Dailies | ‘Godzilla’ New International Trailer Blows More Sh-t Up (Video)

Airplanes explode and people run screaming in latest ad for this summer's monster movie

If there's anything better than the new international trailer for ‘Godzilla,’ we don't wanna know about it.

Taking a page from the domestic trailer released last month, the new ad for the summer blockbuster kicks off with Bryan Cranston‘s ominous voiceover — “You're not fooling anyone that what happened is a natural disaster”– before showing a swath of mass destruction in the big creature's path.

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What's new in this trailer? Surprisingly, a lot. We get a glimpse of flooded streets choked with burning debris, and Godzilla's massive tail whipping past as the Destroyer of Worlds ducks behind a building. But the money shot comes when a school bus full of children stare agape at the beast's looming reflection in their window.

‘Godzilla,’ directed by Gareth Edwards, hits theaters May 16.

  • sid

    Was that Mothra?

    • http://porcelaintheology.blogspot.com/ KISSman


      Actually, I have no idea. :)

    • T-Rex

      Godzilla is going to fight 2 or 3 New Monsters which are all NEW and not part of Toho's collection but are inspired by them.

      Rodan, Mothra, Mecha-Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Biollante ect wont come until sequels if Godzilla proves to be extremely successful.