Dailies | Stephen Colbert: 9/11 Museum Cross Will Spoil Care-Free Visit for Atheists

Stephen Colbert: 9/11 Museum Cross Will Spoil Care-Free Visit for Atheists

“Colbert Report” host faults atheists for public relations debacle

Atheists groups are mounting a legal challenge to the display of a cross-shaped steel beam at the 9/11 Museum, contending that it will cause “mental anguish” for non-believers because it promotes religion.

Stephen Colbert had a hard time stomaching their complaints.

“Yes, this cross causes mental anguish for atheists who would otherwise have a care-free visit to the 9/11 Museum,” the Comedy Central star said on Monday's “The Colbert Report.” “It would ruin it.”

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Colbert took offense not only as a Catholic, but as a lover of good public relations.

“Come on atheists, you're protesting a cross in the 9/11 Museum,” Colbert said. “I know you don't believe God can hear you, but you realize the rest of us can, right?”

If the cross is allowed to stand, atheists are asking the museum to hang a plaque that honors the non-believers who died during the World Trade Center attack.

“Apparently atheists want to honor lack of belief at Ground Zero though I personally think the entire tragedy already suggests that religious fervor sometimes has a downside,” Colbert said.

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  • TeamEdwardJace

    and this where some atheits can be idiots. stephen colbert is hilarious. I'm a christian (but a candain) but If i was an american christian, I'd be fine if a plauge went up there besides the cross or even a buddhist symbol or hindu symbol also went up there in the same area

  • Debra Sarver

    Wrong. I do not feel welcome where there is a big cross. Never have, never will. To me it says “You're not welcome here”. You cannot understand being a religious, racial, etc. minority if you have not been any minority. You have not felt the sting of pain that a child feels when they are excluded or told terrible things that their best friends were taught about them. It does not change, unfortunately, because adults are even more cruel. Is this not my America too?

    • Jeremy Van Duyne

      “You have not felt the sting of pain that a child feels…”

      So your comparing yourself to a child?

      • Debra Sarver

        No,I was a child and taught many children who were also religious minorities, and it's you're by the way!

    • Pg America

      Yes it is. And I know where you are coming from. I to turned away from God. Because every church I have ever attended were corrupt hypocrites, that knew very little about the religion they were preaching. Or followed the words they were teaching. Most don't even know whom King James was, or his Mother, or how the very version of the book they swear upon and worship came to be. Most christian traditions are pagan in nature. And they don't even realize it. It was done to entice pagans into Christianity. And the cross is also pagan. The debate has been the word stauros, Which means torture stake. And if the arms are extended out it doesn't t do to much, But since the object was torture, hands straight up and a foot hold would cause lung compression while feet are relaxed, Causing suffocation. And not to mention that if you were a father, and your son was let's say, shot with a gun. Would you want everyone wearing a bullet in remembrance of him? Not to mention the southern baptist with the KKK back in the day, And the politicians that profited so long after slavery should have been abolished. When the prisoner program from Africa was done, But the so-called leaders and religious movement at the time kept it alive. Even after President Washington's farewell address that stated slavery should be abolished. Our leaders profited from the sale and trade of people that were kidnapped. After our so called christian leaders (supposedly) (freemasons actually) declared that all men are created equal. And oppression and Over taxation and Hatred and Tyranny, Was what we as a nation were fighting against. Then in the next breath condone the slave trade. I tried different religions, and most were the same. And I turned away from God. Till I started actually studying what religions were. And how America came to be and why and how religion played it part. Without God we would suffer what we left.tyranny and controlled, Without compassion and honesty and integrity, love and kindness, purpose and patriotism. We fall under pretty much what we have today. Most christian religions are defined as reformist not conformist. and yet we have crooks and liars,scammer's and schemers as our leaders.Whom our we are supposed to look up to and respect. No wonder today's youth are the way they are. Their only hero's are gangsters and porn stars. Hence why one is not supposed to worship idols. I agree with you that the church has let America down. Not God we have done that to ourselves with the leaders B.S. that we tolerate election after election. God has never changed. It is us that have strayed so far. That is why I became ordained recently I want to start an online meeting place. To show people that it is not God that is the enemy, But the corruption that comes from man that is the evil. “The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.” Joseph Conrad. We are going down faster and faster in this country. We do need to put God first. Not the fairy tales or the radical spout of some. But the realization that without Divine Law we will and are falling prey to the wicked and the lawyers. We have to hold Truth, Justice, Patriotism, and Integrity to the highest standards and if our leaders don't measure up, Then out they go with an emergency election. I am trying to devise a way for Americans to come together. to create a set of standards for all elected officials and their appointees and potential candidates for office. And stick to it. Above all else. And get people that are about solutions not creating more problems.

      • Debra Sarver

        Interesting that you think I'm an atheist. Never said that.

        • Pg America

          No, I was not trying to imply you were an atheist or anything. Neither am I. I just came to the conclusion, that these so-called churches, are just as corrupt as the government that gives them tax exemption, but requires them to report. Most church goers go for appearances. With little, to no knowledge of the religion they profess to blindly follow. They get their ears tickled and think everything is all good. as they sit quietly, As evil grows strong. From the adulterating , gossiping, False prophet preachers. To the liar, schemer, unaccountable lawbreaker politician. It is used not as it is intended. But to control the masses. the government controls the church and the church controls the people. Since most people cling to the King James Version. Most don't even know it's history or origin. Or why King James Had the scriptures translated in the first place. Most religions of the christian faith are defined as reformist. Not conformist. The reason was to keep Integrity and Honor in our political offices and nation. I no longer consider myself a christian, since so many of them are so far gone there is almost no hope. I consider myself a disciple. I'm not perfect. But I strive to learn from my mistakes, and not repeat them, and treat people like I would want to be treated. With respect and kindness. and I study and learn. Because without God, and our dwindling Divine Law. We would not be Free. We would all be like the Jews in the Political Roman Empire.

  • GoSolar

    I'm pretty sure not wanting a cross, depicting some kind of lunacy instead of what really happened, is not the same “religious fervor” as hijacking a plane, crashing it into a building and killing thousands of innocent people.