Christiane Amanpour Snaps at Wolf Blitzer Over CNN Ukraine Coverage (Video)

Christiane Amanpour Snaps at Wolf Blitzer Over CNN Ukraine Coverage (Video)

Sparks flew on Monday's “The Situation Room” after Christiane Amanpour took Wolf Blitzer to task for quoting a Russian official

CNN's Christiane Amanpour and Wolf Blitzer got into a heated on-air sparring match Monday over a controversial quote by the Russian Ambassador to the U.N. Security Council, who called pro-European Ukrainians “anti-Semites and fascists.”

“You know, you have to be really careful by putting that across as a fact!” Amanpour exclaimed.

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The normally staid Blitzer fired back at Amanpour, defending his reporting. “That's what he said!” Blitzer interjected. “That's what Vitaly Churkin said!”

“That's the Russian position, but are you telling me, are you saying that the entire pro-European, Ukrainians are anti-Semites?” Amanpour pressed.

“Of course not!” Blitzer shouted back.

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“We just as a network have to be really careful not to lump the entire pro-European Ukrainians into what is some may well be, which are nationalistic and extremist,”Amanpour stressed.

“Christiane, we're not! I'm not! We're not doing it all,” Blitzer argued.

“Nation” columnist Stephen Cohen attempted to break the tension with a joke.

“I'm an outsider, I'd hate to see a civil war breakout on CNN,” Cohen riffed.

“It's not a civil war, it's smart conversation, all right?!” Blitzer concluded.

Watch the spirited back-and-forth below:

  • Jim

    I wonder if Margaret Brennan saw this.

    • sicimicoco


  • MAEM

    Well done CA…

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  • Andrij_aka_Andy

    Amanpour says to Blitzer that CNN must not classify all pro-European Ukrainians as nationalistic and extremist. Blitzer says to Amanpour that he is not doing that & CNN is not doing that. Cohen the comedian comes in and says “I’m an outsider, I’d hate to see a civil war breakout on CNN.” Blitzer says to Cohen: “It’s not a civil war, it’s smart conversation, all right?!” Good comeback Blitzer. We all know Cohen is not capable of taking part in “smart conversation” :D Cohen should go and live in his beloved USSRia (anagram for Russia).

    • Nikita Glushkov

      Yes, Cohen is the only one in the picture who is a competent academic who's spent dozens of years researching his area of expertise at Ivy League schools, while the other two are partisan hacks and government propagandists – I think it's pretty clear who here is capable of smart conversation :)

  • costume

    cohen has been pushing the Russian side of this issue for months. Don't know why people keep giving him a platform.

    • Vlad

      Can you imaging any court where there is only prosecutor and no defense??? As one see you think it is normal in politics. Congrats then.

    • Nikita Glushkov

      Maybe because he's the only one with sanity enought to contextualize this as what it is – an American backed coup by a small group of radical rightists in a country with a plurality ethinic Russian population that the Obama Administration deliberately and provocatively destabilized to have an excuse to push NATO closer to Russian borders.

      • costume

        More likely he's a stooge for Russia. Usually best to go with the obvious answer.

        • Nikita Glushkov

          He's an academic with decades of study of Soviet and Russian diplomacy and history under his belt and the only person who has chosen to conduct a rational discussion – for example referring to the talks held between Gorbachev, Helmut Kohl and James Baker (Bush the elders Secretary of State) where Gorbachev said he could sell the reunification of Germany back home on the condition that NATO not be expanded eastward – which Baker agreed to and then ignored as soon as he walked out of the room. He's the only one to note that the entire post Soviet era for american foreign policy thinkers has been about demonizing Russia when it pursues it's national interests while pursuing american ones with reckless abandon and pretending they are beloved leaders of the free world. Cohens job is too look at issues without kneejerk propagandizing and with the history, culture and positions of various actors in mind. But he can be a stooge if you want, whatever floats your boat :)

          • costume

            He's a stooge that basically promotes Russia's claim to Ukraine as a vassal state. In case you don't realize it, Ukraine is a sovereign state currently under siege by an invading army. Apparently you'd rather talk about issues that have nothing to do with this and instead find excuses for Russia.

            Nice Nikita.

          • Nikita Glushkov

            First things first – Ukraine is currently a failed state without a functioning government – and there's currently no foreign forces besieging it. The last legitimate government in Kiev has a basing agreement that allows 25,000 Russian soldiers to deploy in Crimea.
            I'm talking about issues that have direct relevance to “this” – – FROM THE moment the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the United States has relentlessly pursued a strategy of encircling Russia, just as it has with other perceived enemies like China and Iran. It has brought 12 countries in central Europe, all of them formerly allied with Moscow, into the NATO alliance. US military power is now directly on Russia’s borders. The United States and other Western countries — often spearheaded by diplomats and quasi-covert operatives who have been working for years on “democracy promotion” projects in Ukraine. This crisis is in part the result of a zero-sum calculation that has shaped US policy toward Moscow since the Cold War: Any loss for Russia is an American victory, and anything positive that happens to, for, or in Russia is bad for the United States. Cohen is the only one apparently willing to provide this perspective – and you are currently trying to character assassinate him for it. Nice Job :)

          • costume

            My god, the countries surrounding Russia that you seem to think Russia has exclusive rights to, fled as fast as they could from a relationship that resulted in the deaths of millions and subjugation of their governments and people. What you want to argue apparently is Russia's divine right to buffer states. They have no such right.

            Whatever problems Ukraine may have, and believe me, I've lived in Ukraine and have many friends there, it certainly didn't call for Russia to breach its borders.

            Ukrainians want the same thing other eastern Europeans countries want, a decent life free of tyranny, but Ukraine is still trying to dig its way out from under the immense damage of being an unwilling part of the USSR. They never asked to be a part of it but were forced and hopefully they can keep that from happening again.

            My only guess at this point is that you're either a great supporter of a new Russian Empire or you're extremely ignorant of the history of Ukraine. Which is it?

          • Ken Sears

            Yanukovich is the kleptocrat who tried to poison his political opponent to death, who has made his son a BILLIONAIRE at the nation's expense, who has corrupted and bought every power-broker he possibly could in Ukraine to entrench himself in power “forever” (these tin gods never think they're going to die), but types like Nikita can see NOTHING in the Ukrainians saying “KHVATIT! ENOUGH!” except some insidious Nazi plot– even while it's Vladimir Putin singing the same old Hitler tune about invading a neighboring country to “protect” his people. I guess ol’ Vova doesn't feel he's got enough “lebensraum” in Russia. Nikita is the type who'll buy ANY lie and put up with ANY corruption as long as it's all done to the strident tunes of the Russian national anthem. Meanwhile, Putin tried to bribe city councils in the “pro-Russian” east to “invite” him to come and “liberate” them, and they REFUSED! In cities like Zaporozhye, Odessa, Kherson, thousands and thousands have marched telling Vladimir Putin to GET OUT. Types like Nikita will, of course, label all these free Ukrainians “provocateurs”; anything the Soviet Union didn't like was called a “provocation”. Poets went to concentrations camps and died there for writing “provocative” poems. This is the same oppressive spirit, and paranoic demagoguery that types like Nikita engage in now. They have learned NOTHING from history.

          • mircea dumitrescu

            why is the usa jewery so dead set against the ukrainians?
            can anyone explain taht to me?

          • Varia Vespasa

            Why are you such a collossal pillock?

          • mircea dumitrescu

            agree 100%

        • Nikita Glushkov

          But you're right – when faced with a complicated issue it's best to go with the answer that the White House has lovingly provided for it's spin doctors on every network – if the Russians are somewhat concerned about an artifically constructed failed state situation on their borders – Russia big and bad !!!

          • costume

            Nikita, are you working for Russia Today? Nobody buys the tired idea that the White House is needed to tell Ukrainians that their land is sovereign. Nobody is waiting for the White House to tell them anything. Nobody has faith that the White House will do anything to help Ukraine.

            But plenty of people are motivated to get the Russian side of this issue out there and it's so ridiculously stupid that only stooges would try to pretend to believe their own garbage.

          • mircea dumitrescu

            costume, you KNOW he is a russian agent!

      • mircea dumitrescu

        nikita, u r full of it…

    • James gandonfini

      You just want one-sided stories and news. Why don't you go to North Korea to live. That's the place for you!

      • mircea dumitrescu

        hey, i thought you were dead, but now i see you´re just brain dead!

    • mircea dumitrescu

      blitzer does!

  • Singapom

    That professor is a pratt…

  • skamble

    If you are looking for an English language news source capable of sorting out Eastern Europe, try BBC News. They are closer to continental Europe and were involved there for longer than the US. I'm sure some people in Ukraine and Russia check their news there.

  • RJ0

    this is such a sexist headline! only a woman “snaps”

    • Calling Her Out

      No this is sexist. You are an idiot

    • mircea dumitrescu

      She didn't snap!
      She was/is fed up probably with the incredible power blitzer has at CNN…

  • Elyas Omar En

    When Amanpour tries too hard to show and prove her ‘intelliigence’ that's when she loses it. This woman needs a break from reporting!

    • UgottaBkiddin’

      You must be a man. A woman would never say anything as sexist as your comment.

      • Joel0903

        What did he say that was sexist? “Her”? “Woman”? “She”? Would it have been sexist if the comment had been aimed at Blitzer by a woman? Grow up. Sometimes people are just stupid – that includes women, too.

  • tulliman

    Point is Wolf didn't indeed say anything of the sort. Amanpour, instead of fessing up ‘like a man’ continued instead pushing her point as if he had… It was not a pretty sight.
    I wonder if it is just that she loves the sound of her own voice or there was some agenda there. In any event it was a bit shrill for a current affairs program

    • mircea dumitrescu

      Blitzer has no right to push somebody else's agenda on the CNN
      Eventually people are going to tell him off.
      i'm glad it was christianne who did it, because due to her excellent work, maybe she won't lose her job.

      • Simon Ybarramendia

        By QUOTING in his report what the Russian Ambassador said, Wolf Blitzer is “pushing somebody else's agenda?” Isn't that a journalist's job (not a right)–to report the the various sides to an issue?

  • skamble

    Any Jewish person should separate the present from the past when talking about Ukraine because so much has happened there.

  • James gandonfini

    It's just bull! These two are controlled puppets. Their exchange was nothing more than professional acting in order to use up as much live air time as possible. None of them enjoyed the truth Mr. Cohen had to say to the public.

    • mircea dumitrescu

      mr. cohen is an idiot

  • Sergey

    What Amanpour said is 100% true. Yesterday (4.02. 2014) evening Ukraine's senior rabbi oficially confirmed this from the screen of the top Ukrainian TV channel 1. New Prime minister and one cabinet minister are of Jewish origin, as well as new governor of Dniepropetrovsk region (one of the biggest in Ukraine).
    I live in Ukraine and spent in the UK 8 years and know that antisemitic acts in Ukraine are very rare, not more than UK.

    Bravo Amanpour! Shame to Mr. Putin!

  • Raffi

    Yes, Mr. Cohen, all the riots that happened in Kiev were inspired by the West. That's because people there just want to live in a civilized country, not a satellite of Russian empire, which is built according to 19-century standards. That was their inspiration – western order of society. The same thing happened in 1989 in Eastern Europe.

    How Russia can inspire anyone, is only by sending its troops to occupy. It is called “brotherly help” in their propaganda language.

  • independentincc

    Blitzer is a nice guy but a bit of a dope. Amanpour knows her stuff and was right. These TV journalists (Blitzer) just should not go around quoting outrageous and self-serving comments by the Russians without putting them into proper context. Thank you Christine for your journalistic integrity.

    • mircea dumitrescu

      blitzer knew exactly what she was doing…
      the jews are lining up behind putin.

  • Joe__W

    I guess Amanpour believes reporters should never report the vile things leaders around the world say because stupid viewers may believe the statements to be true? And she calls herself a journalist?

    • 10centsworth

      Actually, I think Amanpour is ten times the reporter Blitzer is…but I think she was wrong in this instance. Very wrong and SHE showed a bias inappropriate, IMO, in this case. Blitzer was QUOTING a man of power, in the midst of this situation and her declaration that what he says/thinks should not be aired is not only wrong…it is stupid journalism.

  • TPMelbourne

    This is what happens when they don't have the WH talking points to lean on.

  • Peter Pan

    I can not understand why Crimea is a part of Ukraine in the first place. Actually it would be best if Russia. Ukraine and Belarus forma confederate state.

  • mircea dumitrescu

    somebody needed to tell blitzer his first duty is towards the usa

  • swisschoc

    Lets just get real. The lady in question has shown her tenacity over the years. She is a first class journalist, one that many do admire.
    The fellow in question, well, let us just say his closing was very pro Russian,
    Maybe he did realize this, but, then again, who are we simple mortals supposed to understand, when stories are either spiked, or hidden agendas come into play.

    GN-St Petersburg.

  • Kelly

    Has anyone tried to count how many times Amanpour says “I” or “me” during a thirty minute show? Her commercials on CNN International are pathetic, it's all about me, me, me!

  • Ronald Watson

    It sounds like to me that A-man-pour overstepped herself on this one, but it did end with all three laughing, which doesn´t normally happen in other countries.
    By the way, the BBC in reporting on Iraq before the U.S. exit was so out of step with events that its reporter disappeared afterwards as well as the BBC director, who was thrown out on his behind. The BBC is NOW a responsible news outlet!

  • batmanroxus

    The EU is run by a bunch of UNelected fascists. That was the goal from the start. Damn that mess. They managed to do what the Axis were trying to do in WW2 and failed.

    • LulaMaeBarn

      I couldn´t agree more!

  • Want a conversation

    Christiane will join Piers Morgan soon.

    • LulaMaeBarn

      I hope not though. This time we around she wasn´t the usual, but we all get off track sometimes.

  • LulaMaeBarn

    The EU IS governed by the greatest dictator of all times: Angela I am God Merkel.
    Bestow yourself to me or I will incirminate you and insitigate my footstool Obama to go get you!… her life´s creed. Now it´s Russia and tomorrow it will be China. Deutschland, Deutschland above all else !!
    Today she uses Ukraine to get Russsia and tomorrow she will use maybe Hongkong to get China!

    Angela I am God Merkel wants to revive Nazi rule in Europe and that´s that!! Unfortuntely, the nimwts of EU government officials sit there bitting their tongues while all this is going on. Before they realise it, we will all be under Nazi rile. What the Nazis failed to achieve over 60 years ago will be be fully acconplished this time around.

    Obama is to date the USA´s weakest President ever – Democrat or Republican!! He has failed the American people like no other US President many times over.

    In my humble openion, as Russia has no rights to what they are up to so has the so-called Western alliance no rights to dictate to Russia. You cannot fight against war wth another war! As simple as that!

    It´s funny how they all unite in war… incredible! A few weeks ago they were childishly spitting at eachother about who listended to whose wishy-eashy telephone calls.

  • RL

    If you look into Blitzer's background, his main mission as a journalist has been to push the pro-Israel agenda. For example, his book about the spy Jonathan Pollard was reviewed as “a slick piece of damage control that would make [Blitzer's] former employers at AIPAC (not to mention Israel's Defense Ministry) proud.”

  • BrotherPatriot

    This is just a not worthy topic of discussion aside from the fact that a Russian representative is saying their position is due to the mindset of the Western Ukrainian's & extremists.
    I see the point that Amanpour is try to make and why. However, I feel she over reacted as Blitzer specifically states the information he was relaying was what the Russian said.
    Again…it's Russian propaganda and should be noted as such.
    The Truth of what is going on out there in the real world can't even be addressed until societies learning curve hits the point where enough have taken the Red Pill.
    Until then, this is all spin.
    Once the Nation starts talking about the REAL culprits behind the curtain…the cascading effect will wash the criminals against humanity clean into the History books. They will be noted for their Luciferian secret core.
    Hooyah & God Bless the Truth.

    • BrotherPatriot

      I would like to add that if there is earlier references that alerted Amanpour that Blitzer was attempting to push it as fact…then that isn't included in the above video so it can be taken a wee bit out of context. All in all…I am not a supporter of CNN…lol. :) God Bless. :D

  • SomeoneWatching

    She contradicted herself. She said “be careful of stating that as fact” (ref. anti-semitism, pro-Nazi orientation of the opposition), implying it's Russian propaganda, but then she said “some may well be”… She KNOWS there are these elements enmeshed in the Ukraine opposition; what she was telling Blitzer was “this is not stuff you discuss publicly, especially on CNN, especially if you give reason to the Russians!!”.

  • Michael Difani

    To Russians during the Nazi invasion the Germans were called “fascist insects” and some propaganda mucky mucks often said “There is nothing funnier to us than a dead German insect run over by one of our T-34 tanks!”

  • Momir Stepanovic

    Ukrainian government did ban Russian language and send that
    message to the Ukrainian Russian speaking citizens. They took it back later on,
    but they sent the clear message (and if it were up to them it would have been
    exactly that). Amanpur is defending that. Ukrainian government also said they
    will impose visas to Russia (and its Russian citizens), now someone twisted
    their arms, and they said “not yet”. Again a clear message sent to
    Russian speaking citizens. Amanpour can say anything she wants, she has no
    credibility being a biased reporter.