Ronan Farrow NY Post Story Disputed by Event Organizer: ‘Ronan and His Team Did Not Request Any Restrictions’ (Updated)

Ronan Farrow NY Post Story Disputed by Event Organizer: 'Ronan and His Team Did Not Request Any Restrictions' (Updated)

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Reach the World, which honored Farrow with the Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism, says their independent PR firm sent press restrictions unbeknownst to the MSNBC star and his reps

New York Post's Page Six reported Wednesday that Ronan Farrow's PR team told reporters not to ask any questions about the Woody Allen drama at Wednesday night's Reach the World 14th Annual Benefit and Charity Auction, where the new MSNBC host was being honored with the Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism for his contributions to global education and service.

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The Post article titled, “Precious Ronan's rules for benefit: No personal questions” claimed Farrow's flacks issued reporters a tip sheet with “conditions” forbidding press to ask any “off topic” or personal questions. But it turns out Reach the World, organizers of the event, was responsible for the tip sheet reporting guidelines, not Ronan Farrow or his team.

In a statement to TheWrap, Reach the World's founder Heather Halstead said: “Ronan and his team did not request any restrictions whatsoever on reporters’ questions. Communications between Reach the World and members of the press have been the sole responsibility of RTW. We apologize to Ronan for this error.”

“There was a misinterpretation between the Page Six reporter and our event planners,” Halstead added.

A spokeswoman for Farrow's new MSNBC's show “Ronan Farrow Daily” also disputed the Page Six report.

“Ronan and his team did not request any restrictions on reporters’ questions. We'd only said that Ronan would have limited time to do press interviews based on the event timeline,” said MSNBC in a statement to TheWrap. “The tip sheet Page Six references was apparently created by the PR team hired by the organization. None of that came from Ronan or his team.”

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New York Post's Page Six declined to comment.

Update 02/27/14:

Page Six published a followup defending their initial report. They included a PDF of the waiver the charity asked to be signed, as well as Halstead's original comment from an email saying the tip sheet came “direct” from Farrow's camp:

[Page Six] asked who the directives were coming from, and Halstead responded via email, “His team direct to you, but we would do it anyway any time there were circumstances such as these that required it.”

  • Porfivor Nixon

    Unless I am wrong, I have been to led to believe that Ronan has consistently dodged questions about his sexuality, so this “memo” seems to fall right in line with that, so I am not convinced he had no say in wanting this. If they ask the questions and he answers, that's when I'll believe it. Someone who will accept an award that they should clearly know they don't deserve, I question their integrity, and the way it stands, it doesn't look like he has much.

    • Louisa

      He has no integrity because he's not willing to discuss his sexuality? You're what I hate about the world.

      • guest

        then you have a very small world

    • DavidFuchs

      Porfivor, You have a good argument that “he does not deserve the award.” What's more obvious is that he does not deserve a TV show. We have even *heard* of him.

      WHY would you ruin your argument w/ some homophobic demand that he confess his sexuality?!

      • guest

        Why would you ruin your argument with reflexive accusations of “homophobia?” Gays can be the biggest critics of the closeted. For all you know, that commenter is gay.

        • DavidFuchs

          You asked me a good question. Gay people will take a position when a singer refuses to disclose that he's gay bc he feels that it's a stigma.

          But they will never support a reporter to tells a state department-official that “Hey, you set off my gadar.”

  • so

    so the event took the fall for him

  • Leland Hayward

    “Ronan” is the image of Mia's brother John Farrow who is incarcerated for 25 years for molesting dozens of boys over as many years.
    The Sinatra accusation by the troubled Mia Farrow has all the earmarks of yet another spiteful dagger sent to her former boyfriend.
    Ronan's mannerisms when conversing are all Woody whether he wants to believe it today or not. One day, when all of the battered children of Farrow get together and tell all, maybe Ronan and Dylan will find the truth about life with the real “Mommie Dearest.”

    • highcourt

      thank you–you're the only one who picked up on his manerisms being all so Woody.. he talks with his hands.. so small too. Granted, Ronan has that kind of cherubic face that almost all keep believing it's Frankie.. he really is odd looking.. supposedly he's 5'10? hardly.. his legs are short, with narrow shoulders with a very huge head with a short neck that could barely support it.

      for the rest of your comments– true.. that day of reckoning is at hand.Perversely,unwittingly– they opened that can of huge worms themselves.

    • BumpIt McCarthy

      Of Mia Farrow's thirteen living children, all support their mother except Soon-Yi and Moses, a family therapist who's divorced and estranged from the entire family except for Soon-Yi and his father/brother-in-law. None of the other children report anything but being sent to their rooms.

      It's pretty obvious that “the truth” about “Mommie Dearest” is likely to be far different than the one the Woody Allen Truthers like to paint.

      One child died of heart failure, and one, Lark, went from her last year in nursing school to depression, drug abuse, an abusive marriage, and death from AIDS—all starting after Soon-Yi ran away with Woody. Many of the children did poorly after that, but have since righted themselves, and live quiet, non-celebrity lives

      It's discouraging how eager people are to bash Mia Farrow based on no information but what's been fed them by Woody's PR team. Before she met Woody, she had a distinguished career, she does humanitarian work far beyond the “image-consciousness” she's been accused of would require (13 trips to Darfur), and both her ex-husbands spoke positively and affectionately of her. Contrast that with Woody, whose first wife sued him after he made joking about her sexual assault part of his stand-up routine.