Dailies | Stephen Colbert Defends Rand Paul Against Rachel Maddow Plagiarism Accusations (Video)

Stephen Colbert Defends Rand Paul Against Rachel Maddow Plagiarism Accusations (Video)

MSNBC host accused Kentucky senator of stealing from the Wikipedia page for the Ethan Hawke movie “Gattaca”

Always the good conservative soldier, Stephen Colbert defended Kentucky Senator Rand Paul from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's plagiarism accusations.

While campaigning on behalf of anti-oral sex Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, Paul delivered near-verbatim lines lifted from Wikipedia's entry for the movie, “Gattaca”: ”In the movie, ‘Gattaca,’ in the not-too-distant future, eugenics is common and DNA plays a primary role in determining your social class,” Paul said.

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Maddow called Paul out on her show for taking the description word-for-word from the online encyclopedia. But as Colbert speculated Tuesday, it might not be plagiarism at all: Maybe Rand Paul wrote the Wikipedia entry on “Gattaca.”

Either way, the “Colbert Report” host is focusing on the content of the words, rather than the origin: “That is irrefutable scientific evidence that (opponent Terry) McAuliffe's pro-choice policies will lead to an Ethan Hawke movie,” he said.

Colbert further defended Paul, saying that the man is no plagiarist. The comedian then read directly from a number of Wikipedia entries to explain exactly who Paul is.

Watch the clip:

  • M. Lynch

    “Good conservative soldier”????? It's called SATIRE. Mr. Colbert skewers conservatives in an hysterical way that goes right over the heads of said consrvatives.

  • Mya Faire

    What part of “sarcasm” don't you understand? Colbert is an avowed liberal who mocks neo-cons with his (and his writers') razor-sharp wit. I saw the episode to which you refer, and the joke wasn't lost on me. Rand Paul quoted Wikipedia on multiple occasions, and I'm quite sure he didn't write the entries. Rand, look at your daddy's failed political attempts and see your future.

    • JEREMY

      Clearly you don't understand the term neocon. Your head is so far up Obamas ass you probably know what he ate for lunch. If you did you would know Obama is a neocon.

  • Jimmy FiveFingers

    Tony Maglio, you're an idiot.

  • drerasmusdoorjammer

    Tony you do know that Colbert is a liberal , you do know his show is comedy where he mocks both Hannity and O'Reilly…..you do know that you are effen idiot with no brain ……really and they allow you to write a column for being so stupid……
    Hey The wrap I can write better then this hack and can tell the difference between comedy and reality ..because this schmuck Magglio can't he is as stupid as a rock and a schmuck to boot