damn bank. What were you acting like when you were 20 years old is my question? Didn't drink? Didn't try things that were illegal? Did not defy social norms? Did not do things you were not supposed to do? If you have never been a sexual being, drank a sip of alcohol, tried drugs then you can contain you chastise Ms.Cyrus, but if you have I suggest you get over yourself, and start worrying about things that actually matter. If you rely on celebrities to act as role models for your children then you have a bigger issue on your hands. It is YOUR responsibility to teach your children the concept of morals and right from wrong. Get them away from the tv, and try some parenting.

    • Rick Beacham

      If it a world without morals, then she is a front runner. And stop hating on those trying to retain some decorum. Sure most have tried things, did things, that they are not proud of. Our parents were the same. So goes it with how people view what those in society today put across as entertainment. Frankly what is shown in the video(what I was able to watch) has absolutely nothing to do with the song and it's “apparent” meaning. I guess it boils down to what you care to be known for, your voice, or the fact that you are so loose that you will take all of your clothes off for virtually anything. I can only assume that Billy Ray has lost all of his morals given what his said about the VMA's “lust session”, let alone the “leave little to the imagination” video. I am sure this video will look good to her 14 year old son one day, should she have one. I can hear his peers now, “hey man your mom is hot can you hook me up with a date”. Sad

    • Mari

      At age 20 I had tried alcohol, but have never used illegal drugs, and NEVER appeared nude in a video! Perhaps if she loves disrobing so much, she could be a headline at an exclusive strip club! Or make a sex tape ala Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton.

    • Aunt Si

      It is YOUR responsibility to teach your children the concept of morals and right from wrong – YES you are right and I was raised by two parents that did and NO I was never a drunk or druggie or performed illegal act. YES my husband found me quite sexually apt but outside of that I kept my clothes ON—–

      • Prospero2

        And are you also an internationally successful entertainer?

    • S

      Nope, I didn't do any of that when I was 20. Unless being a geek girl and not dating counts as “defying social norms”. Not everyone's a deviant or wild child, not even for a little while, so stop acting like wild, crude, behavior is totally normal and acceptable. (And FWIW, I'm in my early 30s now, so times were not all that different when I was 20.)

  • Wowzers

    Lol this is like watching softcore porn :D

    • Robert Downer

      I take it you have never seen soft core porn……

  • noname

    People seem to forget the comments made about Elvis in the 50's. A gyrating abomination of a person with bad upraising. He will not last. It's publicity and good or bad, it is working.

    • MO

      And Elvis is Dead isn't He.

      • fcelroy

        Yeah from drugs, alcohol and who knows what else.

  • WillVMI68

    He's sending his little girl down the rabbit hole of drugs and misery, probably just for the money.

  • Theresa Connelly

    what happen in her life for her to turn out the way she did, is it the stardome or is it about all the money she has or is it she had her heart broke and don't care anymore but we all sure do miss the old miley.

  • Mari

    Kinda creepy when a father supports his daughter's public nudity.


    If he doesn't have a problem with his young daughter swinging around nude on a wrecking ball and having some oral fixation with the sledgehammer then they both have a problem. I experienced a lot when I was that age but NEVER did I or would I swing around nude and make out with a hammer for the world to see just so I could be noticed. Some people are saying “well she's an artist”, oh, give me a break, she wanted to be noticed and she wanted her carear to advance, which it wasn't, and the quickest way to do that is parade around nude, shock people and throw in some trashy language that will get them talking. She sold her soul to be a star (but what kind of star did she end up being) Poor Miley.

  • Sean Cobb

    Hey, Billy, I'll do your daughter and even pay you. In fact, millions already have.

  • pobi

    All the ‘Miley’ conversations I've listened in on/read have been about her shocking behavior, not about her songs or singing abilities. That being said, it would seem if she continues to make it about nudity, sex, drugs, etc., she will become another cartoon of herself…this time the adult version of Hannah Montana.

  • Karley00

    notice that her dad is extremely oblivous of the fact that shes naked…..way to go dad. she sang great but wore nothing, no thats fine.

  • Karley00

    im sorry but she needs to get slapped in the face and told, “stop it, you are not impressing anyone. and everyone is laughing at you not with you.”

  • Karley00

    i think the ball wrecked her…..

  • the deciever

    Wow not soo impressed even watching the vid made me feel very not soo impressed.

  • jpsatanaz

    We live in a world where we have to hide to make love,while violence is practiced in broad daylight……J.Lennon…..
    That is the problem with the “moral america”….nobody cares what is shown on TV and movies, but when it cames to nudity… they are complaining about it.

    • Paulie

      Said the guy who used to beat his first wife…

    • Amy

      Uh, my circle has plenty of concerns about what is on TV and movies. That's why I don't have TV and why I carefully screen any movie I watch.

  • Aunt Si

    “Billy Ray, who defended his daughter’s raunchy MTV VMA performance wants people to focus on her vocal assets, and not her … assets”
    I'd be delighted to focus on Miley's singing abilities or assets if she would keep her clothes on and her tongue in her mouth. It's a BIT difficult not to focus on what is shoved in your face. Her demeanor and behavior is SCREAMING above her songstress abilities—————- PIPE DOWN FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!!!———PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON AND THEN SING——————–

  • unclebare

    shes hot as fuck! I think im gona rub one out!

  • lucy

    Something wrecked her alright. She acts like somebody with a wrecked mind.

  • Robert Downer

    WOW all these judgmental people. A couple of things,first and foremost if you don't like what you see…change the channel if you don't want your kids to watch…don't let them.Your kids are not her responsibility. Also on a side not.I think if she grew her hair out she would be drop dead gorgeous.

    • Amy

      It would be really good if people actually understood the total concept of judgment before crying judgment. After all, you just judged someone for doing something you felt was judging. It is judging a person that is wrong. However, judging a behavior, as long as it is not a behavior that you also take part it, is acceptable, at least according to God. If we did not do this, no child would ever have boundaries or guidelines.

  • melinda

    Miley is trash. If her father wasn't Billy Ray she would still be nothing. She has no respect for herself. I hope she ends up as a druggy pregnant or in jail. Or she will be in the next porn video. She is nasty I have a petition in order for censors on tv, and limiting reality shows.

  • Theadore K Mullins

    Ok Listen people WTF who cares if this girl wants to swing naked from a wrecking ball that's her fucking business. Now I am not saying miley hasn't been sluttin it up. But go to a night club sometime on a Friday night there are girls there who beat miley in the slut looking department by leaps and bounds. Now I have only heard a couple of miley's songs on the radio it's not really my kind of music but she has some decent vocals on her. The problem is people get distracted by all the flash and sexuality that she shows in public. What's this chick 22??? When I was 22 I did stupid shit all the time why????? BECAUSE I WAS 22 we don't know shit at 22. At the time I wrote this there were 41 comments and almost all of them are dig at her or her father… Really?Now if miley were 14 years old and doing this shit then some of your bitching would be understandable. All I know is that if I were in her position with that pilates body she has I would probably be showing off my shit too lol I mean shit what's miley worth now 100 mill 150 mill. In my books that doing pretty well for yourself. In closing to all the parents who say oh but my child watches her and its not good. Here is an idea for you guys….. ready…… are ya listening…. DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS AS PARENTS AND TAKE THE FUCKING REMOTE AWAY. It's not anyone elses job to police what your child sees on tv and if you are to lazy to do that job maybe you shouldn't have had your children then you lazy fucking parents. To Miley and her father….. Screw all those jealous fucks who wish they had your money and fame and keep making your millions and know that there is one guy still left in the world who still realizes the most basic of fundementals when it come to show business…. SEX SELLS!!!

  • Jane Doe

    The only thing wrong with her being naked in my opinion, is that it takes away from her singing and is too distracting. I love the song and her vocals are superb, but the video is not at all sexy; it's just a naked young girl on a wrecking ball… Maybe she should consider doing a different version wearing a long flowing gown that glides while she swings..much sexier and less distracting…

  • jessica

    you dont have to watch or listen if you dont like it; shes not the first person who was ever nude in a music video; yahh mabey shes gone a little haymire since she turned 18, but who doesnt?

  • Tim

    One nasty little beotch…Makes one wonder what goes on in that family when daddy supports her nudity and filthy ways.

  • Scott Dunning

    Well Billy-Ray, it's very hard to focus on her vocal assets and not her “assets” when she is nude in the video clip. Video clips are used to sell music which is why they exist. Doing a clip in the nude is no more then a publicity stunt to sell more albums. Do i personally have a problem with this? Hell no!! I couldn't care less what she wears (i actually like her new album), but don't be naive as to why it's done.

  • fredy42

    No nipples or pussy hair? I am really disappointed. She might be naked but it's not that exciting.

  • Timothy Tatum

    A healthy human body is beautiful to behold…if you are a prude and can bear to view such displays…don't. The problem is in the prude's mind not the performer.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Terrible video. Outstanding song though.

  • Benjamin Roussey

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    the Obama lying machine. You believed you could keep your doctor and your
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    egotistical liar, you believed the Obama who continues to lie and earn a Pinocchio
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  • Benjamin Roussey

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  • Timothy Joshua Zarsadias

    “Billy Ray, who also defended his daughter's raunchy MTV VMA performance wants people to focus on her vocal assets…” If her vocal assets were good enough, why would she need to show off her other assets? The video would have made better sense WITH her clothes on… 0.o