‘Two and a Half Men’ Boss Chuck Lorre Slams Freeway Workers in New Vanity Card

'Two and a Half Men' Boss Chuck Lorre Slams Freeway Workers in New Vanity Card

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Chuck Lorre wants workers on the 405 freeway to add the new lanes already — and to let him use their port-a-potties in the meantime

Chuck Lorre had a mild bit of road rage on Thursday night — but instead of playing out on one of Southern California's congested freeways, Lorre made his displeasure known on national television.

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“Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory” executive producer Lorre took aim at workers toiling on the renovation of the 405 freeway in his latest vanity card — the whimsical messages that appear at the end of his shows.

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In the screed, Lorre basically accuses the workers of being layabouts who are “not actually doing anything” on most days.

“Dear Guys Working on the 405 Freeway, How's it going?” Lorre begins. “I only ask because you started work over five years ago to add more lanes and, well… there aren't any.”

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Lorre goes on to ask, “Is it possible you've grown bored with the project? I certainly would understand that. I've got more than a few half-finished scripts sitting in my desk. Of course, when I blow off my job millions of commuters aren't, how shall we say… fornicated.”

The producer further suggests that the project might be understaffed, and that they might hire “a few thousand more guys and work in 'round-the-clock shifts, instead of, you know, just when you feel like it.”

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During the rant, Lorre refers to the overburdened freeway as “the ol’ 4-nication-05” — which, really, is a joke that he'd probably think twice before inserting it into one of his shows.

Lorre tops things off with a suggestion that commuters should be allowed to use the workers’ porta potties when their bladders are strained while stuck in traffic.

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Sounds like Lorre has already found himself a pretty effective dumping ground.

A representative for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the lead agency on the 405 project, has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment. We'll resist the urge to write a pissy title card about it.

  • Voice of Reason

    Ha! I'd love to see Lorre take a look at some city planning blueprints. Hell I'd like to see him work one day in their shoes. Give him a jackhammer. That might knock some sense into him

    • Proud_to_be_American

      HA! That'd be the day one of those whorrywood celeb types get their hands dirty from REAL work. Just look at whiny tommy cruz,who thinks being an actor is as hard as being a Marine in combat!

  • hupto

    I understand his frustration, but they really are mismanaging this thing. Back-and-forth detours, unannounced closures, miles-out-of-the-way diversions to ramps that turn out to be closed, simultaneous closures of both the 405 and Sepulveda…it's like Sarah Palin's in charge. It normally takes me 20-25 minutes to get from the West Side to my home in the Valley; now it routinely takes me 60-90 minutes, and on occasion even two hours or more. (BTW, this is NOT rush hour I'm talking about, but around 11:00 PM.) One night I went from the 405 to Sepulveda to Church back to Sepulveda back to Church to Sunset–where I was directed to proceed to Beverly Glen, which of course was choked with traffic. I could have done that to begin with and saved myself over an hour.

    They don't need more people. Just smarter ones.

    • Rams fan

      YES! The unannounced closers.

  • solipsist mine

    Gosh, and Lorre has never acknowledged MY vanity cards about the
    crap television shows he produces, the pathetic drivel that passes for
    “writing” and “comedy” on his shows, nor the obscene waste of money that
    payments to Lorre, his various staffs and the performers on his shows
    collect, this when so many millions who work so much harder, on far more
    worthwhile endeavors reap so little. The money spent on “2.5 Men”
    alone would do the world more good if it were simply used to fill in a
    gaping sink-hole, to say nothing of paying it out to teachers, clerks,
    charitable non-profits, and of course untold numbers of hard-working
    construction workers who break their backs trying to feed, clothe, house
    and educate their families.

    • Dani

      Lots of hardworking people are in the entertainment business – it's not just overpaid writers and performers. Crew members want to feed, clothe, house and educate their families too. Sad that you can't be bothered to think of them. And your idea that charitable non-profits need the money more is borderline insanity. The heads of most of those organizations take home hundreds of thousands of dollars per year that should be going to the actual charity! Why aren't you whining about that disgusting waste instead of crying about a tv show???

    • Sjack

      How much do you donate… to anything?

      • solipsist mine

        Roughly 13% annually of my net, plus serving on the operating board for one nonprofit charity and as labor for a few hours at least one day per week for two others, not to mention extra efforts for special events throughout the year – anything from a carnival, to gala theme nights and silent auctions – I'll do anything from erect tents, to rent equipment, to announce raffle ticket winners and so forth. I also buy ads in the event programs for 2-3 organizations, and since I don't have my own business to advertise, I donate that space to other organizations so they can get the word out about THEIR events and efforts. (I try to avoid the groups and clubs that are actually business networking-oriented, and those that may appear to limit services based upon religion or racial/ethnic preferences.) My cash contributions used to be higher, but I have three in three different out-of-state colleges right now, so I try to make up for it by putting in time on the less-glamorous jobs volunteers try to avoid – stocking food, building, and that kind of stuff – raising my hand when volunteers are requested. (There's ALWAYS someone willing to stand to accept the proclamation, but it's hard to find help to clean out the Andy Gumps at an event, or inventory toys after the Christmas event when things have to be stored for next year.)

        How about you, Sjack?

        • Joe

          ….. Silence

    • Proud_to_be_American

      And it was Charlie who took the fall for everything, not that he isn't as guilty of a hugely inflated ego either.

  • mentally deficient

    Hmm lets see Cali is a broke state. I'm sure this is one reason the road is taking so long. How long would you work without being paid ? Ground compaction, inspections, paving, and oh yeah a few hundred thousand people driving by everyday. To improve a road to be able to handle a hundred thousand cars or more per day takes time and money. Especially when its designed to do this for 10 or more years. How well would one of your sets hold up to traffic like that chuck ? So sit back, shut up, hang up the phone, pay attention to your driving, because those workers have kids at home, and enjoy the ride. You'll appreciate it more when its done

  • Bart

    Hate to tell him but I have a good friend who is friends with one of the major contractors for the job. Apparently, even when it's finished, it ain't gonna save anyone time, even with new lanes.

    • Rams fan


  • KBalland

    I think Chuck Lore may need to work the Steps again. How do people stand this guy? I never watch any of his shows on CBS, just watch the sh.t show that follows Lore around.

  • david

    Hmm, working on a highway without much progress, might be akin to writing jokes without a producer-added laugh track.

  • Robert Abooey

    I agree with Mr. Lorre 100%.

    I don't drive the 405 through the Sepulveda Pass every day but on the occasions (2 – 3 times a month on average) I do drive it it never seems like any progress has been made.

    The completion date has been extended by one year and who knows how many millions of dollars over the original estimates. The project is supposed to be done by September 2014 but I wouldn't be surprised if it extends way past that date too.

    This project seems to have been turned into the Construction Worker Permanent Employment Act.

  • juan0069

    I love privatization!

    • Rams fan


  • John Wayne

    What the truth is that the reason it takes that long to build or improve a freeway is environmental impacts and remediation to a white spotted owl or a stupid kangaroo rat that has its home in its way. Lorre's himself and his Liberal Friends asked for this stuff so they got it! Its easier kicking people out of home (eminent Domain) than it is to move a Kangaroo Rat.. Really where are the priorities. I care for Animals but just displace the damn thing and move on. America is bankrupting itself by all of this crap! Just saying!

    • Rams fan


  • jeepdude911

    Hey, Lorre, from one of those workers, why don't you concentrate on bringing us what you promised, you know, a funny sitcom? Before you stare condescendingly down your nose at us, try doing what we do. You wouldn't last a day.

  • John Johnson

    Someone beat the sh*t out of this fucking J*w who wouldnt know real work if it knocked over the f*cking head

    • Rams fan


      • John Johnson

        Your gang-raped body lying dead on the side of the road is lame

  • Marlowe53

    What an ass.

  • OldFatDudeOnBike

    Take the damn bus, you arrogant needle stick.

    (Chuck thought Charlie was a drunk. Charley thought Chuck was a schmuck. Both were right.)

  • TooOldMom

    I really enjoy “The Big Bang Theory”, and usually read the vanity cards at the end of each episode. I also read many vanity cards during the years that “Dharma & Greg” aired. As a result, I am very well-acquainted with Mr. Lorre's political leanings. All I have to say is…bad liberal! Bad, bad liberal! You're supposed to have compassion for the plight of blue collar workers who work in sweltering southern California heat!

  • kl h

    How about MASS TRANSIT

    instead of some stupid plastic bag ban for you eco friendly Left Coasters

    that should solve your problem w the ol’ 4-nication-05

  • Rams fan

    AGREED! This project is WAY over the time budget.
    And nothing is happening!!! They work 6 hours a day!
    (I checked). They are over one year behind.
    Leaning on the shovel.
    I give these guys CRAP every time I see them. I hope you do the same.

  • Rams fan

    Just a bunch of clowns. Unannounced closers.
    They have closed 3 consecutive on ramps at a time. With no warning. If you don't know the area, you are screwed.

  • Jon

    I find it entertaining when people that contribute nothing tangible to society criticize those that do.

  • John Johnson

    What a $%*#!@ jew!

  • John Johnson

    @#$%^& Jew!!

    • Rams fan

      How Cute! A cock sucking welfare boy!
      You time is coming, dreg of society.