Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Debut Week Gives ‘Fox & Friends’ Ratings Boost

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Debut Week Gives 'Fox & Friends' Ratings Boost

The new host's first five days earns a 10 percent increase in viewers in the demo week-over-week

Elisabeth Hasselbeck joined “Fox & Friends” last week, giving the show a ratings bump.

In the 25-54 news ratings demo, the cable show was up 10 percent week-over-week in viewers, with an average of 278,000, compared to 252,000 the previous week.

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In the same time frame, MSNBC's “Morning Joe” is up 17 percent in the demo, from 124,000 viewers to 145,000. CNN's “New Day” is down 12 percent week-over-week, from 107,000 viewers to 94,000.

Fox News boasts an 18 percent increase in the demo from Q3-to-date since Hasselbeck joined. During the same time period, “New Day” is down 15 percent while “Morning Joe” is up 12 percent in the demo.

Hasselbeck left “The View” in mid-July.

  • smartone


    • Tyler Proctor

      The liberals call it faux news.

      • smartone

        Who cares what liberals say about anything?
        I certainly don't.

        • Greg Swoop

          I don't what anyone who does not matter to me has to say. LOL! CNN, FOX NEWS, MSLGBT (as Michael Savage calls it..LOL! Yes, I am gay…) could all do innovative programming, but instead try dealing in the “reality” genre which is over. I love the “Nancy Grace Mysteries” series because Nance just repackages earlier shows.

          What about live music, politics, communication, invitation, inclusion? Hmmmmm. What about a show that breaks all barriers?

      • Greg Swoop

        The Liberals are just as over the top as the conservatives are. Fox does a great job at what they do. Unfortunately, if FOX NEWS does not start creating the next changeover as most of their talent in the evening is growing older and out of the demo, they will become like CNN is right now.

        Is Jeff Zucker doing anything? I really was excited when he got hired on because he seemed to have a knack for this sort of thing, or so I thought.

        Could he work magic for the very greedy Katie (aged out of the demo) Couric once her show gets canceled?

    • Greg Swoop

      Yes, the “All Blonde Network” because after all, the old Man viewers need something to stroke off to….

  • caprice

    Elizabeth has always been pro-gay marriage; does she now have to be anti-gay now that she's on Fox?

    • Greg Swoop

      I have never cared for her. Self-aggrandizing and a blatant opportunist. Being pretty must mean a lot to the men who hire them.

  • Greg Swoop

    “Morning ‘Joe” ought to be called “Morning ‘Joke.” I do not understand why the networks do not utilize MSNBC and CNBC as the farm teams. Is “Morning ‘Joke's” demo and total viewers really acceptable? Joe What's His Head's contract has to be pretty expensive given his time on the air there. Surely there has to be some real talent out there. Can tomorrrow's Media Stars be on youtube today? Hmmmmm.

  • Steve

    Fox is the only network that is watchable these days. None of that leftist trash on MSNBC and CNN is even remotely bearable.