‘Young and the Restless’ Replaces Cynthia Watros With Cady McClain

'Young and the Restless' Replaces Cynthia Watros With Cady McClain

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McClain will make her debut in the Kelly Andrews role April 24

It's another shakeup for “The Young and the Restless.”

The CBS soap opera, which recently cut loose cast members Michael Muhney and Billy Miller, is now replacing cast member Cynthia Watros with “As the World Turns” and “All My Children” veteran Cady McClain.

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Watros, who plays Kelly Andrews on the series, is moving on for the upcoming MTV series “Finding Carter.”

That series, which has received a 12-episode order, follows a teen who who discovers that her mother actually kidnapped her as a toddler. The teen must then return to the family who thought they had lost her, which includes brand new parents, a twin sister, high school and boys.

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Watros’ last episode will air April 16, with McClain debuting in the role April 24.

TV Guide first reported the casting.

  • swtprotea

    I just hate it when they get rid of someone that we are so used to seeing. I don't like the new Billie and I want Adam back…..but I guess thats life….UGH!

    • Carol Dillinger

      Me too

  • RobynN

    technically he is the old billy. =P they should just get this over with and kill kelly off.

  • R2b

    And Adam was fondling Summer against her wishes. Totally inappropriate so he is out. But notice they never found him. It's wide open to bring him back after the furor does down.

    • dso1

      They are interviewing now for the recast.

  • Guest1

    They'll bring another Adam in with plastic surgery… That will be their excuse for him looking different…happens all the time in soaps…. Gets old. The new Billy just doesn't have that edginess. In fact the whole show is just plain boring, a real yawner.

    • jenn

      Yeah, or they will give him amnesia.

  • Honest

    she looks too old

  • dso1

    McClain is 44 yrs old and looks too old for the current Billy, who is a baby face. That whole story line is sickening.

  • Rosalea Moore

    I quit watching Y&R this year. It got waaaay too boring. Victor has lost his edge and Nicki's age is showing. She walks with a stiff back.

  • jenn

    I LOVE Cady, but I think the recast will kill the storyline. Cady could be Billys mother. They need to get her some extensions and a good make up artistbto pull this off.

  • Beverly Kesler

    Glad to have a different Kelly coming on, don't care for this original lady AT ALL!

  • Sandy Garland-Bartko

    I think she looks to old for Billy.

    • dso1

      She is 44 and he is 36 and a real young looking, baby face at that.

  • justmyopinion

    Sorry but I think the writer's are really screwing up. David Tom sucks. we need Billy MIller back. And please bring back Michael as Adam. I'm wondering if the young girl that plays Summer blew things way out of proportion. I can't imagine him doing something like that. Too bad Cynthia is leaving she is always an asset to any Soap Opera but I do like Cady too..

  • Chipper Treichel Zehnder

    Nicky is the best of the cast the young ones can't act just there for their looks absolutely no talent