Obama Asked HBO Chief for ‘True Detective,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ Advance Episodes

Obama Asked HBO Chief for 'True Detective,' 'Game of Thrones' Advance Episodes

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The president is also fan of Netflix's “House of Cards”

It turns out President Barack Obama is a TV fanboy.

We already knew that Pennsylvania Avenue's most famous resident is a “Homeland” fanatic, but that's not the only small screen favorite that sets his pulse racing.

The president asked HBO Chief Executive Officer Richard Plepler at last week's state dinner for French President Francois Hollande if he could score him advance copies of “True Detective” and “Game of Thrones,” according to the New York Times. President Obama reportedly was hoping to catch up on the two shows over the Presidents Day Weekend.

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“True Detective” has aired five of its eight episodes, but “Game of Thrones” does not premiere until April 2, so nabbing that screener would be a true feat of executive power. As the Times article goes on to note, President Obama is content agnostic. He is equally enamored of streaming video as he is of premium cable shows.

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On Thursday, the president tweeted that “House of Cards” was about to start its second season and beseeched the online community, “no spoilers please.”

Do not come between the POTUS and his shows.

  • Burphelson AFB

    Oh Plep, you're so connected…

  • trator

    It's nice to know that, while he is warmongering about the globe, nursing his surveillance addiction and, generally failing to lead, he is, at least, watching trite tv. That's our monarch.

    • tom

      you can look at it that way or you can look at it as though he's a normal person like every other US citizen people like you tend to just be negative about everything

      • Brian D

        Unfortunately, tom is right. It's getting more and more normal for people to spend that much time watching television. I don't have time for it, personally, but it's nice to know the president does. And it's not like he's slacking, either! He's still been able to tighten his stranglehold over the country by taking advantage of people who'd rather be partisan than educated.

      • jetch

        that's the problem. do you really want a “normal person” running the country? there's only been 44 of these men in the history of the world, and you want the guy to be a normal person? the president of the united states should be exceptional.

        having a “normal person” as president is the reason the economy has not gotten better.

        • trollman5000

          Its 43 and 3/5ths of these men, not 44

          • trollman5001

            I think the math there is actually 43 and 4/5ths, because of the 0.5 factor.

          • NamliestofMan

            3/5ths? is that a racist comment about obama being 3/5ths of a person cuz hes black?

          • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

            No cause that evil white blood which is 1/2. Being half white has made him a pathological liar that thinks he's better than whites and blacks alike. When we get a black resident let me know, never happen.

          • nik

            4/5… he's only half black. *smirk*

        • BATeller

          …and yet we had george dub-ayah

          • jetch

            well, proves my point, no?

          • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

            An idiot white boy, replaced by an pathological liar half white boy.

        • NekroD

          Sorry Tom looking for a little credibility in my government officials. Asking for advanced episodes of shows… seriously disturbing and/or disgusting.

          • Joe

            I'm not a big fan of Obama, but this is why I hate the internet sometimes. He probably just said this as a joke to Plepler, and now Nekro's accusing him of having no credibility and that it's ‘disturbing and disgusting'. I mean just….really? We have no idea of the context he said it in, but as is typical with the internet, once the story gets out everyone jumps on it to promote their own views.

            Was watching a show on the History channel today about all of America's presidents, and mentioned one of them (Taft I think it was), used to stop working at 3 in the afternoon every day and go play golf. Can you imagine that today? Obama asks (probably jokingly) for advanced copies of a show and people are reaming him; hard to imagine what the backlash would be if it was common knowledge he (hypothetically) stopped working at 3 every day haha.

          • reality bites

            To stop working at 3pm, he would have to start working in the first place.

          • http://hasten.co/ CitizenX

            you would have to be seriously stupid to believe that the President doesn't have a full day of work. What the f**k is this world coming to?

          • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

            He don't nor has he ever worked, he's the first president to shuck and jive his way through life!

          • http://hasten.co/ CitizenX

            So he's President and you.. a good hard working’ ameriKKKan, trusting in doG, eating apple pie and sh**tin’ chevys are so pathetic and jealous that you would even think that.

            I'll tell you what. I'll put my faith in the President before I'll put my faith in a toothless, backwards, stupid hick. Oh wait. Racist Hick.

          • Kvothe

            This right here, it is the state of our current media system. We are information hogs and becuase of this the demand dictates the quality of content. To much demand equals shitty content. Although, if he was actually catching up on a few episodes an evening, Id rather him be doing something useful.

          • http://hasten.co/ CitizenX

            I consider it useful. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. That platitude has a lot of basis in truth.

            He can't sit down on Sunday at 10 to watch the new shows. He has to watch them when he can.

            I have no problem with the President taking some time during the day for himself.

        • Josh Cervera

          and where do we find a supply exceptional humans you speak of? You have some unrealistic expectations.. “normal” is subjective and It serves us all to have a person of modest beginnings than some entitled snob that cannot not relate to the every man.. This sounds like your vote didn't count for much the last two elections and your still bitter about it..

          • Kyle

            Where do we find exceptional people?? Hmm, I dunno, maybe we should do all come together as a country and vote who we think should be in charge… . I wonder if that would work.

          • Josh Cervera

            …….yea..i wonder..

          • BlackMarch

            Pretty poorly tbh. The majority of any population hardly knows left from right, the majority is hardly even qualified to vote. It's this shitty democracy that has left us with so many incompetent presidents in the first place, because a presidential election is more like a popularity contest then anything else. The politics themselves or the qualifications of the man chosen are hardly even relevant, all that's really relevant is electability. Is he electable, or is he not?

            Then again, it's also this beautiful democracy of ours that's keeping a small select group of people from grabbing all of the power and wealth to themselves.

            Except that part really isn't working out either.

            TLDR: Democracy is just the lesser evil out of the potential alternatives.

          • jetch

            the problem isn't my high expectations, you just have really *low* expectations. i understand with your pessimism that you won't understand this, but setting high expectations will always lead to more success that setting low expectations.
            I find it odd you would have the choices be “modest beginnings” and “entitled snobs”. wow, you really have a closed minded idea of people, don't you. so if you're rich, you must be a snob, and if you grew up poor, you must be a good person.
            how has having a president who can “relate” to you worked out? been invited to the latest jay and bey party? oh no that's right, you wouldn't be allowed a hundred yards from such a party, but hey “he's just like me”.
            I've been bitter about more than the last 2 presidential elections…

          • Josh Cervera

            1.pessimism has no bearing on my perception of how things work. I'm not setting the bar anywhere. Just bc I don't mind that the president is a human being.Says nothing of my expectations.You don't understand anything about me. So save you half-witted attempt at psychoanalysis…2.”bad and good” have nothing to do with it. It's a very well documented that “rich” people are less empathetic to people of lesser class.. When someone comes from humble beginnings. You know first hand the plight of the every man. Something that people of wealth have never encountered and cannot relate too. 3. you act like he is the first president to have celebrity..has it ever crossed your jaded mind that we are in the information age..Never before has information been so accessible to everyone instantly on multiple platforms….information not matter how minuscule everywhere in your face 24/7 365. Its a new world catch up old timer..

          • MurderMurderKillKill

            SHUT UP MAN …

        • John Henry

          I want a president that is too busy for TV shows (watching and appearing), hundreds of rounds of golf and month long vacations multiple times a year.

          • Josh Cervera

            good luck with that..Those days are over..

          • jetch

            maybe in your circle of friends hard work and dedication don't exist, but there are plenty of executives who work 100 hour weeks and don't take vacations.
            you may want to expand your horizons, you might find some success in life.

          • MurderMurderKillKill

            You seem to be the pissed off guy who thought life was going according to plan. You woke up realized you're in a shitty little cubicle working your life away … Go free yourself and be happy man damn you're so depressing and pathetic

          • Jim Shields

            maybe the congress should put bills on his desk to sign and quit complaining when he signs executive orders because they won't. He works a lot more than they do. The GOP haven't done squat since 2009 other than obstruct and fundraise.

          • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

            Dd obamas let the GOP help with OBAMACARE?

          • profcuestroke

            I wonder if you ever heard of something called burn out? Probably not. Anyway, without periodic breaks we fry. Our performance drops significantly. I would worry if he wasn't taking breaks.

          • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

            ROTFLMAO? Destroying a country is hard work!

          • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

            He's not a president, far from it. He has someone that does all the deciding and he just takes the credit. If I was him I'd find a new decider cause he is a pure idiot.

          • nik

            and yet you voted (twice is my bet) for GW Bush, who took roughly 4x as much vacation time as this guy.

          • Burphelson AFB

            I know you're writing about W – he took month-long “working” (wink wink) vacations at his fake ranch while we were engaged in two wars, the housing bubble was bursting and Osama was playing hide the shwarma with his four wives in Abbotabad.

        • Andrew Freeman

          Cant u people just appreciate what u have. Are you saying the president cant even watch f…..k…g tv without some arsehole trying to find a issue with that too. Go get a hobby

          • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

            Yes, hating Obama is mine.

        • Alden

          How can you (jetch) make statements like “having a “normal person” as president is the reason the economy has not gotten better”; it's not even a full argument. True it's a claim but it lacks supporting evidence and logical reasoning to tie your argument or lack of one together.

        • shoey

          He has exceptional taste in TV.

        • artrbndi

          i'd say, yes–i want a normal person. do i see obama's thirst for a one world government as ‘normal'? i sure hope such a lust is not normal…

        • Mrs. Stand4whats right

          Being normal is what we need. He can only do so much for the economy. What are you doing to help the economy? Looks like u just criticize. If people stop being so lazy and get up and help him help us instead of waiting for a silver spoon to fall in your mouth. That's when he becomes what you call exceptional. Americans won't be happy until we are no longer a free country and then you Will see a bad economy because you going to work for free. Smh

        • s

          they should get rain man for president

      • Charllt

        Normal people can't just order advance episodes of HBO shows, though…can't have it both ways :/ And I second the comment below about wanting a normal person to run the country. Hell, no. I want the most competent person, with the most integrity, and the greatest devotion to his job, and the greatest political acumen.

        Also, if I as a menial entry-level worker can't find the time to keep up with three HBO shows, I have to wonder how Obama can. There's no level of time management that would allow that, I would think, if you're president of the United States. Or at least don't tweet about it, dude.

        • wrack

          I think the point it that he can't keep up unless he uses a holiday dedicated to the office of his job and gets advanced copies of the episodes to squeeze in.

          • Charllt

            If you have that little time, though, why/how are you getting AHEAD in your television? He could just wait a few years and marathon things. I've done it. I'm not saying he shouldn't have free time—I wouldn't want someone with that degree of responsibility getting burned out—but this seems like a weird use of his power to me. If it was an effort to convey that he's just like the average citizen, well…there are plenty of us who don't really require convincing. If in fact he actually did ask for this, which I only half believe, tbh. Or maybe he wasn't serious. I don't know what the hell you're supposed to talk about at a state dinner :)

      • Wolf

        and a “normal person” can wait for each episode just like everybody else instead of taking advantage of his power for useless stuff like that.

    • Josh Cervera

      “warmongering about the globe” ? “monarch”? lol drama queen much

      • youre dumb

        anyone hear the sheep? bahhhhh.

        • Josh Cervera

          Sure Do.The GOP is one of biggest pens around..

          • marlane

            Correction: The GOP's pen is a PIG STY.

      • david bowie

        drama queen? unfounded ignorance leaves us with people like you.

        • Josh Cervera

          love the fortune cookie wit lol..

    • Peter

      I completely agree. People with so much power should never get any rest. Ever.

    • Jerry Diana

      Do you want a supremely stressed man barely able to hold his head up running our country, or a man that gets a few hours of rest and a bit of entertainment to calm his mind to run our country?

      • david bowie

        fuck rainbow bright.

    • Bigdickmotherfucker

      nursing his surveillance addiction? You think Obama was the person to enact government surveillance? Are you high? Fucking ignorant people like you who can't even get facts straight are what ruin this country not people like Obama.

    • Baby B

      Sorry the prez has better taste in television than you.

    • Sean

      ITT: People don't understand the President's role in our government.

  • Kris

    Hate Obama but hey, he's the president, give him his shows early, he IS the president.

  • jetch

    you'd think he'd be more concerned about fixing the economy or working with congress to get things done. this explains a lot…

    • Castille

      “Working with Congress”!!! Good one Jetch!

      • MurderMurderKillKill

        Don't mind Jetch he seems to be in the backwoods and his brain somewhere in the swamps

    • https://twitter.com/__paolo Paolo Ozaraga

      Republicans in Congress are more worried about grandstanding to their constituents back home than working with Muslim anti-Christ to fix the economy

    • MurderMurderKillKill

      Republicans run congress know your government … read a book and get off the internet

    • Atlasshruggedmyass

      Tell your idiot tea party freinds to stop shutting down The government.

      • jetch

        must be pretty sad to have your ideology play such a big part of who you are. you couldn't just create a normal login name? you do realize, you can say whatever you want in your comment, you don't need to also put your thoughts in the login name.

        I imagine you're one of those people with 50 bumper stickers on your car, because well, one or two just wasn't enough.

        I wasn't aware the tea party shut down the government, that would be impressive if it were true, but you don't really care about the truth, do you? how is the economy and obamacare working out for you? yeah…

  • sail

    If these TV series new episodes gets leaked then Republicans and Fox will blame Obama

    • herminescates


  • Viking ZX

    I look forward to the follow-up article, in which President Obama is unable to get the episodes via normal channels, until like most other citizens, he simply goes to bittorrent.

    • kandy830

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      recently got a stunning black Mercedes-Benz GL-Class GL63 AMG only from working
      part time off a home pc. navigate to this web-site C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

      • Rishabh Sharma

        Can your uncle Michael score the episodes ?

      • Burphelson AFB

        sorry, I have no desire to see your Uncle Michael pleasuring goats and other woodland creatures.

    • jetch

      why would he go to bittorrent when he can just ask the nsa to grab it for him?

  • http://trailertracker.wordpress.com/ izikavazo

    I was pretty surprised when you casually mentioned that he's happily an agnostic halfway through the article. It took me a minute to figure it out.

    • Mung82

      it said content agnostic, meaning he liked both streaming and cable shows.

    • notwhatyouthink

      I'm pretty sure they weren't talking about his religious views. If you look at the TImes article they mentioned it says nothing about it. They weren't using “content” as an adjective meaning “satisfied, they were using “content” as a noun. They were using “agnostic” not in the religious sense, just in the basic meaning of the word being “a person who is unwilling to commit to an opinion about something”.

      The next line says “He is equally enamored of streaming video as he is of premium cable shows.”

      So they were saying he was unwilling to commit to an opinion of streaming video over premium cable shows, he likes them both.

      • http://trailertracker.wordpress.com/ izikavazo

        I got there, but there was a brief moment when I had to think about whether I remember him going to church or not.

        • ShawnTX

          If you really think about it Obama is at least an agnostic maybe an atheist. His mom was an atheist and so were his grandparents that actually raised him. The early years of your life is where you usually get your religious beliefs ingrained in you. He embraced the church when he knew that was the only way you can get elected in religious America. The only time you see him in church functions are during the big events like mass or during christmas time other than that you never see him at church events.

  • jim

    this story got leaked for a reason, oh he is just a person like all of us, he watches game of thrones. we cannot forget the lies and mistakes this man has given us over the last years

    • herminescates


  • Mark Lice

    who cares, he's useless

  • RingerBell

    Game of Thrones premieres April 6th, not 2nd.

  • david bowie

    fuck obama, fuck bush, anyone who lies for wars, and or bombs people with drones, is a piece of shit.

    • Josh Cervera

      That a a long list that goes beyond Obama and bush..

  • Will

    Or just ask your buddies at the NSA, Barack Hussein Obama!

    • Josh Cervera

      Lol I love how your type uses “hussein” Like it's a bad word..All it does is identify you as “one of those people”

      • reality bites

        And your reply solidifies our observation that you are a complete douche that voted for this POS failure. Thanks for playing, you lose.

        • Josh Cervera

          Rofl..more like you lose. better get used to it. as long as long as the GOP harbors religious lunatics. Your a sinking ship..I'll let you get back to crying about it now..

        • MurderMurderKillKill

          sn is reality bites hahaha oh man welcome to reality since it hasn't hit you yet … Sound like a angry white man who can't seem to cope that your so full of hatred and anger lets blame the president for your problems

        • Peter Wader

          Your the racist but you think he's the douche. You got it the wrong way…anonymous poster.

    • MurderMurderKillKill

      So you said his full name … are we suppose to be on your side now because his name is Hussein? Don't be that guy oh wait too late … Im not mad at you I'm sure your daddy taught you to be just like him

  • Vaporizer

    If you don't think studios whore their products out to influential people ASAP then you deserved to be droned.

  • whatever

    Watching TV is a hobby. Most people have them. Including All of our leaders. Let the man watch his shows without turning it into some BS criticism of his ability to lead.

  • Myanrueller

    He should just read the books.

  • Sri

    The POTUS did not tweet abt House of Cards. It was by OFA staff. Presidential tweets are signed -bo

  • Randy

    Is it just me or does anyone else find that our president tweets is a wrong doing? I mean I know Reagan didn't have tweet but I'm sure he wouldn't fall into that trend during presidency #usgovISquestioned

    • ShawnTX

      Reagan wouldn't have remembered any TV shows he watched to request new ones…

    • MurderMurderKillKill

      So you know a 100% that Reagan, if he had twitter… he would not use one of the most popular social platforms to reach out to the public … Shut the fuck up, its just you Randy

  • IloveGoT

    Game of Thrones does not premier until April 6, please do not crush our hopes like that.

  • KeepAmericaFree17

    So this is one more thing the Sodomite does to kill time, when he isn't killing America! Typical sugary shit reporting!

  • Bartleby Lewis

    I barely have enough time to watch an episode of Dexter as a college student, so how does the POTUS have enough time to watch shows before they've aired?

  • http://www.twitter.com/vinlockz Vinlock

    xD loool

  • Publio Casillas

    When does this guy work?

    • herminescates


  • Nunya

    I probably shouldn't be worried that the president of the United States has such a terrible taste in television shows, and yet… it slightly does.

  • john smith

    In regards to the tweet about house of cards, Is the writer aware that the twitter account with his name on it isn't him or anyone is his administration?

  • Shannon V

    Oh shutup fuckheads arguing. This is most likely bullshit anyway.