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10 Things Scene and Heard at NBC ‘Red Nose Day': Seth Meyers Shines on Long But Worthy Night (Video)

TheWrap was on the scene — with a red nose on our face — for Thursday night’s charity event at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom

The 100-plus clowns have all piled into their one tiny car and left NBC’s “Red Nose Day.”

The charitable broadcast came to a close about at about 11 p.m. ET at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom, where hundreds of jokes were told, thousands of tears were shed and millions of dollars were raised. The event, which has been running annually in the United Kingdom, was emceed by trio of Seth Meyers, David Duchovny and Jane Krakowski.

Red Nose Day is a campaign dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh. The event marked the first-time that the fundraiser took place stateside. The star-studded event included musical performances by Ed Sheeran and Kermit the Frog, U2 and Keith Urban with John Mellencamp.

So many Hollywood stars participated that it might seem like we’re playing favorites if we only name a handful, but we will anyway: Will Ferrell, Nick Offerman, Stephen Merchant, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, Olivia Wilde, Chris Hemsworth, Bill Eichner, Martin Short, Jimmy Fallon, Julia Roberts and Eddie Redmayne were among the many actors to offer their support.

Oh, and TheWrap was on hand too.

There was so much happening at the Hammerstein, in fact, that even if you watched the complete three hours on TV, you couldn’t have possibly seen everything.

Here’s 10 things TheWrap saw and heard at the event and here’s where you can donate to the great cause:

Red Noses Literally Raising Money
Red clown noses — for which the charity gets its name — were apparently (and ironically) in short supply on Thursday at Hammerstein. They were so scarce in fact that we heard someone offered $50 for one. Now that’s charitable!

Three’s a Crowd
The show was so lengthy that it needed three different warm-up comics to keep the audience enthused during the commercial breaks. The best of the night worked Seth Meyers’ hour — familiar territory, as the stand-up comedian in question also handles audience warm-up for the “SNL” alum’s “Late Night.”

The well-dressed comics and Meyers shared high-fives each time they crossed paths. At one point, the boss quipped to the ballroom crowd: “Now that I know he has a suit, I kind of wonder why he doesn’t wear it to the work I pay him for.”

Seth Meyers Red Nose Day

First Isn’t the Worst, Seth is the Best
Speaking of Meyers — the NBC personality hosted the first 60-minutes of the show, eventually passing duties off to David Duchovny. In turn, the “X-Files” star was relieved later by “30 Rock” star Jane Krakowski.

Meyers was light-years better than his stage successors. His jokes were sharper, banter better and the former “SNL” head writer proved extraordinarily more competent than his co-hosts, who were nervous at best and dull at worst.

Mic Check: One, Two
Microphone problems seemed the plague the show all night. They were often late to turn “hot” in the theater, and suffered similar issues when the host threw the show to Times Square, where Hoda Kotb, Andy Cohen and Gilbert Gottfried were holding court — and drinks.

Turn Down That Damn Rock ‘N’ Roll!
The mics and amps sure as hell worked when Keith Urban shared the stage with John Mellencamp to perform the latter singer’s “Pink Houses” though. We don’t think we’re being old grumps here, but it was LOUD. Like, way too loud as in, someone clearly didn’t show up for sound check levels.

Still, the crowd at the 34th Street and 9th  Avenue venue seemed to dig the ditty or at least it woke them up.

Sorry Ladies, Kellan Was Clothed
One of the gags early in the night featured heartthrob Kellan Lutz, supposedly naked (sans three socks) on a pedestal behind a wall that would rise with each thousand bucks donated. But that’s merely the magic of TV, Lutz was shirtless but wearing shorts.

To be fair to the gag, Lutz was indeed wearing socks, but just two and on his feet.

Um, It’s Getting Late on a Worknight
We all knew that “Red Nose Day” was to run live from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m ET. What nobody apparently told the audience, however, was exactly how long those three-hours would feel on a worknight. As a result, probably almost half of the Hammerstein audience didn’t stick it out until the very end.

Your bosses thank you for the wise decision, early birds.

Matt Lauer Gets Some Love
“Today” show host Matt Lauer rode his bicycle from Boston to New York City — his own personal “Tour de Red Nose” as he called it. The Hammerstein crowd really appreciated the impressive undertaking, as Lauer got one of the biggest ovations of the evening for his efforts.

Michael Che Needs Some Help
As TheWrap exclusively reported, “Saturday Night Live’s” Colin Jost, Michael Che and Jay Pharoah all took part in the festivities. “Weekend Update” anchors Jost and Che came out together to tell a few jokes and introduce a few folks. After the two did their best teleprompter reading and the broadcast cut to commercial, Che became lost — literally.

The former “Daily Show” staffer didn’t know if it was cool to leave the stage, saying into the microphone: “There should be a guy who tells us to leave, right?”

There was, and they left, with Jost gracefully thanking the crowd for their time.

But We’re Here for the Kids
Of course, all the comedy was for a cause — raising millions of dollars for children’s charities in the United States and abroad. To drive home the dire points about how poverty effects the young ones, NBC rolled several pre-taped clips of stars such as Blake Shelton, Michelle Rodriguez and Jack Black interacting with kids and families in need. As one might expect, these shorts were heart-breaking.

Two of the biggest tearjerker videos were Black in Uganda, spending a day with a homeless boy named Felix, and the story of a young girl named Rachel who sacrificed birthday presents in lieu of donating money to provide clean well water overseas. Tragically, Rachel died in a car accident one month after starting her fundraising.

Watch some video highlights of the evening: