Ratings: ‘Almost Human’ Premieres to Solid 3.1 Rating, Sunday Night Football Up 30%

Ratings: 'Almost Human' Premieres to Solid 3.1 Rating, Sunday Night Football Up 30%

Fox's futuristic cop thriller opens to 9.1 million viewers against “Once,” which hit a series low

Fox's “Almost Human” debuted well Sunday — considering most of the country's attention was focused on Peyton Manning handing the Kansas City Chiefs their first loss of the season.

The series premiere of the J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman sci-fi thriller, which was pushed back two weeks so it could benefit from following Sunday football, opened to a solid 3.1 rating/8 share in the key 18-49 demographic and 9.1 million viewers overall.

NBC was first in ratings with a 7.5 rating/19 share in the demo and first in total viewers with an average of 20.8 million, according to preliminary numbers. Due to the nature of live sports, early numbers for Fox and NBC are subject to change.

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Part 1 of “Football Night in America” earned a 2.9/8 and 8.6 million viewers at 7 p.m. At 7:30, Part 2 received a 4.4/12 and 12.3 million viewers. At 8, Part 3 got a 6.9/18 and 20 million viewers. At 8:30, the game itself earned a 9.1/22 and 25.1 million viewers — making it the highest-rated and most-watched show on primetime.

Fox was second in ratings with a 3.8/9 and in total viewers with 10.4 million. NFL overrun at 7 earned a 6.9/19 and 20.3 million viewers. The game led into “The OT,” which received a 5.4/14 at 7:30. After “Almost Human” at 8, “The Simpsons” at 9 earned a 1.8/4 and 4.1 million viewers. “Family Guy” at 9:30 got a 2.2/5 and 4.3 million viewers.

CBS was third in ratings with a 1.6/4 and in total viewers with 10 million. “60 Minutes” at 7 earned a 2.7/6 and 11.9 million viewers. “The Amazing Race” at 8 received a 2.0/5 and 9.1 million viewers. “The Good Wife” at 9 got a 1.4/3 and 9.7 million viewers. “The Mentalist” at 10 had a 1.3/3 and 9.5 million viewers.

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ABC was fourth in ratings with a 1.4/4 and in total viewers with 5.6 million. “America's Funniest Home Videos” at 7 earned a 1.4/4 and 6.8 million viewers. “Once Upon a Time” at 8 received a 1.9/5 — a series low — and 6.6 million viewers. “Revenge” at 9 got a 1.5/4 and 5.8 million viewers. “Betrayal” at 10 received a 0.9/2 and 3.4 million viewers.

Univision was in fifth in ratings with a 1.2/3 and in viewers with 3.3 million.

Telemundo was sixth in ratings with a 0.4/1 and total viewers with 823,000.

  • Ron Merk

    This is a network show with long-term promise. Well written, directed and great production value. This is good television. One suggestion: drop the annoying hand-held camera “tension” nonsense, and put the camera on a dolly or tripod. This modern need to keep the camera moving eratically is boring, and when we need that kind of tension, the effect is no longer working. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy have great chemistry as demonstrated by the connection between their two characters in this first episode. Keep up the good work, and hold that camera steady!

    • renamoretti1

      Thanks you for condemning shakycam.

      Shows that use shakycam cannot be said to be well-made or well-directed. They are, in effect, not directed, as you very well pointed out.

      The problem is that the press keeps saying shaking the camera is “innovative” and thus Hollywood award voters who want to think of themselves as “hip and edgy” give awards to crappy directing.

      There is a reason we are getting one horrible show after another: we live in an era where bad directing, bad writing and bad acting are not just tolerated, but encouraged.

      As for the show, I think it's one more DOA J.J. Abrams crapfest, but that won't stop the networks from ordering more from J.J. They “know” he makes hits, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

      FOX will probably order more Almost Human on principle, just to be able to say they have a “hit Monday Night” even though it's already crashed and burned.

  • Name

    Thank you for posting viewer count per show. Keep it up, please.

    • renamoretti1

      I didn't realize they weren't.

      They indeed should. Hopefully they will as overall audience is the only metric that counts (for instance Leno and Kimmel have the same 18-49, but Leno has 30% more audience and 30% more ad revenue – give or take a percent).

  • renamoretti1

    It was not “solid” at all. It lost almost half of its lead-in!!

    And then lost 30% the next day!

    Also, as usual, overall audience is what counts. It's what advertisers, as a whole buy, not any particular demo (in other words, you'll get takers for all your viewers at the same price, if not from one advertiser, then from another – anything else is just Hollywood ageism).