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‘Superman Returns’ Director Bryan Singer on Why He Cast Brandon Routh Over Henry Cavill

'Superman Returns' Director Bryan Singer on Why He Cast Brandon Routh Over Henry Cavill

The “X-Men” filmmaker also offered his thoughts on Zack Snyder's “Man of Steel”

“Superman Returns” director Bryan Singer offered his thoughts on Zack Snyder's “Man of Steel” in a recent interview with Empire (via Comic Book Movie).

“I am in awe of the world building and the scope of that picture. It's tough for me. I'm not a critic and it starts to get into a weird thing where one director is talking about another director. I know how hard it is to make a movie, especially one of these movies and especially a Superman movie, and there was so much I was impressed with in that movie,” said Singer, who offered a minor criticism as well.

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“There were things I might have done a little differently just because of the way I view the character. Don't misinterpret that as me not liking something,” cautioned Singer, who added that his thoughts shouldn't be mistaken as a proper review.

While Singer praised Henry Cavill‘s performance, he said there was a distinct reason why Brandon Routh was cast in “Superman Returns” over Cavill.

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“Um… I think Henry Cavill is great. I knew Henry. He and I were friends years ago. Oddly enough, the reason I didn't cast him was because I was making a sequel to Christopher Reeve and I wanted somebody who embodied Reeve more.”

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  • Matt Clayton

    I would've liked to see how Singer would've handled “Man of Steel” (with the Snyder cast) with his own creative team.

    In hindsight, I'm glad Singer didn't go with Cavill… but I feel bad for Brandon Routh. He's not doing much right now.

  • Mightym-o-u-s-e

    I loved both films, I hold them dear 2 my heart. . .Jason Lane and his Aquaman pajamas and Man of Steel filled my eyes with tears, sob. . .

  • kirby76

    I thought Brandon Routh did a great, witty job of suggesting Christopher Reeve's interpretation without doing a corny impersonation. He was the only really good thing about that film, which borrowed ideas from the first one that were already cheesy in '78, and I couldn't tell if it was sendup or tribute.
    Routh is handsome, charming and talented, yet he languishes while Zac Efron is kept busy as a beaver. But I don't want to dwell on THAT for too long.

    • Rick

      Really? Brandon Routh over Henry Cavill? What a disappointment. I have seen Superman with Christopher Reeve and not looking forward to a repeat. Henry Cavill looks more like the comic book hero Superman that I remember.

      • topi

        I think that's what he was trying to explain. I kinda see it as a trilogy. he left and now hes back. totally different to mos. mos is based on the comic. and superman returns is based on the Christopher reeves movies.

        • Kayla Rose Zampino

          Thats how I see it as well, I think Brandon did a great job :)

  • Jason

    Bryan Singer's movie is not even in the same ballpark as the new one. Thank God for Zack Snyder's movie.

  • TV101

    Ah – Brian I think we all know why Brandon Routh was cast. And I think the reasons go beyond what is being said in this article. That being said you were asked to do what you were asked to do – TRUE casting wise but – it was a total miss.

  • Adam Contreras

    Both this movie directors are clowns. I did like 300 & Sucker Punch from Zach Snyder but Watchmen was too brutal & disturbing for me to see. On Bryan Singer in the other hand, I like Glorious Bastards from Tarantino more then Valkrie since about 95% of all cast where speaking British accent with German uniforms. This being said that's why I call this 2 movie directors clowns. Oh yes I almost forgot, X-Men 3 & Superman Return wasn't good. If only Zack hired Christopher Nolan AGAIN, Christian Bale would still be Batman & Bruce Wayne today.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Routh was outstanding but the action was lacking in that movie. Man of Steel blew that out of the water.

    • Kayla Rose Zampino

      MOS had TOO much action, Superman Returns didnt have enough.. We need a common ground. But overall, they were both great and both actors played Superman amazingly.

      • Benjamin Roussey

        Too much action? Did not know where was such a thing. There was plenty of outstanding dialogue in MOS. Yes, Routh did a job but that little petite Lois Lane was not right and the red headed Adams is not right either. Terrible casting – Amy Adams. No way. Everyone was solid though, not her. Russel Crowe, Costner – spectacular – his mother and so on.

  • Benjamin Roussey

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