The Faces of Pilot Season 2014 (Photos)

Take a look at the potential stars of tomorrow at ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW

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ABC- "Selfie"
Karen Gillan

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  • tivaforever3

    Um, why is Michelle Trachtenberg the face of Save the Date?!?!?! Love her but I love Maggie Lawson more… Plus Maggie is THE LEAD!

  • gabbycorner

    Love Viola Davis, Barry Sloane and Jane Krakowski and look forward to their new series.

  • Joy Devore

    Hope they all have a nice mentor/counselor picked out, so they don't end up like so many other Hollywood stars…burned out. Break a leg!

  • Neal

    Potential stars?? These are either the same people we see year after year doing pilots, or they are already film or previous tv stars. Nobody is new!

  • Sheila_Brothers

    Did you miss Juliette Lewis – Secrets & Lies Yep!