Ted Nugent Comes Out as ‘Gay Pirate From Cuba’

Ted Nugent Comes Out as 'Gay Pirate From Cuba'

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The aging rock star revealed his intimate secret Wednesday when recognizing CNN's Wolf Blitzer as “a journalist”

Ted Nugent revealed himself to be a “gay pirate from Cuba” during a tirade in which he compared CNN to Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels and identified network anchor Wolf Blitzer as a journalist.

“So much media has lost its soul lying Saul Alinsky Joseph Geobbells freaks,” Nugent tweeted. “CNN Joseph Goebbells Saul Alinsky propaganda ministry mongrels (sic).”

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Following his accusations against CNN, which he is appearing tonight at 7 p.m. ET on “Erin Burnett OutFront,” Nugent came clean about his sexuality, criminal occupation and country of origin.

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Blitzer, the host of CNN's “The Situation Room,” began his career in journalism in 1972 with the Reuters News Agency in Tel Aviv before joining CNN in 1990 and spearheading the news network's Peabody Award-winning coverage of the presidential primary debates and campaigns in 2008. In March, Blitzer will be awarded the Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism by the National Press Foundation.

Nugent, a rock star who rose to fame in the 1970s and has appeared on several reality shows since, has yet to be recognized with any awards for plundering ships at sea.

He has since deleted the tweet acknowledging his homosexuality for the first time.

The admission, and CNN criticism, comes after Blitzer questioned Nugent for calling President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel” — an insult Blitzer identified as Nazi rhetoric once used to justify the genocide of the Jewish people.

For the record: Yes, we get it — he's being sarcastic but epic ridiculousness deserves to be recognized.

  • Norman Dostal

    who is this old piece of shiiit?

    • butch 006

      Dude,he was the lead guitarist for the Amboy Dukes.They did the song “Journey to the center of your mind.”Some say if he had learned a fourth guitar chord he could have been famous for other than pooping his pants as a draft resister.

  • dianeselwin

    Truly scum of the earth

  • CanuckleDragger

    But he's not a mongrel. He's a purebred assh.le

  • Stars and Bars

    He is one of the last truly intelligent people in our country

    • Drudge_Is_GAY

      LOL ted is a draft dodger and a child molester!

      • Jeffrey

        And yet isn't it amazing how many people support him. Either they don't know that he lived in his own filth in order to dodge the draft and tried to buy one of his underage girlfriends from her parents or they support his behavior.

      • hotairbill

        So. how long did you serve in the military?

        • Drudge_Is_GAY

          I never crapped myself to avoid the draft!

    • Jeffrey

      And so patriotic too. Unless, of course, you don't equate pedophilia and draft dodging with patriotism and intelligence.

      • hotairbill

        Can't address the ped thing, but how long did you serve in the military?

        • killerpizza

          thats a lot of hot air

    • seaMo

      And your head is full of rocks.

    • http://robotking42.wordpress.com/ Robot King

      You misspelled “least”.

    • beulahmo

      Derrrrp? Derp!

  • sal tovella

    wolffy blitzer would know about goebbell, wolffy is jewish .

    • beulahmo

      You must be popular.

  • croixscout

    When this Koch sucker is the base for the Republican party, you know you've got problems. Just ask Rash Dimbulb!


    Failed third tier rock star from the seventies keeping his name in the press by pandering to Tea Party bigotry.

    • Jeffrey

      Who lived in his own filth to avoid the draft and attempted to purchase one of his under age girlfriends from her parents. SCUM!

      • Mark Nicholas

        white trash is as white trash does.

        • Chuck

          White trash ? Sounds like you're the bigoted hater. Would you say Black or Asian racial slurs ?

          • killerpizza

            good try
            f0ll0w the foxnews scheme much

    • Mark Nicholas

      Yeah, ted who?

  • Jeffrey

    Apparently, many of you are not aware of his interview in “HighTimes” where he describes living in his own waste in order to dodge the draft. His supporters should encourage him to run for president. He is about the best that the GOP can muster.

  • WilmRoget

    Ted is the best PSA against drug use there is.

  • Karl Schneider

    I'm ashamed of Ted…insulting subhuman mongrels like that….THEY HAVE FEELINGS TED!

    • killerpizza

      your husband is the guy on the left or the guy on the right

  • killerpizza

    old palin loves herself some ted guitar lickin
    according to her
    (meaning pali’ not teddie)

  • mr.Truth

    Being “gay” is VERY bad for your existence.

    The disease stats on homosexuals are actually frightening. They are increasing their Hiv/Syphilis/Gonorrhea rates -enormously the last 10 years – Although they are about 2-3% of the population , according to the CDC databases – they are responsible for anywhere from 67 – 89 % of all new , more serious sexual diseases.

    Now ask yourself WHY these people are accomplishing this miserable nightmare ? Something in the water ?

  • Jane Doe

    OK, I can understand why so many people revile Nugent, I really can. BUT – he is showing a frustration that many, many people in America are feeling. The United States – the hegemonic power of the world – is losing its standing and is sliding into Third World country status. The government no longer recognizes the will of the people. They're more concerned with hanging on to their money and power, We, the People be damned. When exactly did it become a country “of the People, by the People” to a country of “Screw the People”??

  • Javier Motechiani

    Mmm gay or not.. pirate or not.. I wouldn't fuck with him..