Dailies | Nancy Grace Trolls HLN Viewers by Replacing Robin Meade on ‘Morning Express': ‘Ding Dong, The Witch is Gone!’ (Video)

Nancy Grace Trolls HLN Viewers by Replacing Robin Meade on 'Morning Express': 'Ding Dong, The Witch is Gone!' (Video)

The HLN host shocked viewers by announcing she was replacing Robin Meade

HLN and Nancy Grace gave Robin Meade fans a heart attack on Tuesday morning when the legal anchor announced she was taking over as the new “Morning Express” host.

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HLN began their April Fool's assault by sending out a phony press release with the headline: “BOMBSHELL: Nancy Grace takes on mornings!”

“Nancy Grace is taking on mornings!” the press release breathlessly read. “We'd like to officially welcome Nancy to the “Morning Express” team as the show's new host!”

The 7 a.m. ET hour of the program opened with Grace apparently taking over hosting duties.

“Ding dong the witch is gone!” Grace quipped. ”I'm in, Robin Meade, bye bye!”

“I've been doing a little spring cleaning because guess what i found in her stash,” she continued. “Why does any single person need three bottles of — what is this — barbecue sauce? What's that all about? She's got about 10 quarts of Purell, and she's got about 20 cans of Sprite Zero. Why?”

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She then summoned a production assistant to take away all of Meade's belongings.

“Clean this out!” she exclaimed. “Come here! Don't just stand there, take all this away. Robin Meade is gone!”

Grace then went on to read the morning news for 10 minutes, leaving HLN's morning show audience in stunned suspense as they wondered whether she was really taking over as new morning show host.

Meade eventually returned to the set, but not before confused viewers tweeted about what was going on.

Watch Grace's April Fool's joke below:

  • Me

    Well, Nancy has a great body and Robin doesn't.

    • PatrickHall

      I'm sorry. what did you just say? Oh that's right. It's April fools. Cuz in no way would a sane person think NG is hotter than Robin Meade

    • Just Sayin

      Well, you got me! What branch of the Helen Keller Foundation do you belong???????

    • Mark Jessup

      Well a Ford F350 truck also has a “great body”. If you ever see NG sans makeup, you'll RUN not walk in the opposite direction. That psycho-beeotch is need of some serious, *serious* meds, but unfortunately Dr. Conrad Murray isn't available these days.

  • JerryG1

    Jumped out a first floor window.

  • MaStEr_MoLd

    HLN is enabling Nancy Grace who is clearly in need of some kind of psychiatric counseling. In other words, this woman is freaking crazy.

  • facebook

    Now I was really upset that Grace was taking Robin place on HLN. so the joke's was on me. thanks guys

  • John_Skinner

    This person… needs to go away now.

    I'm not a fan of M Jackson period. But what she pulled off in her comments years back during his trial was nothing short of reckless wanton poor and convoluted reporting (and I use reporting very very loosely) was just insane. She terribly homely, loud-mouthed, and disgusting. She is the equivalent of the white Wendy Williams pretending to know what she speaks about.

  • http://enlightenedenigma.weebly.com/ Clairvoyant Psychic

    Too bad this was only a joke. Robin Meade does need to be replaced. Talk about ego!! Hers is just as big as Nancy's. Trying to watch that channel and have to sit through her trying to plug herself as a singer is downright annoying.

    • CaptDMO

      Um…so stop being a demographic for “that channel”?

  • facebook

    Good for you !!! Nancy Grace !!!

  • tim

    nancy graceless,what a cranky nasty biatch,

  • BKBroiler

    I'd bang Robin Meade HARD. Ever see the size of her butt? That is sweet sweet lovin’ right there!!!!!

  • Mark Jessup

    BOTH Robin Meade and Nancy Graceless have such gigantic egos that when they have an 0rgasm, they scream out their own name.

  • jazzdrums

    did grace give her cool half million $$$ dwts money to charity as she promised??? good read online to see how often she was santioned for misconduct while a prosecutor in georgia and also called out for embellishing events surround the murder of her then boyfriend…